German History (Part 5)

Historical Events

Events 401 - 500 of 1,896

  • 1914-08-30 1st German plane bombs Paris, 2 killed
  • 1914-08-31 German troops reconquer Soldau/Neidenburg East-Prussia
  • 1914-09-04 General von Moltke ceases German advance in France

CommunicationHistoric Communication

1914-09-05 US President Woodrow Wilson orders US Navy to make its wireless stations accessible for any transatlantic communications - even to German diplomats sending coded messages; leads to interception of the Zimmermann telegram, helping bring the US into the war

28th US President Woodrow Wilson
28th US President
Woodrow Wilson

Battle of InterestFirst Battle of the Marne

1914-09-06 World War I: First Battle of the Marne begins, French and British forces prevent German advance on Paris (till the 12th Sept)
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  • 1914-09-11 Australia invades New Britain, defeating a German contingent there.
  • 1914-09-14 German staff-of-chief Helmut von Moltke replaced by Erich von Falkenhayn
  • 1914-09-14 German troops withdraw from Aisne/invent trenches
  • 1914-09-15 First Battle of Aisne finishes, Germans vs. French & British during WW I
  • 1914-09-18 Battle of Aisne ends with Germans beating French during WW I

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1914-09-18 General Paul von Hindenburg named commander of German armies on the Eastern Front

German President and WWI General Paul von Hindenburg
German President and WWI General
Paul von Hindenburg
  • 1914-09-18 South African troops land in German South West Africa
  • 1914-09-22 1 German submarine sinks 3 British ironclads, 1,459 die
  • 1914-09-22 Louis Botha, premier of the Union of South Africa, assumes command of the armed forced after having dismissed General Beyers because of his resistance to aiding British in the war against Germany
  • 1914-09-26 Germans arrest A Max, mayor of Brussels
  • 1914-09-28 German forces move into Antwerp Belgium (WWI)
  • 1914-10-09 German troops take Antwerp in World War I
  • 1914-10-10 German forces rout Belgians in Antwerp, Belgium (WWI)
  • 1914-10-11 German troops occupy Ghent
  • 1914-10-13 Pro-German Boers begin opposition to British authority in South Africa
  • 1914-10-14 German troops occupy Brug
  • 1914-10-18 Schoenstatt Movement is founded in Germany
  • 1914-10-21 Battle of Warsaw ends with German defeat
  • 1914-10-28 German battle cruiser Goeben enters Black Sea
  • 1914-11-01 German-British naval battle at Coronel, Chile
  • 1914-11-07 Japanese attack German concession on Chinese peninsula of Shanghai
  • 1914-11-07 The German colony of Kiaochow Bay and its centre at Tsingtao are captured by Japanese forces.
  • 1914-11-09 Off Cocos Island, near Sumatra, the Australian cruiser 'Sydney' sinks German cruiser 'Emden', which has been attacking ships in the Pacific
  • 1914-11-12 Turks sultan Jamal Pasja declares a German holy war
  • 1914-11-22 Ypres, Belgium, burned by German bombing
  • 1914-12-06 German troops over run Lodz
  • 1914-12-08 Battle of the Falkland Island: British Royal Navy destroys a German battle squadron
  • 1914-12-15 British fleet forfeits chance to destroy German fleet in North Sea
  • 1914-12-16 World War I: German battleships under Franz Von Hipper bombard the English ports of Hartlepool and Scarborough.
  • 1914-12-24 German plane drops bombs on Dover England
  • 1914-12-25 Legendary "Christmas Truce" takes place on the battlefields of WWI between British and German troops. Instead of fighting, soldiers exchange gifts and play football
  • 1914-12-26 US Government protests British interference with American merchant ships at sea, on the same day Germans announce they will treat food as contraband, subject to seizure; weakens America's protest
  • 1915-01-19 1st German Zeppelin attack over Great Britain, 4 die
  • 1915-01-24 German-British sea battle at Dogger Bank & Helgoland
  • 1915-01-30 German submarine attack on Le Havre
  • 1915-01-31 1st (German) poison gas attack, against Russians
  • 1915-02-03 Turkish & German army reach Suez Canal
  • 1915-02-07 Second Battle of Masurian Lakes: German armies surrounded a Russian army
  • 1915-02-10 US President Woodrow Wilson warns Germany that the US will hold it 'to a strict accountability' for 'property endangered or lives lost'
  • 1915-02-10 US President Woodrow Wilson protests to Britain on the use of US flags on British merchant ships to deceive the Germans
  • 1915-02-13 The French try to drive the Germans forces back into the Champagne region
  • 1915-02-18 Germany begins a blockade of Britain
  • 1915-02-22 Germany begins "unrestricted" submarine war
  • 1915-02-23 Germany sinks US ships Carib & Evelyn & torpedoe Norwegian ship Regin
  • 1915-02-26 Malancourt, Argonnen 1st (German) flame-thrower
  • 1915-02-28 WWI: After the French try to drive the Germans forces back into the Champagne region, they gain a few hundred yards - at the cost of 50,000 casualties

