German History

Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 2,176

Historic Siege

0013-11-16 General Tiberius' (later Emperor) triumphant procession through Rome after siege of Germany

  • 0089-01-01 Governor Lucius Antonius Saturninus of Germany becomes emperor of Rome
  • 0476-08-28 German ruler Flavius Odoacer captures Pavia
  • 0496-12-25 King Clovis I is baptized a Roman Catholic in Reims cathedral - first Germanic king to do so, according to Henry of Tours (year disputed)
  • 0842-02-14 Charles II & Louis the German sign The Oaths of Strasbourg, a pact uniting their armies in fights against their older brother Lothar
  • 0843-08-10 Treaty of Verdun: Brothers Lotharius I, Louis the German & Charles the Bald divide France
  • 0860-08-01 Peace of Koblenz: Charles the Bald, Louis the German & Lotharius II
  • 0896-02-22 Pope Formosus crowned Arnulf King of Carinthia and Holy Roman Emperor
  • 0911-11-08 Duke Conrad I chosen as King of East Francia
  • 0911-11-10 Conrad I of Germany [Conrad the Younger] elected as King of East Francia
  • 0933-03-15 Battle of Riade: German King Henry I beats Magyars
  • 0936-08-07 Otto I the Great crowned King of Germany (East Francia)
  • 0955-08-10 Battle of Lechfeld: Otto I, King of the Germans defeats the Hungarian, ending 50 years of Magyar invasion of Western Europe.
  • 0961-05-26 German King Otto II crowned
  • 0962-02-02 Pope John XII crowns German King Otto I the Great Emperor
  • 0967-12-25 John XIII crowned Otto II the Red German compassionate emperor
  • 1002-06-06 German King Henry II the Saint crowned
  • 1014-02-14 Pope Benedict VIII crowns Henry II Holy Roman Emperor
  • 1024-09-08 Duke Conrad II chosen as German king and crowned at Mainz Cathedral
  • 1028-04-14 German emperor Conrad II the Sailor crowns his son Henry III, king
  • 1032-02-02 Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor becomes King of Burgundy, succeeding Rudolf III
  • 1037-05-28 Holy Roman Emperor Conrad II removes "Constitutio the Feudis"
  • 1039-06-04 Henry III becomes Holy Roman Emperor

Historic Event

1054-07-17 Holy Roman Emperor Henry III crowns his son Henry IV king

  • 1064-04-30 German King Henry IV gives away Utrecht county of West Friesland
  • 1075-06-09 Battle at Homburg/Unstrut: German King Henry IV beats Saksen
  • 1076-01-24 Synod of Worms: German King Henry IV fires Pope Gregory VII
  • 1076-02-14 Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV (for the 1st time)
  • 1077-01-21 German King Henry IV petitions Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness
  • 1077-01-28 German King Henry IV is absolved by Holy Roman Emperor Pope Gregory VII and invited back to the Church after his penitent Walk to Canossa
  • 1083-06-03 Henry IV of Germany storms Rome, capturing St Peter's Cathedral
  • 1084-03-31 Anti-pope Clemens crowns German King Hendrik IV as Holy Roman Emperor
  • 1087-05-30 German emperor Henry IV crowns his son Conrad
  • 1090-07-03 Battle at Hagenoorde: German emperor beats earl Egbert II
  • 1096-06-25 1st Crusade slaughter Jews of Werelinghofen Germany
  • 1099-01-06 Henry V crowned German king
  • 1111-02-12 King Henry V, King of Germany and Italy, arrives in Rome for his coronation as Holy Roman Emperor, but Pope Paschal II refuses to crown him until April owing to the Investiture Controversy
  • 1111-04-13 After months of controversy Pope Paschal II crowns Henry V, the King of Germany and Italy, as the Holy Roman Emperor
  • 1118-04-07 Pope Gelasius II excommunicated by Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor
  • 1122-09-23 Concordat of Worms agreed between Pope Calixtus II and Holy Roman Emperor Henry V
  • 1125-08-30 Duke Lotharius of Supplinburg elected king of Germany
  • 1125-09-13 Duke Lotharius of Supplinburg crowned as German king Lotharius III
  • 1133-06-04 Rome-Innocentius II crowns Lotharius III Roman-German emperor
  • 1138-03-07 Conrad II von Hohenstaufen re-elected German king
  • 1147-10-25 Seljuk Turks defeat German crusaders under Conrad III at the Battle of Dorylaeum

