Rome in History (Part 2)

Historical Events

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  • 1900-08-27 Gabriel Fauré's opera/cantata "Prométhée" premieres in Beziers
  • 1900-12-17 Pope Leo XIII closes the 'Holy Door' of St Peter's in Rome, ending the Jubilee Year of 1900
  • 1906-11-18 Anarchist's bomb St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

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1907-01-06 Maria Montessori opens her 1st (Montessori) school (Rome)

  • 1917-04-12 Domenico Scarlatti & Jeab Cocteaus ballet premieres in Rome
  • 1922-02-21 Airship "Rome" explodes at Hampton Roads, Virginia; 34 die

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1922-09-28 Benito Mussolini marches on Rome

Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini
Italian Dictator
Benito Mussolini
  • 1922-10-27 In Italy, Liberal Luigi Facta resigns in the face of threats from Mussolini that 'either the Government will be given to us or we will seize it by marching on Rome'
  • 1926-04-07 Mussolini is shot at 3 times by Violet Gibson in Rome, she only hits him once in the nose

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1926-11-09 Italian Communist leader Antonio Gramsci is arrested in Rome

Marxist Theorist and Politician Antonio Gramsci
Marxist Theorist and Politician
Antonio Gramsci
  • 1929-02-11 Vatican City (world's smallest country) made an enclave of Rome
  • 1934-03-17 Dollfuss, Mussolini & Gombos sign Donau Pact (protocols of Rome)
  • 1934-06-10 FIFA World Cup: Italy beats Czechoslovakia 2-1 (OT) in footballs 2nd World Cup in Rome
  • 1936-03-23 Italy, Austria & Hungary sign Pact of Rome
  • 1939-05-07 Germany and Italy announce an alliance known as the Rome-Berlin Axis
  • 1939-11-17 The Rome-Rio de Janeiro air connection is created.
  • 1943-07-19 500 allied air forces raid Rome during WW II
  • 1943-07-26 Otto Skorzeny's commando group arrives in Rome
  • 1943-09-09 15 German JU-88's sink Italian flag ship Rome
  • 1943-09-10 German troops occupy Rome and take took over the protection of Vatican City
  • 1943-10-16 Anti Jewish riot in Rome
  • 1943-10-16 Jewish quarter of Rome surrounded by Nazis, they are sent to Auschwitz
  • 1943-10-23 First Jewish transport out of Rome reaches camp Birkenau
  • 1943-11-05 Vatican in Rome bombed by unknown source
  • 1944-03-23 Bomb assassination against Southern Tirol congregation in Rome, 33 die
  • 1944-03-24 In occupied Rome, Nazis execute more than 300 civilians
  • 1944-03-25 Germany troop executes 335 residents of Rome
  • 1944-06-03 Nazis pull out of Rome
  • 1944-06-04 5th Army enters and liberates Rome from Mussolini's Fascist armies
  • 1944-06-05 Allies march into Rome
  • 1946-01-12 Edouardo de Filippo's "Questi Fantasmi!" premieres in Rome
  • 1946-04-18 Rome, Auerbach and Horwitt's musical "Call Me Mister" premieres in NYC
  • 1947-04-02 Carlo Terron's "Il diamente del profeta" premieres in Rome
  • 1952-04-21 BOAC begins 1st passenger service with jets (London-Rome route)

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1953-08-16 Shah of Persia Mohammed Reza Pahlavi & princess Soraya flee to Baghdad & Rome

Last Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Last Shah of Iran
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
  • 1957-03-25 Treaty of Rome establishes European Economic Community (Common Market)
  • 1960-08-25 17th summer olympics opens in Rome
  • 1960-09-11 17th Olympic games close in Rome Italy
  • 1961-06-30 NASA Explorer Micrometeoroid research mission fails to reach Earth orbit

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1963-07-01 US President JFK arrives in Rome

35th US President John F. Kennedy
35th US President
John F. Kennedy
  • 1963-09-29 2nd session of Ecumenical council, `Vatican II,' opened in Rome by Pope Paul
  • 1964-08-06 Prometheus, the world's oldest tree (at least 4862 years old), is accidently cut down in Nevada, US
  • 1964-09-13 3rd sitting of 2nd Vatican council opens in Rome
  • 1967-09-29 -Oct 29] Rome: 1st bishop synod
  • 1968-03-15 Diocese of Rome announces that it "deplored the concept", but wouldn't prohibit rock & roll masses at Church of San Lessio Falconieri
  • 1968-06-10 UEFA European Championship Final: Italy beats Yugoslavia 2-0 in a replay in Rome (first game drawn 1-1)
  • 1969-10-11 -28] Rome: 2nd bishop synod
  • 1970-02-28 WUTR TV channel 20 in Utica-Rome, NY (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • 1971-09-30 -11/6] Rome: 3rd bishop synod
  • 1972-03-01 Club of Rome publishes report "Boundaries on the Growth"

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1972-05-21 Michelangelo's Pietà in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome is damaged by a vandal.