  • 1915-03-11 The British declare a blockade of all German ports
  • 1915-03-14 German cruiser Dresden scuttled off Más a Tierra, Chile, having been pursued by the Royal Navy after the Battle of the Falkland Islands, with her engines worn out and virtually no coal
  • 1915-03-25 German U boat torpedoes Netherlands merchant ship Medea
  • 1915-04-04 Germany protests vigorously to the US, claiming it must insist that Britain lifts its blockade and assert American neutrality
  • 1915-04-14 Dutch merchant navy ship Katwijk sunk by Germany torpedo
  • 1915-04-18 French pilot Roland Garros is shot down and glides to a landing on the German side of the lines during World War I.
  • 1915-04-22 1st military use of poison gas (chlorine, by Germany) in WW I
  • 1915-04-24 German army fires chloroform gas in Ypres (Leper)
  • 1915-05-01 German submarine torpedoes US tanker Gulflight
  • 1915-05-04 Italy drops Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary & Germany
  • 1915-05-05 German U-20 captures and sinks Britsih schooner Earl of Lathom
  • 1915-05-06 German U-20 sinks Centurion SE of Ireland
  • 1915-05-07 RMS Lusitania sunk by German submarine off the southern coast of Ireland; 1198 lives lost
  • 1915-05-09 German & French fight Battle of Artois
  • 1915-05-13 US Secretary of State Bryan sends a note to Germany demanding that Germany disavow the attacks on the Lusitania and make immediate reparations; however, the note is written only to 'pacify exited public opinion', according to Bryan
  • 1915-06-03 Austro-German forces recapture Przemysl, a crucial city in southeastern Poland, and the entire Russian front begins to collapse
  • 1915-06-09 US President Woodrow Wilson sends 2nd Lusitania note to Germany protesting sinking of the Lusitania and refuting German claim British blockade illegal
  • 1915-06-10 British/French troops conquer German colony of Cameroon
  • 1915-06-20 German offensive in Argonne
  • 1915-06-26 Germany suppresses "Vorwarts" newspaper after it called for peace
  • 1915-07-02 Erich Muenter, an instructor in German at Cornell University, explodes a bomb in the US Senate reception room
  • 1915-07-03 After exploding a bomb in US Senate reception room previous day, Erich Muenter, a German instructor at Cornell University, shoots JP Morgan for representing the British government in war contract negotiations
  • 1915-07-08 The Germans reply to US President Woodrow Wilson's second Lusitania note by saying that Americans may sail on clearly marked neutral ships, but Germany does not deal with Wilson's other demands
  • 1915-07-09 Germany surrenders South West Africa to Union of South Africa
  • 1915-07-10 British/South African troops march into German SW-Africa
  • 1915-07-11 German cruiser Königsberg sinks off Dar-es-Salam
  • 1915-07-15 The head of German propaganda in the US, Dr Heinrich Albert, loses his briefcase on a subway in New York City; an examination of its content reveals an extensive network of German espionage and subversion across the US
  • 1915-07-15 The Austro-German forces launch an offensive along the Eastern Front
  • 1915-07-21 Woodrow Wilson sends the third Lusitania note, warning Germany that future infringement of American rights will be deemed 'deliberately unfriendly'
  • 1915-08-05 Warsaw, evacuated by the Russians, is occupied by Germans
  • 1915-08-14 British transport Royal Edward sank by German U boat kills 1000
  • 1915-08-17 German troops over run Kovno, Lithuania
  • 1915-08-19 British liner "SS Arabic" sunk by German submarine without warning leaving Liverpool for New York; killing 44. Creates diplomatic incident
  • 1915-08-26 German troops overrun Brest-Litovsk, Russia
  • 1915-09-01 The German ambassador to the US pledges again that German submarines will no longer sink liners without warning and providing safety of passengers and crew following the sinking of the British liner "Arabic"
  • 1915-09-25 Battle of Loos commenced, lasted until 14th October. Chlorine gas deployed by the British was blown back into their own trenches: 59,000 British & 26,000 German casualties
  • 1915-10-08 Battle of Loos on WWI Western Front ends, German forces contain British attack (85,000 casualties)
  • 1915-10-11 Despite international protest, Edith Cavell an English nurse in Belgium, is executed by the Germans for aiding the escape of Allied prisoners
  • 1915-12-01 The US requests that Germany withdraw its military and naval attaches from the Embassy in Washington
  • 1915-12-12 1st all-metal aircraft (Junkers J-1) test flown at Dessau, Germany
  • 1916-01-07 German troops conquer Fort Vaux at Verdun
  • 1916-01-07 In response to pressure from President Woodrow Wilson, Germany notifies the US State Department that it will abide by strict international rules of maritime warfare
  • 1916-01-12 Max Immelmann and Oswald Boelcke receive the Pour le Merite, the German Empire's highest military award, for achieving eight aerial victories each over Allied aircrafts
  • 1916-01-28 German colony of Cameroon surrenders to Britain & France
  • 1916-01-29 1st bombing of Paris by German Zeppelins takes place
  • 1916-02-11 Germany and Austria-Hungary notify the US that they will sink any armed merchant ships starting on 1 March
  • 1916-02-16 The US rejects the right of Germany and Austria-Hungary to sink armed merchant ships
  • 1916-02-16 The German ambassador in Washington announces that Germany will pay an indemnity for American lives lost on the Lusitania
  • 1916-02-18 The last German garrison in the German colony of Cameroons surrenders

