French History (Part 27)

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Birthdays 2601 - 2,700 of 2,973

  • 1955-06-27 Isabelle Adjani, French actress (Story of Adele H, Driver, Ishtar), born in Paris, France
  • 1955-07-29 Jean-Hugues Anglade, French actor
  • 1955-09-29 Benoît Ferreux, French actor
  • 1955-10-07 Yo-Yo Ma, Chinese-American cellist (2001 National Medal of Arts, 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom), born in Paris, France

Person of interestChristine Lagarde

1956-01-01 Christine Lagarde, French lawyer and politician, 1st female head of the IMF, born in Paris

Lawyer, Politician and International Bureaucrat Christine Lagarde
Lawyer, Politician and International Bureaucrat
Christine Lagarde
  • 1956-01-14 Étienne Daho, French singer-songwriter, born in Oran, Algeria
  • 1956-02-11 Didier Lockwood, French violinist, born in Calais, France (d. 2018)
  • 1956-04-08 Christine Boisson, French actress, born in Salon-de-Provence, France
  • 1956-05-03 Marc Bellemare, French-Canadian lawyer and politician, born in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
  • 1956-05-26 Frédéric Dutoit, French politician
  • 1956-06-25 Anthony Bourdain, American-French celebrity chef, author, and TV personality considered one of the most influential chefs in the world (No Reservations, Parts Unknown), born in NYC, New York (d. 2018)
  • 1956-08-11 Pierre-Louis Lions, French mathematician
  • 1956-08-15 Lorraine Desmarais, French-Canadian jazz pianist and composer, born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1956-08-16 Dominic Erban, French rugby international player
  • 1956-09-13 Alain Ducasse, French-born Monégasque chef, born in Orthez, France
  • 1956-12-20 Blanche Baker, American actress, Carroll Baker's Daughter (French Postcard), born in NYC, New York
  • 1956-12-20 Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Mauritanian 8th President of Mauritania (2009-present), born in Akjoujt, French West Africa
  • 1957-03-29 Christopher Lambert, French-American actor (Highlander, Subway, Greystoke, Why Me), born in Great Neck, New York
  • 1957-04-24 Boris Williams, French-English drummer (The Cure - "Friday I'm In Love"), born in Versailles, France
  • 1957-04-28 Leopold Eyharts, French cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-26, TM-28/27)
  • 1957-05-13 Claudie Andre-Deshays, French cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-24)
  • 1957-05-30 Hervé Leroux, French fashion designer and founder of Hervé Léger fashion house, born in Bapaume, France (d. 2017)
  • 1957-06-15 Clio Goldsmith, actress (Gift, Heat of Desire), born in Paris, France
  • 1957-08-18 Carole Bouquest, French actress (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), born in Paris, France
  • 1957-09-09 Pierre-Laurent Aimard, French concert pianist, born in Lyon, France
  • 1957-10-11 Dawn French, Welsh comedian and TV actress (Supergrass, French & Saunders, The Vicar of Dibley), born in Holyhead, Wales
  • 1957-11-16 Jacques Gamblin, French actor
  • 1957-12-13 Jean-Marie Messier, French businessman, born in Grenoble, France
  • 1957-12-19 Cyril Collard, French film director (d. 1993)
  • 1958-02-09 Cyrille Regis, English former footballer, born in Maripasoula, French Guiana (d. 2018)
  • 1958-02-26 Michel Houellebecq, French novelist, born in Saint-Pierre, Réunion
  • 1958-02-28 Jeanne Mas, French pop singer ("Toute première fois"), and actress, born in Alicante, Spain
  • 1958-04-30 Charles Berling, French actor, director and screenwriter
  • 1958-05-23 François Feldman, French singer
  • 1958-06-07 Philippe Boccara, American kayaker (Olympics silver 1996; World C'ship gold 1985, 87, 90-91), born in Le Mans, France
  • 1958-08-31 Serge Blanco, French rugby union footballer
  • 1958-09-21 Bruno Fitoussi, French poker player
  • 1958-10-27 Manu Katché, French session and touring drummer (Peter Gabriel; Preface; Sting), born in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France
  • 1958-10-31 Jeannie Longo, French cyclist (59-time French champion and 13-time world champion), born in Annecy, France
  • 1958-11-24 Alain Chabat, actor (French Twist, Six Days Six Night)
  • 1959-03-14 Patrick Dupond, dancer (La Bayadere), born in Paris, France
  • 1959-03-18 Luc Besson, French producer, writer, and director
  • 1959-04-02 Yves Lavandier, French film writer and director, born in France
  • 1959-04-25 Dominique Blanc, French actress (Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train), born in Lyon, France
  • 1959-04-27 Louis Lortie, French-Canadian concert pianist, born in Montreal
  • 1959-05-14 Patrick Bruel [Benguigui], Algerian-French actor (Coup of Sirocco), rock vocalist ("Marre de cette nana-là" - "Fed Up With That Chick"), and world class poker player, born in Tlemcen, Algeria
  • 1959-06-22 Nicola Sirkis, French singer and lyricist (Indochine)
  • 1959-07-15 Vincent Lindon, French actor