Historic Event

1155-06-18 Pope Adrian IV crowns Frederick I Barbarossa Roman-German Emperor

  • 1178-07-30 Frederick I (Barbarossa), Holy Roman Emperor, crowned King of Burgundy
  • 1189-05-11 Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa and 100,000 crusaders depart Regensburg for the Third Crusade
  • 1190-06-10 Third Crusade: Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa drowns while crossing the Saleph River (modern Turkey) leading an army to Jerusalem
  • 1198-09-05 Philips of Zwabia, Prince of Hohenstaufen, crowned King of Germany and King of the Romans
  • 1208-11-11 Otto van Wittelsbach chosen German king
  • 1209-10-04 Pope Innocent II crowns German king Otto of Wittelsbach
  • 1212-12-09 Frederick II (later also Holy Roman Emperor) crowned King of Germany in Mainz

Battle of Interest

1214-07-27 1st battle of Bouvines - King Philip II of France vs Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV and King John of England; as a result John lost Normandy and his other possessions in France (hence his nickname John "Lackland")

  • 1215-07-23 Frederick II crowned King of the Romans (King of the Germans) in Aachen
  • 1219-02-18 Jerusalem re-taken by the Christian Crusader kingdom in a peace treaty between Holy Roman Emperor Frederik II and Egyptian ruler Al-Kamil
  • 1220-04-26 German king Frederick II grants bishops sovereign rights
  • 1220-11-22 Frederick II crowned Holy Roman Emperor in Rome by Pope Honorius III
  • 1227-09-29 Pope Gregory IX excommunicate German emperor Frederik II
  • 1230-07-27 Treaty of San Germano between Emperor Frederik II & Pope Gregory IX
  • 1237-11-27 Battle of Cortenuova: Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II defeats the Second Lombard League
  • 1241-04-09 Battle of Liegnitz - Mongolian armies inflict one of the largest defeats in Polish history on Polish and Germans force led by Henry of Silesia with 20-25,000 killed or massacred, including Henry
  • 1241-05-25 1st attack on Jewish community of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 1247-10-03 Willem II of Holland elected Roman Catholic German emperor
  • 1248-11-01 Earl William II of Holland crowned as King of Germany
  • 1264-08-05 Anti-Jewish riots break out in Arnstadt Germany
  • 1268-10-29 Conradin, the last legitimate male heir of the German Hohenstaufen dynasty of Kings and Holy Roman Emperors, is executed with Frederick I, Margrave of Baden by Charles I of Sicily
  • 1273-10-01 Count Rudolf van Habsburg becomes King of the Germans
  • 1285-10-12 180 Jews refuse baptism in Munich Germany and are set on fire
  • 1298-06-23 Duke Albrecht von Habsburg crowned King of Germany
  • 1298-06-25 Rindfleisch Persecutions, 250 Jews killed in Rothenburg, Germany
  • 1298-07-02 Battle on Hasenbuhl (Gollheim) between German kings Adolf and Albrecht I
  • 1298-07-23 Rindfleisch ("Beef") Persecutions - Jewish community in Wurzburg, Germany massacred
  • 1298-07-27 Albert (Albrecht) I, son of Rudolf of Habsburg, crowned King of the Germans
  • 1298-10-19 Rindfleisch-140 Jews of Heilbron Germany are murdered
  • 1307-01-18 German king Albrecht I makes his son Rudolf King of Bohemia
  • 1310-08-31 German king Heinrich VII makes his son Johan king of Bohemia
  • 1328-05-12 Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and assembly of priests select Pietro Rainalducc as anti-Pope Nicolas V; consecrated in Rome by the Bishop of Venice
  • 1346-04-13 Pope Clemens VI declares German emperor Louis of Bavaria, envoy
  • 1347-07-11 Heir to the Bohemian throne elected German anti-king Charles IV
  • 1349-01-30 Gunther of Schwarzburg chosen German anti-king
  • 1349-01-30 Jews of Freilsburg Germany are massacred
  • 1349-03-22 Townspeople of Fulda, Germany massacre Jews, blaming them for the Black Death
  • 1349-04-30 Jewish community of Radolfzell, Germany, exterminated
  • 1349-08-24 Jews of Cologne Germany set themselves on fire to avoid baptism
  • 1349-09-10 Jews who survived a massacre in Constance Germany are burned to death
  • 1349-11-29 Jews of Augsburg, Germany massacred
  • 1356-01-10 German Emperor Charles I promulgates the 'Golden Bull', to regulate the election of a new king - the most important constitutional document of the Holy Roman Empire
  • 1357-07-09 Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor assists laying the foundation stone of Charles Bridge in Prague
  • 1362-01-16 A great storm tide in the North Sea destroys the German island of Strand and the city of Rungholt
  • 1370-02-17 Battle at Rudau: Germany beats Lithuania

The Fatal Dance Manias of Medieval Europe

1374-06-24 Sudden outbreak of St. John's Dance causes people in the streets of Aachen, Germany, to experience hallucinations and begin to jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapse from exhaustion