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 401 - 500 of 2,871

  • 1754-11-26 Georg Forster, German writer, naturalist (A Voyage Round the World) and revolutionary, born in Nassenhuben (Mokry Dwór), Royal Prussia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (d. 1794)
  • 1755-04-10 Samuel Hahnemann, German physician, originator of homeopathy, born in Meissen, Dresden (d. 1843)

Person of interestJohn Marshall

1755-09-24 John Marshall, 4th Chief Justice of the United States (1801-35), born in Germantown, Virginia (d. 1835)

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States John Marshall
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
John Marshall
  • 1756-02-22 Georg Friedrich von Martens, German diplomat (d. 1821)
  • 1756-03-18 Johann Christoph Vogel, German composer, born in Nuremberg, Germany (d. 1788)
  • 1756-07-02 Christian G Korner, German lawyer/father of Karl
  • 1756-11-30 Ernst Chladni, German physicist (d. 1827)
  • 1757-01-19 Augusta Reuss-Ebersdorf, German Princess (d. 1831)
  • 1758-03-09 Franz Joseph Gall, German-French physician (phrenology), born in Tiefenbronn, Germany (d. 1828)
  • 1759-02-15 Friedrich A Wolfius, [Wolf], German philological (Prolegomena)
  • 1759-05-01 Jacob Albright, German-American Christian leader, founder of Albright's People (Evangelical Association), born in Fox Mountain, Pennsylvania (d. 1808)
  • 1759-11-10 Frederich von Schiller, German poet and lyricist (Ode to Joy), born in Marbach am Neckar, Germany (d. 1805)
  • 1760-05-10 Johann Peter Hebel, German writer (Allemannische Gedichte), born in Basel (d. 1826)
  • 1761-01-23 Friedrich von Matthison, German poet (Adelaide)
  • 1761-05-03 August von Kotzebue, German dramatist, born in Weimar, Germany (d. 1819)
  • 1761-07-25 Charlotte von Kalb, German writer, born in Saal an der Saale, Electorate of Bavaria (d. 1843)
  • 1762-01-23 Christian A Vulpius, German writer (Rinaldo Rinaldini)
  • 1762-05-19 Johann G Fichte German philosopher (Wissenschaftslehre)
  • 1763-01-29 Johann Gottfried Seume, German writer (Spaziergang nach Syrakus), born in Poserna, Saxony-Anhalt, (d. 1810)
  • 1763-02-03 Caroline von Wolzogen, [von Lengefeld], German author
  • 1763-03-21 Jean Paul, German romantic writer (Titan), born in Wunsiedel, Franconia (d. 1825)
  • 1763-06-15 Franz Danzi, German composer and cellist, born in Schwetzingen (d. 1826)

Person of interestJohn Jacob Astor

1763-07-17 John Jacob Astor [Johann Jakob Astor] German-American businessman (first multi-millionaire in the United States), born in Walldorf, Electoral Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1848)

Businessman John Jacob Astor
John Jacob Astor
  • 1763-09-02 Caroline von Schelling, [Michaelis], German author
  • 1763-10-24 Dorothea von Schlegel, German novelist (Florentin), born in Berlin, Germany (d. 1839)
  • 1764-05-20 J Gottfried Schadow, German sculptor/cartoonist/lithographer
  • 1765-03-27 Franz Xaver von Baader, German philosopher and theologist, born in Munich (d. 1841)
  • 1765-06-01 Friedrich Ludwig Seidel, German composer, born in Treuenbrietzen (d. 1831)
  • 1765-06-15 Johann Gottlieb Friedrich von Bohnenberger, German mathematician (d. 1831)
  • 1765-12-22 Johann Friedrich Pfaff, German mathematician, born in Stuttgart, Germany (d. 1825)
  • 1766-01-25 Hans CE Freiherr von Gagern, German advisor to Dutch king Willem I
  • 1766-04-15 Friedrich Bouterwek, German philosopher/critic
  • 1766-07-18 Friedrich Fleischmann, German composer, born in Marktheidenfeld, Germany (d. 1798)
  • 1766-10-22 Hans CE Freiherr von Gagern, German advisor to Dutch king
  • 1766-11-24 Friedrich Weinbrenner, German architect, born in Karlsruhe (d. 1826)
  • 1767-04-27 Andreas Romberg, German violinist and composer (Song of the Clock), born in Vechta, Germany (d. 1821)
  • 1767-06-22 Wilhelm von Humboldt, German philosopher and statesman (d. 1835)
  • 1767-09-08 August Wilhelm Schlegel, German poet, translator and critic, born in Hannover, Germany (d. 1845)
  • 1767-11-11 Bernhard Romberg, German cellist/composer/royal chaplain bandmaster
  • 1768-11-21 Friedrich Schleiermacher, German theologist/philosopher

Person of interestAlexander von Humboldt

1769-09-14 Alexander von Humboldt, German naturalist and explorer (Kosmos), born in Berlin, Germany (d. 1859)

