Tokyo in History (Part 2)

Historical Events

  • 1979-01-30 Varig 707-323C freighter, flown by the same commander as Flight 820, disappears over the Pacific Ocean 30 minutes after taking off from Tokyo.
  • 1979-03-26 MLB San Diego Padres & San Francisco Giants announce plans to play exhibition series in Tokyo but Giant players reject it

Music History

1980-01-16 Paul McCartney is arrested at Tokyo International Airport for possession of marijuana; he is sent to jail for nine days before being deported

  • 1980-01-25 Paul McCartney is released from Tokyo jail & deported
  • 1983-04-15 Tokyo Disneyland opens
  • 1985-03-08 Ice Dance Championship at Tokyo won by Bestemianova & Bukin (URS)
  • 1985-03-09 Ladies' Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Katarina Witt (East Germany)
  • 1985-03-10 Ice Pairs Championship at Tokyo won by Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev (Soviet Union)
  • 1985-03-10 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Alexandr Fadeev (URS)
  • 1987-07-17 "Les Miserables" opens at Imperial Theatre, Tokyo

Film Premiere

1987-10-04 "The Last Emperor" directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and starring John Lone, Joan Chen and Peter O'Toole premieres at the Tokyo Film Festival (Best Picture 1988)

  • 1987-11-01 New Zealand All Blacks create a rugby union international world record score when they beat Japan, 106-4 at the National Stadium in Tokyo
  • 1988-11-05 Japan beats MLB all stars 2-1 in Tokyo (Game 1 of 7)
  • 1988-11-10 MLB All-Star team beats Japan 3-1 in Tokyo (Game 5 of 7)
  • 1988-11-12 Japan beats MLB All-Star team 5-4 in Tokyo (Game 6 of 7)
  • 1989-10-09 27th Tennis Fed Cup: USA beats Spain in Tokyo Japan (3-0)
  • 1989-11-29 8th Largest wrestling crowd UFW U-Cosmos (60,000-Tokyo Dome)
  • 1990-02-10 6th Largest wrestling crowd (63,900-Tokyo Dome)

Boxing Title Fight

1990-02-11 In a huge upset, James "Buster" Douglas KOs Mike Tyson in 10th round in Tokyo, Japan to win the world heavyweight boxing title

  • 1990-11-02 First regular season game played outside North America by any major professional sports league the NBA's Phoenix Suns beat the Utah Jazz, 119-96 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Japan
  • 1991-03-21 Largest wrestling crowd in Japan (64,500) at Tokyo Dome
  • 1991-08-23 3rd Athletics World Championships open at Tokyo, Japan
  • 1991-09-01 Japanese runner Hiromi Taniguchi wins the marathon in 2:14:57 at the World Athletics Championships in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1992-01-04 8th= largest wrestling crowd NJPW Starcade (60,000-Tokyo Dome)
  • 1993-01-04 7th largest wrestling crowd (63,500-Tokyo Dome)
  • 1993-08-27 The Rainbow Bridge connecting Tokyo's Shibaura and the island of Odaiba is completed.
  • 1994-01-04 10th largest wrestling crowd (58,000-Tokyo Dome)
  • 1994-03-26 Yuka Sato of Japan wins world figure skating championship in Tokyo
  • 1994-08-03 102.4°F (39.1°C) in Tokyo Japan: record
  • 1995-03-20 Members of the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo release sarin gas on three lines of the Tokyo subway, killing 13 people and injuring over 1,000
  • 1995-03-28 World's largest bank-Japan's Mitsubishi Bank & Bank of Tokyo merge
  • 1995-05-16 Japanese police arrest cult leader Shoko Asahara & charged him with Nerve-gas attack on Tokyo's subways two months earlier
  • 1995-09-14 Body Worlds opens in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1997-10-03 NHL games played outside North America for the first time; Vancouver Canucks beat Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, 3-2 in Tokyo, Japan

Film Premiere

1997-11-01 "Titanic" directed by James Cameron, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet premieres at the Tokyo International Film Festival (Academy Awards Best Picture 1998)