  • 1430-05-05 Jews are expelled from Speyer, Germany
  • 1436-07-05 German emperor Sigismund signs peace with Hussieten
  • 1438-03-18 Albrecht II of Habsburg becomes king of Germany
  • 1466-10-19 The Thirteen Years' War ends with the Second Peace of Thorn, Germany
  • 1485-06-01 Matthias of Hungary takes Vienna from Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III

German Beer Purity Law

1487-11-30 The first German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), is promulgated in Munich by Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria stating beer should be brewed from only three ingredients – water, malt and hops

  • 1488-02-05 Roman Catholic German Emperor Maximilian I caught in Belgium

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 3,440

CharlemagneCharlemagne (742-814 AD)

0742-04-02 1st Holy Roman emperor (800-14), born in Liège, Frankish Kingdom

  • 0778-04-16 Louis I the Pious, Holy Roman Emperor (814-840), born in Poitiers, Aquitaine (d. 840)
  • 0801-09-08 Ansgar, German Catholic archbishop and Saint, born in Amiens, France (d. 865)
  • 0823-06-13 Charles II the Bald, King of France (843-77) and Holy Roman emperor (875-77), born in Frankfurt, Germany (d. 877)
  • 0912-11-23 Otto I, the Great, German king, Holy Roman Emperor (962-73) (d. 973)
  • 0973-05-06 Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor (1014-24) and King of Germany (1002-24), born in Abbach, Bavaria, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1024)
  • 0975-07-25 Thietmar, German chronicler and Bishop of Merseburg, born in Hildesheim, Saxony (d. 1018)
  • 1017-10-28 Henry III, Holy Roman emperor (1046-56), born in Pfalz Bodfeld, near Goslar, Saxony (d. 1056)

Henry IVHenry IV (1050-1106)