Naturalist and Explorer Alexander von Humboldt
Naturalist and Explorer
Alexander von Humboldt
  • 1770-03-20 Friedrich Hölderlin, German writer (d. 1843)
  • 1770-03-28 Sophie Mereau, German writer, born in Altenburg, Germany (d. 1806)
  • 1770-04-09 Thomas Johann Seebeck, German physicist (Seebeck effect), born in Tallinn, Estonia, Russian Empire (d. 1831)
  • 1770-04-19 Georg Abraham Schneider, German horn player and composer, born in Darmstadt, Germany (d. 1839)
  • 1770-08-27 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher and inventor (dialectic), born in Stuttgart, Württemberg (d. 1831)
  • 1770-09-19 Johann Georg Repsold, German instrument maker and astronomer, born in Wremen, Wurster Nordseeküste, Germany (d. 1830)
  • 1770-10-22 Thomas Seebeck, Baltic German physicist (d. 1831)

Person of interestLudwig van Beethoven

1770-12-16 Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer (5th Symphony, Ode to Joy), born in Bonn, Electorate of Cologne (d. 1827)

  • 1771-02-24 Johann Baptist Cramer, German/British pianist/composer/publisher
  • 1771-03-10 Georg F Creuzer, German philological/historian (Idea und Probe)
  • 1771-05-19 Rahel Varnhagen von Ense-Levin, German literary hostess, born in Berlin, Prussia (d. 1833)
  • 1771-09-17 Johann August Apel, German jurist and writer (d. 1816)
  • 1772-03-10 Friedrich von Schlegel, German romantic writer/critic (Lucinde)
  • 1772-05-02 Novalis [Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg], German romantic writer ('Heinrich von Ofterdingen), born in Oberwiederstedt, Saxony (d. 1801)
  • 1772-05-04 Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus, German encyclopedia publisher, born in Dortmund, Germany (d. 1823)
  • 1773-05-31 Ludwig Tieck, German writer, born in Berlin (d. 1853)
  • 1773-06-03 Caspar G C Reinwardt, German/Dutch biologist
  • 1773-07-13 Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder, German writer (Fantasies about Art), born in Berlin (d. 1798)
  • 1773-08-23 Jakob F. Fries, German philosopher, born in Barby, Germany (d. 1843)
  • 1774-01-24 Karl Moser, German composer and violinist, born in Berlin (1851)
  • 1774-04-26 Christian Leopold von Buch, German geologist (d. 1853)
  • 1774-09-08 Anna Katharina Emmerick, Roman Catholic Augustinian Canoness Regular of Windesheim, Marian visionary, ecstatic and stigmatist, born in Coesfeld, Westphalia, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1824)
  • 1774-10-18 Adolf Muller, German dramatist and critic, born near Weissenfels (d. 1829)

Person of interestFriedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

1775-01-27 Friedrich von Schelling, German philosopher (Views on Christianity), born in Leonberg, Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1854)

  • 1775-04-22 Georg Hermes, German philosopher/theologist (Hermenianen)
  • 1775-08-26 William Joseph Behr, German writer (d. 1851)
  • 1776-01-24 Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, German writer/judge/composer (Undine)
  • 1776-05-04 Johann Friedrich Herbart, German philosopher and psychologist, born in Oldenburg, Germany (d. 1841)
  • 1776-08-15 Gottlieb Schick, German painter (Apollo under the Hirten), born in Stuttgart, Germany (d. 1812)
  • 1776-12-03 Johann Spurzheim, German neuroscientist (d. 1832)
  • 1776-12-16 Johann Wilhelm Ritter, German physicist (d. 1810)
  • 1777-01-02 Christian D Rauch, German sculptor (d. 1857)
  • 1777-02-12 Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué, German poet (d. 1843)

Person of interestCarl Friedrich Gauss

1777-04-30 Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician considered one of the greatest of all time (Gaussian distribution, fundamental theorem of algebra), born in Brunswick, Germany (d. 1855)