  • 1999-07-23 ANA Flight 61 is hijacked in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1999-09-30 Japan's worst nuclear accident at a uranium reprocessing facility in Tōkai-mura, northeast of Tokyo.
  • 2004-03-31 With a 12-1 defeat of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Tokyo, NY Yankees starter Kevin Brown becomes only the 2nd pitcher in MLB history to have beaten all 30 teams
  • 2004-09-30 The first images of a live giant squid in its natural habitat are taken 600 miles south of Tokyo
  • 2006-12-04 An adult giant squid is caught on video by Kubodera near the Ogasawara Islands, 1,000 km (620 miles) south of Tokyo
  • 2007-04-16 "Spider-Man 3" directed by Sam Raimi and starring Toby Maguire and Kristen Dunst premieres at the Tokyo Film Festival

Film Premiere

2012-06-13 "The Amazing Spider-Man" directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone premieres at the Tokyo Film Festival

  • 2012-06-29 15,000 Japanese anti-nuclear protesters blockade the Japanese Prime Minister's office in Tokyo
  • 2012-08-31 Apple loses its patent dispute with Samsung in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015-11-05 Japan's 1st officially recognized same-sex couple union - Koyuki Higashi and Hiroko Matsuhara in Tokyo
  • 2016-07-31 Yuriko Koike is the first woman to be elected Tokyo Governor
  • 2018-08-02 Tokyo Medical University revealed to have been tampering with female entrance exams to ensure under 30% accepted, by Japanese newspaper "Yomiuri Shimbun"
  • 2018-10-29 Japanese Princess Ayako of Japan marries commoner Kei Moriya at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, giving up her royal status
  • 2019-01-06 Record $3.1 million (333.6 million yen) price for giant bluefin tuna at Tokyo's Toyosu fish market bought by sushi restaurant owner Kiyoshi Kimura
  • 2019-02-27 Smallest baby boy ever born to be later successfully released, goes home, after original birth weight of 268g (9.45oz) from Tokyo hospital

Sports History

2019-03-21 Japanese baseball right fielder Ichiro Suzuki finishes his career with a record 4,367 base hits (NPB & MLB) as Seattle Mariners beat the Oakland A's, 5-4 in Tokyo, Japan

  • 2019-04-08 1 in 4 Japanese adults a virgin aged 18-39 according to new research by Tokyo University

Historic Event

2019-04-30 Japanese Emperor Akihito declares his abdication at a ceremony in Tokyo which officially takes effect the following day

  • 2019-09-08 Typhoon Faxai makes landfall near Tokyo, Japan, with winds of up to 210km/h (130mph)
  • 2019-10-12 Typhoon Hagibis makes landfall on the Izu Peninsula near Tokyo, Japan, bringing record rainfall and killing at least 56 people
  • 2019-12-09 World Anti-Doping Agency bans Russia from all major sporting events including 2020 Tokyo Olympics and 2022 football World Cup in Qatar for manipulating laboratory data