1050-11-11 Holy Roman Emperor (1084–1105), born in Goslar, Kaiserpfalz

  • 1051-09-21 Bertha of Savoy, German queen and Holy Roman Empire Empress (d. 1087)
  • 1074-02-12 Conrad, King of Germany and Italy (d. 1101)
  • 1081-08-11 Henry V, King of Germany (1099-1125) and Holy Roman Emperor (1111-1125), born in Goslar, Saxony (d. 1125) [or born 1086]
  • 1098-09-16 Saint Hildegard of Bingen, German Benedictine nun, magistra, writer, and 1st western composer whose works survive (Ordo virtutum), baptized in Bermersheim, West Franconia, Holy Roman Empire (now Germany) (d. 1179) [exact birth/baptismal date disputed]
  • 1194-12-26 Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (1220-50), King of the Romans (Germany), Sicily and Jerusalem, born in Lesi, Italy (d. 1250)
  • 1209-01-05 Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, born in Winchester Castle (d. 1272)
  • 1211-02-12 Henry VII, Roman catholic German king (1220-35)
  • 1218-05-01 Rudolph I of Germany, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (1273-91), born in Limburgh Castle, Sasbach am Kaiserstuhl, Germany (d. 1291)
  • 1228-04-25 Conrad IV, King of Germany, Jerusalem and Sicily, born in Andria, Sicily (d. 1254)
  • 1276-10-04 Margaret of Brabant, Queen of Germany (d. 1311)
  • 1316-05-14 Charles IV, King of Bohemia (1346-78) and Holy Roman Emperor (1355-78), born in Prague (d. 1378)
  • 1336-07-25 Albert I, Duke of Bavaria and third son of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor, born in Munich (d. 1404)
  • 1352-05-05 Rupert, King of Germany (1400-10), born in Amberg, Germany (d. 1410)
  • 1361-02-26 Wenceslas of Bohemia, Holy Roman Catholic German emperor (1378-1400)
  • 1368-02-15 Sigismund, Holy Roman emperor (1410-37), born in Nuremberg, Kingdom of Germany (d. 1437)
  • 1397-08-10 Albert II of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1439)
  • 1397-08-16 Albrecht II von Habsburg, King of Bohemia, Hungary and Germany, born in Vienna, Austria (d. 1439)
  • 1414-11-09 Albrecht III Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg, born in Tangermünde, Brandenburg, Germany (d. 1486)
  • 1415-09-21 Frederick III of Innsbruck, German Emperor (1440-1493), born in Innsbruck, Tyrol (d. 1493)
  • 1420-08-24 Albrecht van Eyb, German humanist (Bamberg & Eichstattt), born in Ansbach, Germany (d. 1475)
  • 1423-05-30 Georg von Purbach, Austrian mathematician and astronomer (best known for his streamlined presentation of Ptolemaic astronomy in the Theoricae Novae Planetarum), born in Peuerbach, Austria (d. 1461)
  • 1436-06-06 Regiomontanus [Johannes Müller von Königsberg], German mathematician and astronomer, prepares astronomical tables, born in Königsberg, Germany (d. 1476)
  • 1440-02-13 Hartmann Schedel, German physician, humanist and historian, born in Nuremberg, Germany (d. 1514)
  • 1452-12-10 Johannes Stöffler, German mathematician and astronomer, born in Blaubeuren, Germany (d. 1531)
  • 1457-02-13 Mary of Burgundy, daughter of Charles the Bold and wife of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, born in Brussels, Burgundian Netherlands (d. 1482)
  • 1459-02-01 Conrad Celtes, German humanist scholar, born in Wipfeld, Germany (d. 1508)
  • 1459-03-06 Jacob Fugger, German banker/merchant
  • 1459-03-22 Maximilian I of Habsburg, German Emperor/archduke of Austria
  • 1459-10-06 Martin Behaim, German navigator and geographer, born in Nuremberg, Germany (d. 1507)
  • 1460-05-08 Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1486-1536), born in Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany (d. 1536)
  • 1462-02-01 Johannes Trithemius, German cryptographer, born in Trittenheim, Germany (d. 1516)
  • 1467-01-14 Henry of Stolberg-Wernigerode, German ruler of the County of Wernigerode, born in Wernigerode Castle, Germany (d. 1854)
  • 1468-02-14 Johann Werner, German mathematician, born in Nuremberg, Germany (d. 1522)
  • 1471-05-21 Albrecht Dürer, German Renaissance painter and printmaker (Adam and Eve), born in Nuremberg, Germany (d. 1528)
  • 1471-08-27 George the Bearded, Duke of Saxony (1500-39), born in Meissen, Germany (d. 1539)
  • 1471-10-15 Konrad Mutian, German humanist, born in Homberg, Hesse, Germany (d. 1526)
  • 1472-04-05 Bianca Maria Sforza, wife of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, born in Pavia, Italy (d. 1510)
  • 1473-10-26 Duke Friedrich of Saxony, 36th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights (1498-1510), born in Torgau, Germany (d. 1510)
  • 1475-12-24 Thomas Murner, German writer, born in Obernai, France (d. 1537)
  • 1477-01-14 Hermann of Wied, German Catholic archbishop (d. 1552)
  • 1477-01-16 Johannes Schöner, German polymath, astronomer and cartographer (Schöner globes), born in Karlstadt am Main, Lower Franconia, Bavaria (d. 1547)
  • 1477-03-20 Jerome Emser, German theologian (d. 1527)
  • 1481-03-02 Franz von Sickingen, German knight, born in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, Germany (d. 1523)
  • 1483-10-26 Hans Buchner, German composer, born in Ravensburg (d. 1538)

Martin LutherMartin Luther (1483-1546)

1483-11-10 German theologian and key figure in the Protestant Reformation, born in Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire

  • 1483-12-03 Nicolaus von Amsdorf, German reformation theologist, born in Torgau, Saxony (d. 1565)
  • 1484-01-17 George Spalatin, German humanist, reformer and important figure in the Reformation, born in Spalt, Bavaria (d. 1545)
  • 1484-03-29 Johann Spangenberg, German theologist and composer, born in Hardegsen, Germany (d. 1550)
  • 1485-06-24 Johannes Bugenhagen, German reformer, born in Wollin, Pomerania, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1558)
  • 1485-08-22 Beatus Rhenanus [Beatus Birt], German humanist, classical scholar and friend of Erasmus (Beatus Rhenanus Library), born in Sélestat, Alsace (d. 1547)
  • 1486-01-06 Martin Agricola [M Sore], German composer & cantor, born in Świebodzin, Poland (d. 1556)
  • 1486-09-14 Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, German royal astrologer, physician and theologian, born in Cologne, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1535)
  • 1486-11-13 Johann Eck, German Scholastic theologian and early counter-reformer against Lutheran challenges, born in Egg, Swabia (d. 1543)
  • 1487-02-14 Henry II of Bavaria, Bishop of Utrecht (1524-29), Worms (1523-52) and Freising (1541-52), born in Heidelberg, Germany (d. 1552)
  • 1488-01-06 Helius Eobanus Hessus, German poet (Silvae), born in Haina, Germany (d. 1540)
  • 1488-04-21 Ulrich von Hutten, German scholar and poet, born in Schlüchtern, Hesse
  • 1489-08-10 Jacob Sturm von Sturmeck, German statesman and reformer (d. 1553)
  • 1490-06-28 Albrecht von Brandenburg, German archbishop and monarch of Mainz, born in Cölln, Germany (d. 1545)
  • 1492-04-04 Ambrosius Blarer, German reformer, born in Konstanz, Germany (d. 1564)
  • 1493-06-05 Justus Jonas, German Protestant theologian and reformer, born in Nordhausen, Thuringia, Germany (d. 1555)
  • 1494-03-24 Georgius Agricola, German mineralogist (De Re Metallica), born in Glauchau, Saxony (d. 1555)
  • 1494-04-20 John Agricola [Schneider], German theologian, a friend of Martin Luther, born in Eisleben, Germany (d. 1566)
  • 1494-11-05 Hans Sachs, German composer, playwright, and shoemaker, born in Nürnberg (d. 1576)
  • 1495-04-16 Petrus Apianus [Peter Apian], German mathematician, astronomer and cartographer, born in Leisnig, Saxony (d. 1552)
  • 1497-02-15 Philipp Melanchthon, German Protestant reformer and theologian (Martin Luther's right-hand man), born in Bretten, Palatinate (d. 1560)
  • 1498-12-19 Andreas Osiander, German Protestant Reformation theologist, born in Gunzenhausen, Ansbach (d. 1552)
  • 1499-06-24 Johannes Brenz, German theologist (Dutch Brentians), born in Weil der Stadt, Stuttgart (d. 1570)