Mathematician, Astronomer, and Physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss
Mathematician, Astronomer, and Physicist
Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • 1777-07-23 Philipp Otto Runge, German Romantic painter, born in Wolgast, West Pomerania (d. 1810)
  • 1777-09-07 Heinrich Stölzel, German musician and composer, born in Schneeberg, Saxony (d. 1844)
  • 1777-10-18 Heinrich von Kleist, German dramatist/poet (Penthesilea)
  • 1777-11-28 Georg A Kestner, German art collector/diplomat
  • 1777-12-16 Janos Fusz, Hungarian-German composer, born in Tolna, Hungary (d. 1819)
  • 1778-09-08 Clemens Brentano, German poet and author (The Story of the Just Casper and Fair Annie), born in Ehrenbreitstein, Germany (d. 1842)
  • 1779-02-21 Friedrich C von Savigny, German lawyer
  • 1779-07-21 Gottlob Wiedebein, German composer, born in Eilenstedt (d. 1854)
  • 1779-08-01 Lorenz Oken, German naturalist, born in Bohlsbach, Swabia (d. 1851)
  • 1780-01-10 M Heinrich C Lichtenstein, German zoologist
  • 1780-01-12 Wilhelm M L de Wette, German exegetist/theologist
  • 1780-02-19 Friedrich H von der Hagen, German germanist (Nibelungenlied)
  • 1780-03-27 August Leopold Crelle, German inventor and mathematician (1st Prussian Railway), born in Eichwerder, Brandenburg, Germany (d. 1855)
  • 1781-01-26 Ludwig Joachim "Achim" von Arnim, German poet (Des Knaben Wunderhorn)
  • 1781-02-09 Johann Baptist von Spix, German scientist (d. 1826)
  • 1781-03-13 Karl Friedrich Schinkel, German architect, city planner and painter (Altes Museum, Neue Wache), born in Neuruppin, Margraviate of Brandenburg (d. 1841)
  • 1781-04-22 Friedrich Christian Hermann Uber, German composer, born in Breslau
  • 1781-05-04 Karl Christian Friedrich Krause, German philosopher, born in Eisenberg, Germany (d. 1832)
  • 1781-05-14 Friedrich von Raumer, German historian/parliamentarian
  • 1781-06-05 Christian August Lobeck, German classical scholar, born in Naumburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (d. 1860)
  • 1781-11-20 Karl F Eichhorn, German law historian
  • 1783-01-20 Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer, German cellist and composer (d. 1860)
  • 1783-03-08 Gottfied Wilhelm Fink, German composer, born in Sulza, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1846)
  • 1783-12-11 Max von Schenkendorf, German poet
  • 1784-02-29 Franz KL von Klenze, German architect (Hermitage, St-Petersburg)