  • 1959-08-13 Bruce French, English cricketer (England wicketkeeper in 16 Tests 1986-88), born in Market Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England
  • 1959-09-09 Éric Serra, French musician and composer, born in Saint-Mandé, France
  • 1959-10-07 Jean-Marc Fournier, French-Canadian politician, born in Châteauguay, Canada
  • 1959-11-19 Jean-Francois Clervoy, Longeville France, astronaut (STS 66, 84)
  • 1960-01-23 Patrick de Gayardon, French skydiver & skysurfing pioneer, born in Oullins, France (d. 1998)
  • 1960-03-11 Christophe Gans, French film director
  • 1960-05-16 Anne Parillaud, actress (Subway, Nikita, Innocent Blood), born in Paris, France
  • 1960-06-18 West Arkeen, American musician, best known for co-writing several Guns N' Roses songs (It's So Easy, The Garden), born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France (d. 1997)
  • 1960-07-12 Corynne Charby [Corinne Charbit], French model, actress and pop singer, born in Paris, France
  • 1960-09-19 Loïc Bigois, French Formula One engineer and aerodynamicist, born in Aix-en-Provence, France
  • 1960-10-31 Arnaud Desplechin, French film director and screenwriter, born in Roubaix, France
  • 1960-11-09 Joëlle Ursull, French-Guadeloupean singer, born in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe
  • 1960-11-22 Léos Carax, French film director
  • 1961-01-27 Jean-Paul Banos, Lavelanet France, Canada sabre (Olympic 9/10-88, 92, 96)
  • 1961-04-07 Pascal Olmeta, French footballer
  • 1961-07-05 Isabelle Poulenard, French contemporary soprano, born in Paris
  • 1961-07-15 Jean-Christophe Grangé, French writer and screenwriter
  • 1961-08-23 Alexandre Desplat, French film composer (The Grand Budapest Hotel), born in Paris, France
  • 1961-09-07 Jean-Yves Thibaudet, French concert pianist, born in Lyon, France
  • 1961-09-12 Mylène Farmer, Canadian-French singer (Cendres de Lune), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1961-09-21 Michel R Vassallucci, French/Neth publisher (Arena)
  • 1961-10-16 Marc Levy, French novelist
  • 1961-11-06 Florent Pagny, French songwriter and singer, born in Chalon-sur-Saône, Saône-et-Loire, France
  • 1961-11-16 Corinne Hermès [Miller], French pop singer (Si la vie est cadeau), born in Lagny-sur-Marne, France
  • 1961-12-15 Annie Pujol, Perpignan, French TV hostess (Roue de la Fortune)
  • 1962-01-21 Marie Trintignant, French actress (d. 2003)
  • 1962-03-06 Valerie French, American animatronics art director
  • 1962-04-02 Pierre Carles, French documentarist
  • 1962-04-07 Alain Robert, French rock & urban climber, born in Digoin, France
  • 1962-08-19 Valerie Kaprisky, actress (Breathless, Public Woman), born in Paris, France
  • 1962-08-19 Angelo Debarre, French gypsy jazz guitarist (Mémoires: Memories of Django), born in Saint-Denis, France
  • 1962-11-02 Mireille Delunsch, French soprano, born in Mulhouse, France
  • 1963-01-12 François Girard, French-Canadian film director and screenwriter, born in Saint-Félicien, Quebec
  • 1963-02-09 Lolo Ferrari [Eve Valois], French adult actress and dancer, born in Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France (d. 2000)
  • 1963-04-24 Mano Solo [Emmanuel Cabut], French singer, born in Châlons-sur-Marne (d. 2010)
  • 1963-06-07 Roberto Alagna, Italian-French operatic tenor, born in Clichy-sous-Bois, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
  • 1963-06-12 Philippe Bugalski, French rally driver (d. 2012)
  • 1963-09-19 Alessandra Martines, Italian-French dancer and actress (Chance or Coincidence), born in Rome, Italy
  • 1963-10-05 Sophie Favier, Lyon France, actress (Sans Interdits)
  • 1963-11-25 Steve Ave, St Germain Enlay France, US 1500m runner
  • 1963-12-18 Pauline Ester, French singer
  • 1964-02-20 French Stewart, American actor (Harry Solomon-Third Rock From the Sun), born in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 1964-03-01 Paul Le Guen, French soccer midfielder (17 caps; PSG) and manager (Rennes, Lyon, Rangers, PSG, Le Havre), born in Pencran, France
  • 1964-03-04 Linda French, badminton player (Olympics 1996), born in Oak Park, Illinois
  • 1964-03-09 Juliette Binoche, French actress (The English Patient, Unbearable Lightness), born in Paris, France
  • 1964-04-15 Lydie Denier, French model and actress (General Hospital), born in Saint-Nazaire, France
  • 1964-05-15 Pierre Trentin, French 1K time trials (Olympic gold 1968)
  • 1964-06-11 Jean Alesi, French Formula One driver, born in Avignon, Vaucluse, France
  • 1964-07-01 Bernard Laporte, French Rugby Union coach (France 1999-2007), born in Rodez, France
  • 1964-07-03 Yeardley Smith, French-born American actress (Lisa Simpson-The Simpsons), born in Paris
  • 1964-09-26 Nicki French, English singer, born in Carlisle, United Kingdom
  • 1964-12-19 Beatrice Dalle, French actress (Betty Blue, Sabbath), born in Breast

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