Charles VCharles V (1500-1558)

1500-02-24 King of Spain (1516-56) and Holy Roman Emperor (1519-56), born in Ghent, Flanders, Habsburg Netherlands

  • 1500-04-12 Joachim Camerarius [Liebhard Kammerer], German classical scholar, born in Bamberg, Germany (d. 1574)
  • 1501-01-17 Leonhard Fuchs, German physician and botanist (Notable Commentaries on the History of Plants) for which the flowering plants and color Fuchsia is named after, born in Wemding, Bavaria (d. 1566)
  • 1501-02-24 Sixt(us) Birck [Xystus Betulius], German writer (Suzanna)
  • 1501-04-19 Erasmus Sarcerius, German Lutheran theologian and reformer, born in Annaberg, Saxony (d. 1559)
  • 1502-01-10 Hendrik Niclaes, German mystic & founder of Christian sect "Familia Caritatis", born in Münster, Germany (d. 1570)
  • 1502-04-25 Georg Major, German Protestant theologian, born in Nuremberg, Germany (d. 1574)
  • 1503-03-10 Ferdinand I, German emperor (1558-64)
  • 1503-06-01 Wilhelm von Grumbach, German lt col

Christian IIIChristian III (1503-1559)

1503-08-12 King of Denmark (1534-59) and Norway (1537-59), born in Gottorf Castle, Schleswig, Denmark

  • 1503-10-24 Isabella of Portugal, Queen consort of Spain, Queen of the Romans, and Lady of the Netherlands (1526-39), and Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Italy (1530-39), born in Lisbon, Portugal (d. 1539)
  • 1504-01-01 Caspar Cruciger, German church reformer
  • 1511-07-09 Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg, Queen of Denmark and Norway, born in Lauenburg Castle, Germany (d. 1571)
  • 1511-10-22 Erasmus Reinhold, German mathematician (calculated planetary table), born in Saalfeld, Electorate of Saxony (d. 1553)
  • 1513-09-24 Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg, Queen of Gustav I of Sweden, born in Ratzeburg, Germany (d. 1535)
  • 1515-02-14 Frederick III, the Pious, Elector Palatine of the Rhine, born in Simmern, Germany (d. 1576)
  • 1515-03-12 Caspar Othmayr, German composer and Lutheran pastor, born in Amberg (d. 1553)
  • 1515-10-04 Lucas Cranach the Younger, German painter, born in Wittenberg, Germany (d. 1586)
  • 1516-04-23 Georg Fabricius, German poet, historian and archaeologist, born in Chemnitz, Germany (d. 1571)
  • 1518-08-08 Conrad Lycosthenes, French-born German humanist and encyclopedist (d. 1561)
  • 1522-03-28 Albert the Warlike, Prince of Bayreuth, born in Ansbach, Germany (d. 1557)
  • 1522-11-09 Martin Chemnitz, German Lutheran reformer and theologian, born in Treuenbrietzen, Germany (d. 1586)
  • 1524-02-10 Albrecht Giese, German politician and diplomat (d. 1580)
  • 1525-01-06 Caspar Peucer, German reformer, born in Bautzen, Germany (d. 1602)

Famous Weddings

  • 1186-01-27 Henry VI, the son and heir of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, weds Constance of Sicily

Richard II

1382-01-20 King Richard II of England marries Anne of Bohemia and daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor at Westminster Abbey. Anne dies of plague in 1394.