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

Famous Deaths

Deaths 401 - 500 of 1,983

  • 1774-12-02 Johann Friedrich Agricola, German (court)composer/organist, dies at 54
  • 1774-12-13 Susanne K von Klettenberg, German friend of Goethes mother, dies at 50
  • 1775-02-05 Eusebius Amort, German Catholic theologian (b. 1692)
  • 1775-06-23 Karl Ludwig, Freiherr von Pöllnitz, German adventurer and writer (b. 1692)
  • 1775-10-18 Christian August Crusius, German philosopher and theologian (b. 1715)
  • 1776-04-19 Jacob Israel Emden [Jacob ben Tswi], German rabbi, dies at 78
  • 1776-04-22 Johann Adolph Scheibe, German music theorist and composer, dies at 67
  • 1777-06-22 Josef Christian, German sculptor, dies at 71
  • 1777-10-05 Ján Andrej Segner, Slovak and German mathematician, physicist, and physician, dies at 72
  • 1778-06-16 Konrad Ekhof [Hans Konrad Dieterich Eckhof], German actor and director, dies at 57
  • 1779-02-24 Paul Daniel Longolius, German encylopedist (b. 1704)
  • 1779-06-29 Anton Raphael Mengs, German Bohemian painter and one of the precursors to Neoclassical painting, dies at 51
  • 1779-10-28 Raphael Weiss, German composer and priest, dies at 66
  • 1780-02-17 Andreas Felix von Oefele, German historian and librarian (b. 1706)
  • 1781-07-29 Johann Kies, German astronomer and mathematician, dies at 73
  • 1781-11-04 Johann Nikolaus Götz, German poet (Die Mädcheninsel), dies at 60
  • 1782-01-01 Johann Christian Bach (English Bach), German composer, 11th son of Johann Sebastian Bach, dies at 46
  • 1782-02-10 Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, German Lutheran theologian, dies at 79
  • 1782-10-23 Joseph Riepel, Austrian-born German composer, dies at 73
  • 1783-07-27 Johann Philipp Kirnberger, German music theorist and violist, dies at 62
  • 1784-04-30 Franz K earl von Velbruck, German free mason, dies
  • 1784-07-15 Johan B Straub, South German sculptor, dies
  • 1786-01-04 Mozes Mendelssohn, German Jewish enlightenment philosopher (Haksalah), dies at 56
  • 1787-06-20 Carl Friedrich Abel, German/British viola player/composer, dies at 63
  • 1787-10-07 Henry Muhlenberg, German-born founder of the U.S. Lutheran Church, dies at 76
  • 1788-01-05 Johann Schneider, German composer and pupil of Bach, dies at 85
  • 1788-02-21 Johann Georg Palitzsch, German astronomer (b. 1723)
  • 1788-06-21 Johann Georg Hamann, German counter-enlightenment philosopher ("Reason is language"), dies at 57
  • 1788-06-28 Johann Christoph Vogel, German composer, dies at 32
