Kalimantan in History

Historical Events

  • 1854-11-28 Dutch army stops Chinese uprising in Borneo
  • 1942-01-14 Japanese troops land at oil center Balikpapan in Borneo
  • 1945-07-01 Allies troop land on Balikpapan
  • 2015-09-22 Palangkaraya in Indonesian Borneo records the highest air pollutant index (API) value ever recorded of 1,986 due to haze caused by forest fires deliberately lit to clear land for palm oil plantations
  • 2017-08-17 On This Day helps launch Borneo Dictionary, an online not for profit dictionary of indigenous Borneo languages with translations in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • 2018-02-16 More than 100,00 orangutans killed in Borneo since 1999 according to study published in "Current Biology"
  • 2018-11-07 World's oldest figurative painting of a beast at least 40,000 years old identified in Lubang Jeriji SalĂ©h cave, Indonesian Borneo

Historic Event

2019-08-26 Indonesian President Joko Widodo proposes moving the country's sinking and over-crowded capital from Jakarta to the island of Borneo (Kalimantan)