  • 1477-08-16 Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, weds Mary of Burgundy, the heiress to the Duchy of Burgundy in Ghent, Belgium

Charles V

1526-03-10 Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (26) marries Princess Isabella of Portugal (22), his 1st cousin, in Seville

Johann Sebastian Bach

1707-10-17 German composer Johann Sebastian Bach marries for the 1st time his cousin Maria Barbara Bach

Frederick the Great

1733-06-12 King of Prussia Frederick the Great (21) weds duchess Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern (18) at Schloss Salzdahlum in Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Leopold II

1764-08-05 Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II (17) weds queen Maria Luisa of Spain (18) in Innsbruck, Austria

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

1806-10-14 German writer, artist and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe marries mistress Christiane Vulpius in Weimar

Felix Mendelssohn

1837-03-28 German composer Felix Mendelssohn (27) marries Cécile Jeanrenaud (20)

Karl Marx

1843-06-19 Philosopher Karl Marx (25) weds Jenny von Westphalen in Germany

Richard Wagner

1870-08-25 German composer Richard Wagner (57) weds Franz Liszt's daughter Cosima Liszt (32) at a Protestant church in Lucerne, Switzerland

Sigmund Freud

1886-09-14 Neurologist Sigmund Freud (30) weds Martha Bernays (25) in Hamburg, Germany

Konrad Adenauer

1904-01-28 German chancellor Konrad Adenauer (28) weds Emma Weyer at St. Stephan Catholic Church in Lindenthal, Germany

Thomas Mann

1905-02-11 Novelist Thomas Mann (29) weds Katia Pringsheim (21) in Munich, Germany

Hermann Goering

1923-01-03 German politician Hermann Goering (30) weds Carin Hulda (34)

Marlene Dietrich

1923-05-17 Actress and singer Marlene Dietrich (21) weds assistant director Rudolf Sieber (26) in Berlin, Germany

Hans Frank

1925-04-02 Lawyer Hans Frank (24) weds secretary Brigitte Herbst (29) in Munich, Germany

Joseph Goebbels

1931-12-19 Propagandist Joseph Goebbels (34) weds Magda Ritschel (30) at Günther Quandt's farm in Mecklenburg, Germany

  • 1934-01-07 Dutch Princess Juliana marries German prince Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld

Wernher von Braun

1947-03-01 Rocket engineer Wernher von Braun (34) weds Maria Luise von Quistorp (18) at a Lutheran church in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany

  • 1966-03-10 Dutch Crown Princess Beatrix (Queen Beatrix) marries German aristocrat Claus von Amsberg in Amsterdam

Brigitte Bardot

1966-07-14 Sex symbol of the 1960s Brigitte Bardot (31) weds German millionaire playboy Gunter Sachs (33) in Las Vegas

Willy Brandt

1983-12-09 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Willy Brandt weds Brigitte Seebacher

Michael Schumacher

1995-08-01 F1 driver Michael Schumacher (26) weds Corinna Betsch in Kerpen, Germany

Angela Merkel

1998-12-30 Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (44) weds quantum chemist Joachim Sauer (49) in Bonn, Germany

  • 2005-05-18 Television presenter and former Miss Germany Verona Feldbusch (37) weds German entrepreneur Franjo Pooth at the San Diego Court House in San Diego, California
  • 2005-05-21 "Second Time Around" actor Boris Kodjoe (32) weds "Soul Food" actress Nicole Ari Parker (34) in Gundelfingen, Germany
  • 2005-10-22 German film and television actress Uschi Glas (61) weds Dieter Hermann in Munich Palace
  • 2007-09-08 Duchess Maria-Anna Henriette Gabrielle Julie in Bavaria (32) weds investment banker Klaus Runow near Munich, Germany
  • 2009-05-21 Prince Hubertus Michael von Sachsen-Coburg (33) weds investment banker Kelly Jeanne Rondestvedt on a civil ceremony in Coburg, Germany

Robert Redford

2009-07-11 Actor and film director Robert Redford (71) weds artist Sibylle Szaggars (51) at the luxurious Louis C. Jacob Hotel in Hamburg, Germany

Famous Divorces

Isaac Asimov

1973-11-16 Sci-fi author Isaac Asimov (53) divorces Gertrude Blugerman after 31 years of marriage

  • 2010-06-06 Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford (40) divorces German entrepreneur Daniel Giersch (34) due to irreconcilable differences after 2 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 2,526