  • 1788-12-14 Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, German composer, dies at 74
  • 1790-01-02 Joseph A Feuchtmayer (Feichtmayer), German rococo sculptor, dies
  • 1790-01-06 Johann Trier, German composer, dies at 73
  • 1790-07-25 Johann Bernhard Basedow, German educational reformer, dies at 66
  • 1790-09-02 Johann N von Hontheim, German religious historian/Bishop, dies
  • 1791-03-14 Johann Salomo Semler, German historian and Bible commentator (b. 1725)
  • 1792-04-23 Karl Friedrich Bahrdt, German theologian and adventurer, dies at 50
  • 1792-10-28 Paul Möhring, German physician and scientist, died at 82
  • 1793-05-13 Martin Gerbert, German composer, music historian and abbot, dies at 72
  • 1793-12-23 Johann Adolph Hasse, German composer (b. 1699)
  • 1794-01-08 Justus Möser, German statesman (b. 1720)
  • 1794-01-10 Georg Forster, German writer, naturalist (A Voyage Round the World) and revolutionary, dies at 39
  • 1796-05-12 Johann P Uz, German poet (Theodicee), dies at 75
  • 1797-02-22 Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, German officer and adventurer (b. 1720)
  • 1798-01-20 Christian Cannabich, German composer/royal chaplain master, dies at 66
  • 1798-01-26 Christian Gottlob Neefe, German composer, conductor and tutor of Ludwig van Beethoven, dies at 49
  • 1798-02-13 Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder, German writer (Fantasies of Art), dies at 24
  • 1798-04-11 Karl Wilhelm Ramler, German poet (b. 1725)
  • 1798-04-29 Nikolaus Poda von Neuhaus, German entomologist (b. 1723)
  • 1798-11-30 Friedrich Fleischmann, German composer, dies at 32
  • 1798-12-09 Johann Reinhold Forster, German botanist (b. 1729)
  • 1799-02-24 Georg C Lichtenberg, German physicist/writer, dies at 56
  • 1800-06-10 Johann Abraham Peter Schulz, German composer, dies at 53
  • 1800-06-20 Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, German mathematician (b. 1719)
  • 1801-03-25 Novalis [Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg], German romantic writer ('Heinrich von Ofterdingen), dies at 28
  • 1801-10-23 Johann Gottlieb Naumann, German composer, dies at 60
  • 1802-06-28 Johann Jakob Engel, German author (Herr Lorenz Stark), dies at 60
  • 1802-08-10 Aepinus, [Franz UT Hoch], German physician/physicist, dies at 77
  • 1803-03-14 Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, German poet, dies at 78
  • 1803-12-18 Johann G von Herder, German philosopher, theologist and poet, dies at 59