Sculptor and Painter Michelangelo
Sculptor and Painter

  • 1972-11-30 Illegal fireworks factory explodes killing 15 in Rome, Italy
  • 1973-07-15 John Paul Getty III kidnapped in Rome
  • 1974-09-27 -10/26] Rome: 4th bishop synod
  • 1977-05-25 21st European Cup: Liverpool beats Borussia Monchengladbach 3-1 at Rome
  • 1977-08-15 Herbert Kappler, head of Nazi police and security services (SS) in Rome during WWII, escapes from prison hospital in Rome
  • 1980-06-22 UEFA European Championship Final: Horst Hrubesch scores a double as Germany beats Belgium 2-1 in Rome
  • 1981-07-22 Turkish terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca sentenced in a Rome, Italy court to life

Conference meetingMeeting of Interest

1982-06-07 US President Ronald Reagan meets with Pope John Paul II at Vatican City, Rome

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
US President & Actor Ronald Reagan
US President & Actor
Ronald Reagan

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1985-12-27 Terrorists kill 20 and wound 110 attacking El Al at Rome and Vienna airports. President Reagan blames Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Libyan Revolutionary and Authoritarian Leader Muammar Gaddafi
Libyan Revolutionary and Authoritarian Leader
Muammar Gaddafi
US President & Actor Ronald Reagan
US President & Actor
Ronald Reagan
  • 1986-03-11 1 million days since the foundation of Rome on April 21st, 753 BC
  • 1986-04-13 Pope John Paul II meets Rome's Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff at Rome synagogue
  • 1986-09-30 Mordechai Vanunu, who revealed details of Israel covert nuclear program to British media, is kidnapped in Rome, Italy
  • 1987-07-22 Said Aouita of Morocco sets 5k record (12:58.39) in Rome
  • 1987-08-28 2nd World Championships in Athletics open at Rome, Italy
  • 1987-08-29 Portuguese athlete Rosa Mota wins Women's Marathon at World Chapionships in Rome in 2hr 25:17mins
  • 1987-09-06 2nd World Championships in Athletics close at Rome, Italy
  • 1988-10-17 31 reported dead as Ugandan jetliner crashes in fog near Rome

Music concertMusic Concert

1990-07-07 First Three Tenors concert featuring Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti at Baths of Caracalla in Rome - recording of is world's best-selling classical record

Operatic Tenor Luciano Pavarotti
Operatic Tenor
Luciano Pavarotti
  • 1990-07-08 FIFA World Cup: Germany beats Argentina 1-0 for football's 14th World Cup in Rome
  • 1991-05-04 36th Eurovision Song Contest: Carola for Sweden wins singing "Fangad av en stormvind" in Rome
  • 1992-10-04 The Rome General Peace Accords ends a 16 year civil war in Mozambique.
  • 1993-07-27 Mafia bombs historical buildings in Rome, Milan and Vatican City, 5 killed
  • 1993-11-21 Neo-fascist MSI wins 36% of municipal elections in Rome
  • 1996-05-22 4th UEFA Champions League Final: Juventus beats Ajax (1-1, 4-2 on penalties) at Rome
  • 1997-03-07 Athens, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Rome & Stockholm are finalists for 2004 Olympics site
  • 1999-07-22 Woodstock 99 music festival begins Griffiss Park, Rome NY (till 25th) attended by 200,000. Ended due to violence.

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2000-05-01 Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sings for Pope John Paul II in Rome

Italian Tenor Andrea Bocelli
Italian Tenor
Andrea Bocelli
264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • 2004-02-21 The first European political party organization, the European Greens, is established in Rome
  • 2004-10-29 In Rome, 25 European heads of state sign a Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
  • 2009-05-27 17th UEFA Champions League Final: Barcelona beats Manchester United 2-0 at Rome

Film release premierFilm Premier

2011-10-30 "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, directed by Bill Condon, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, premieres at the Rome Film Festival

  • 2016-06-20 Rome elects its first female Mayor Virginia Raggi (Five Star Movement) and its youngest at 37
  • 2016-08-24 6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes central Italy, north east of Rome, killing 268, injuring 400

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