  • 0482-01-08 Severinus, German monastery founder/saint, dies
  • 0493-03-15 Odoacer [Odiaker] German army leader, King of Italy (476-93), murdered by Theodoric the Great at about 60
  • 0532-10-17 Boniface II, 1st "German" Pope, dies
  • 0753-11-03 Pirmin [Pirminius], German saint, missionary and monk (founder in a number of monasteries including Reichenau), dies (b. before 700)
  • 0840-06-20 Louis I the Pious, Holy Roman Emperor ((814-840), dies at 62
  • 0849-08-18 Walafrid Strabo, German monk and theologian
  • 0855-03-02 Lothair, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor (b. 795)
  • 0865-02-03 Ansgar, German Catholic archbishop and Saint, dies at 63
  • 0876-08-28 Louis the German, 1st King of East Francia (843-76), dies at around 70
  • 0877-10-06 Charles II the Bald, King of France (843-77) and Holy Roman emperor (875-77), dies at 54
  • 0882-01-20 Louis II/III the Younger, German king (876-82), dies
  • 0898-10-15 Lambert, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Italy (891-898)
  • 0911-09-24 Ludwig III, the child, last Carolingian German King (899-911), dies
  • 0918-09-23 Conrad I, German King of East Francia (911-18), dies of battle wounds at 42
  • 0918-12-23 Conrad I of Germany [Conrad the Younger], King of East Francia (911-18)
  • 0928-09-15 Louis III, the Blind Proveneaals king of Lombardije/Germany, dies at 48
  • 0936-07-02 Henry I the Vogelaar, German king (919-36), Duke of Saxon 912-36, dies
  • 0946-01-26 Eadgyth, English-born German Queen, wife of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor
  • 0968-03-14 Matilda of Ringelheim, German Queen (c. 895)
  • 0973-05-07 Otto I the Great, Holy Roman Emperor (962-973), dies at 60
  • 0973-07-04 Ulrich of Augsburg, German bishop (b. 890)
  • 0983-12-07 Otto II the Red, German king/emperor (973-83), dies at about 28
  • 0999-02-18 Gregory V [Bruno], 1st German Pope, dies
  • 1002-01-23 Otto III, German king and emperor (983/996-1002), dies at 21
  • 1018-12-01 Thietmar, German chronicler and Bishop of Merseburg, dies at 43
  • 1024-07-13 Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor (1014-24) and King of Germany (1002-24), dies at 51
  • 1039-06-04 Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor (1027-39), King of Germany, Italy and Burgundy, founder of the Salian dynasty, dies at 49
  • 1043-02-15 Gisela of Swabia, Holy Roman Empire Empress as wife of Holy Roman Emperor Conrad II, dies at 52
  • 1056-10-05 Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor (1046-56), dies at 38
  • 1068-11-09 Agnes of Poitou, duchess of Aquitania/mother of German Empress, dies
  • 1077-12-14 Agnes of Poitou, German Empress & wife of Emperor Henry III, dies at 52
  • 1080-10-15 Rudolf of Rheinfeld, Duke of Swabia and German anti-King
  • 1085-09-04 Irmgarde van Suchtelen, German countess of Aspel, hermit and saint, dies
  • 1100-09-16 Bernold of Constance, German chronicler (b. 1054)
  • 1101-07-27 Conrad II, King of Germany and Italy (b. 1074)
  • 1101-10-06 Bruno of Cologne, German founder of the Carthusian order
  • 1103-01-17 Frutolf of Michelsberg, German monk, musicologist, and historian, dies
  • 1125-05-23 Henry V, King of Germany (1099-1125) and Holy Roman Emperor (1111-1125), dies of cancer at 38 or 43
  • 1125-05-25 Hendrik V, last Salische German king, dies
  • 1143-09-24 Agnes of Germany, daughter of Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1072)
  • 1152-02-15 Konrad III, Roman-German King (1138-1152), dies at about 58
  • 1167-09-10 Empress Matilda [Maud], claimant to the English throne, daughter of Henry I of England, wife of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1102)
  • 1179-09-17 Saint Hildegard of Bingen, German Benedictine nun, magistra, writer, and 1st western composer whose works survive (Ordo virtutum), dies at 81

Frederick BarbarossaFrederick Barbarossa (1122-1190)

1190-06-10 King of Germany (1152-90) and Holy Roman Emperor (1155-90), drowns at 67 or 68