Person of interestImmanuel Kant

1804-02-12 Immanuel Kant, German philosopher (Zum ewigen Frieden), dies at 79

Philosopher Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant
  • 1805-05-09 Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, German poet/playwright, dies at 45
  • 1805-07-09 Georg W "Franz" Panzer, German vicar/librarian, dies at 76
  • 1806-06-28 Johann Friedrich Ludwig Sievers, German composer, dies at 64
  • 1806-09-10 Johann C Adelung, German translator/librarian, dies at 74
  • 1806-11-12 Josef Gottlieb Kölreuter, German Botanist who pioneered the study of plant hybrids, dies at 73
  • 1807-02-18 August G Meissner, German estheticus/literary, dies at 53
  • 1807-02-18 Sophie von Laroche, German writer (History of Lady Sophia Sternheim), dies at 75
  • 1807-08-15 Johann Nikolaus Tetens, German-Danish philosopher and mathematician, dies at 70
  • 1807-12-19 Friedrich Melchior, baron von Grimm, German writer (b. 1723)
  • 1808-05-18 Jacob Albright, German-American Christian leader, founder of Albright's People (Evangelical Association), dies at 49
  • 1809-09-07 Caroline Schelling, [Michaelis], German author and academic dies at 46
  • 1810-04-10 Konrad Back, German monastic composer, dies at 60
  • 1810-06-13 Johann Gottfried Seume, German writer (Spaziergang nach Syrakus), dies at 47
  • 1810-11-11 Johann/John Zoffany, German painter (Tribuna degl' Uffizi), dies at 77
  • 1811-09-08 Peter S Pallas, German geologist/zoologist, dies at 69
  • 1811-11-21 Heinrich W von Kleist, German playwright, dies at 34
  • 1812-04-11 Gottlieb Schick, German painter (Opfer Noachs), dies at 35
  • 1812-06-16 Franz Pforr, German painter and cartoonist (Lukasbund), dies at 23
  • 1812-07-14 Christian G. Heyne, German archaeologist, dies at 82
  • 1812-09-19 Mayer Amschel Rothschild, German Jewish banker and founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, dies at 68
  • 1812-12-12 John Malchair, German-born English artist, violinist and composer, dies at 82
  • 1813-08-26 Karl Theodor Korner, German poet (Vetter aus Bremen), dies at 21
  • 1814-01-29 Johann G Fichte, German philosopher (Wissenschaftslehre), dies at 51
  • 1816-04-28 Johann Heinrich Abicht, German philosopher (b. 1862)
  • 1816-08-09 Johann August Apel, German jurist and writer (b. 1771)
  • 1817-01-01 Martin H Klaproth, German chemist (uranium), dies at 73
  • 1817-04-02 Johann Heinrich Jung, German author (Heinrich Stillings Leben), dies at 76
  • 1817-06-30 Abraham Gottlob Werner, German geologist
  • 1817-12-11 Max von Schenkendorf, German poet, dies at 34
  • 1818-06-29 Carl P Fohr, German painter/cartoonist, dies at 22
  • 1818-10-22 Joachim H Campe, German theory/author, dies at 72
  • 1819-03-09 Janos Fusz, Hungarian-German composer, dies at 41
  • 1819-09-28 Karl Haack, German composer, dies at 68
  • 1819-12-05 Friedrich Leopold Graf zu Stolberg, German poet, lawyer and translator, dies at 69
  • 1820-01-25 Joseph F Weigl, German/Austria violin cellist, dies at 79
  • 1820-02-29 Johann Joachim Eschenburg, German literary critic (b. 1743)
  • 1821-02-21 Georg Friedrich von Martens, German diplomat (b. 1756)
  • 1821-04-20 Franz K Achard, German physicist and chemist, dies at 67
  • 1821-11-10 Andreas Romberg, German violinist and composer (Der Rabe), dies at 54
  • 1822-01-14 Franz Innocenz Joseph Kobell, German landscape painter, dies at 72