  • 1197-09-28 Henry VI von Hohenstaufen, King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor, dies in Messina, Sicily
  • 1198-11-27 Queen Constance of Sicily, wife of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1154)
  • 1208-06-21 Philip of Swabia, King of Germany and duke of Swabia (b. 1177)
  • 1226-11-14 Frederick of Isenberg, German politician (executed) (b. 1193)
  • 1241-12-01 Isabella of England, wife of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1214)
  • 1242-02-12 Hendrik VII, Roman Catholics German king (1220-35), commits suicide
  • 1250-12-13 Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (1220-50), King of the Romans (Germany), dies at 55
  • 1254-05-21 Conrad IV, King of Germany, Jerusalem and Sicily, dies at 26
  • 1256-01-28 Willem II, earl of Holland/German emperor (1238, 47-56), dies at 22
  • 1272-04-02 Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1209)
  • 1273-10-09 Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Germany
  • 1280-11-15 Albertus Magnus the Great, German leader/bishop Regensburg, dies at 87
  • 1291-07-15 Rudolph I of Germany, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (1273-91), dies at 73
  • 1298-07-02 Adolf, German Count of Nassau, King of the Roman (1292-98), dies in the battle of Göllheim at about 43
  • 1308-05-01 Albrecht I van Habsburg, German King (1298-1308), murdered
  • 1312-10-28 Elisabeth of Tirol, German queen
  • 1313-08-24 Henry VII, Roman Catholic German King/emperor (1308/12-13), dies
  • 1328-04-30 Meister Eckhard, German theologist and mystic, dies at about 78
  • 1330-01-13 Frederick I (III), the Fair, Duke of Austrian/German anti-king, dies (b. 1286)
  • 1347-10-11 Ludwig IV, Duke of Bavaria (1301-47), King of the Romans (1314-47) and Holy Roman Emperor (1328-47), dies at 65
  • 1349-06-14 Gunther Van Schwarzburg, German anti-king 1349, dies at about 44
  • 1351-07-20 Margaretha Ebner, German visionary (b. 1291)
  • 1356-01-23 Margaretha of Bavaria, Emperess of Germany, dies
  • 1361-06-16 John Tauler, German mystic (Gottesfreunde), dies at about 61
  • 1366-01-25 Henry Suso, German mystic
  • 1378-11-29 Charles IV, King of Bohemia (1346-78) and Holy Roman Emperor (1355-78), dies at 62
  • 1380-12-24 John von Neumarkt, German bishop/Chancellor Karel IV, dies
  • 1381-05-15 Eppelein von Gailingen, German robber baron
  • 1399-07-13 Peter Parler, German architect (b. 1330)
  • 1401-05-18 Vladislaus II, Duke of Opole, dies at 69
  • 1404-12-13 Albert I, Duke of Bavaria and third son of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor, dies at 74
  • 1410-05-18 Rupert, King of Germany (1400-10), dies at 58
  • 1410-07-15 Ulrich von Jungingen, German Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, killed at the Battle of Grunwald (b. 1360)
  • 1415-07-06 Jan Hus, Bohemian religious reformer burned for heresy by the Church at Constance, Germany (b. 1369)
  • 1418-03-22 Dietrich of Nieheim, German historian
  • 1439-10-27 Albert II of Germany, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, dies at about 42
  • 1461-04-08 Georg von Purbach, Austrian mathematician and astronomer (best known for his streamlined presentation of Ptolemaic astronomy in the Theoricae Novae Planetarum), dies at 37
  • 1464-08-17 Nikolaus von Cusa, German theologist/mathematician/philosopher, dies

Johannes GutenbergJohannes Gutenberg (c. 1395-1468)

1468-02-03 German inventor (movable printing press), dies at 70 (birth date c. 1400)

  • 1473-01-24 Conrad Paumann, German blind organist/composer, dies
  • 1475-06-24 Albrecht von Eyb, German parson (Bamberg & Eichstattt), dies at 54
  • 1476-07-06 Regiomontanus [Johannes Müller von Königsberg], German mathematician and astronomer, prepares astronomic tables, dies at 40
  • 1485-02-28 Niclas, Graf von Abensberg, German soldier (b. 1441)
  • 1491-02-02 Martin Schongauer, German painter, dies at 40
  • 1491-10-12 Fritz Herlen, German artist
  • 1493-08-19 Frederick III of Innsbruck, German Emperor (1440-1493), dies at 77
  • 1496-03-12 Johannes de Lapide [Johan Heynlin], German philosopher, dies
  • 1498-12-07 Alexander Hegius von Heek, German humanist
  • 1499-07-22 Neithart Fox [Jonker Fox], German passage leader, slain in battle
  • 1504-12-21 Bertold von Henneberg-Römhild, German archbishop and elector (b. 1442)
  • 1505-10-21 Paul Scriptoris, German mathematician
  • 1507-07-29 Martin Behaim, German navigator and geographer, dies at 47
  • 1508-02-04 Conrad Celtes, German humanist scholar and manuscript thief, dies at 49
  • 1508-08-16 Henry van Stolberg & Wernigerode, German viceroy of Friesland, dies at 41