Famous Birthdays

  • 1963-12-12 Ai Orikasa, Japanese voice actress and singer, born in Tokyo
  • 1964-12-07 Tadao Uematsu, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1965-02-01 Brandon Lee, American actor (Showdown in Little Tokyo), born in Oakland, California (d. 1993)
  • 1965-04-17 Yoshiki Kuroda, Japanese urban planner and Sayako Kuroda's husband, born in Tokyo
  • 1966-06-13 Naoki Hattori, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo
  • 1966-09-19 Yoshihiro Takayama, Japanese professional wrestler, born in Sumida, Tokyo
  • 1966-10-26 Masaharu Iwata, Japanese video game composer, born in Tokyo
  • 1967-07-31 Minako Honda, Japanese singer and musical actress, born in Itabashi, Tokyo (d. 2005)
  • 1967-11-06 Shuzo Matsuoka, Japanese tennis star (1995 USTA/Binghampton), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1967-12-08 Kotono Mitsuishi, Japanese seiyu (voice actress), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1967-12-12 Yuzo Koshiro, Japanese video game music composer, born in Hino, Tokyo
  • 1968-07-05 Ken Akamatsu, Japanese Manga artist, born in Tokyo
  • 1968-07-05 Kenji Ito, Japanese video game composer, born in Tokyo
  • 1969-01-27 Cornelius [Keigo Oyamada], Japanese musician and producer (Flipper's Guitar), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1969-02-26 Hitoshi Sakimoto, Japanese composer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1969-04-18 Sayako Kuroda, Japanese Imperial Shinto priestess and Supreme Priestess of the Ise Grand Shrine who gave up her imperial title for marriage, born in Chiyoda, Tokyo
  • 1969-06-29 Tōru Hashimoto, Japanese politician (Mayor of Osaka), born in Tokyo
  • 1969-08-13 Midori Ito, Japanese ice skater (Olympic silver 1992), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1970-04-14 Shizuka Kudō, Japanese singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1970-08-03 Masahiro Sakurai, Japanese video game developer, born in Musashimurayama, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1970-09-14 Satoshi Kojima, Japanese professional wrestler (NJPW), born in Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1971-01-05 Mayuko Takata, Japanese actress, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1971-01-17 Youki Kudoh, Japanese actress, born in Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1971-04-02 ZEEBRA [Hideyuki Yokoi], Japanese hip hop artist, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1971-04-25 Tomoko Kawakami, Japanese voice actress, born in Tokyo, Japan (d. 2011)
  • 1971-06-04 Shoji Meguro, Japanese guitarist and video game music composer (Persona), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1972-01-22 Romi Paku, Japanese seiyu (voice actress), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1972-02-05 Koriki Chōshū, Japanese comedian, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1972-03-29 Junichi Suwabe, Japanese voice actor, born in Tokyo
  • 1972-07-27 Takako Fuji, Japanese actress (The Grudge / Ju-on), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1972-09-08 Tomokazu Seki, Japanese voice actor, born in Kōtō, Tokyo
  • 1972-10-11 Kyoko Ina, Japanese-American figure skater (1993 North Atlantic Sr champ), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1972-11-13 Takuya Kimura, Japanese singer and actor (SMAP), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1973-07-04 Keiko Ihara, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1973-09-18 Ami Onuki, Japanese singer (Puffy AmiYumi), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1974-10-26 Lisa [Elizabeth Sakura Narita], Japanese musician (M-Flo), born in Tokyo
  • 1974-12-04 Tadahito Iguchi, Japanese baseball second baseman and manager (first Japanese position player to win World Series 2005, Chicago White Sox; Chiba Lotte Marines), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1974-12-31 Ryan Sakoda, Japanese American professional wrestler, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1975-07-05 Ai Sugiyama, Japanese tennis player (4-time Grand Slam doubles winner), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1975-09-13 Akihiro Asai, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1976-01-12 Miki Nakatani, Japanese actress and singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1976-04-18 Fayray [Minako Ōhashi], Japanese pop-jazz singer-songwriter (Taiyō no Gravity), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1976-09-20 Yui Horie, Japanese voice actress and singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1978-11-25 Ringo Shiina [Yumiko Shiina], Japanese singer, songwriter and musician (Tokyo Jihen), born in Urawa, Saitama
  • 1978-12-13 Ryo Kawakita, Japanese guitarist (Maximum the Hormone), born in Tokyo
  • 1980-01-14 Sosuke Sumitani, Japanese announcer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1980-04-25 Kazuhito Tadano, Japanese basaball player, born in Tokyo
  • 1980-05-06 Kasumi Takahashi, Australian rhythmic gymnast (Olympics 1996), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1980-10-31 Samaire Armstrong, American actress (It's A Boy Girl Thing), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1980-11-26 Satoshi Ohno, Japanese singer and actor, born in Mitaka, Tokyo
  • 1980-12-05 Shizuka Itō, Japanese voice actress (seiyū), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1980-12-25 Reika Hashimoto, Japanese actress, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1982-01-25 Sho Sakurai, Japanese J-pop and hip-hop singer-songwriter, and actor, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1982-03-13 Jeremy Curl, British explorer, first non-African to cross the Tanezrouft area of the Sahara without motorized transport, born in Tokyo
  • 1982-04-03 Kasumi Nakane, Japanese gravure idol, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1982-09-14 Hiroki Narimiya, Japanese actor, born in Tokyo
  • 1982-09-22 Kosuke Kitajima, Japanese swimmer (Olympic gold 100/200m breaststroke 2004, 08), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1982-10-10 Hideki Mutoh, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo
  • 1982-10-27 Takashi Tsukamoto, Japanese actor (Battle Royale), born in Tokyo
  • 1982-11-02 Kyoko Fukada, Japanese actress, model and singer, born in Kita, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1982-11-06 Sowelu, Japanese pop singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1982-12-26 Oguri Shun, Japanese actor & model, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1983-06-17 Kazunari Ninomiya, Japanese singer (Arashi) and actor (Letters from Iwo Jima), born in Katsushika, Tokyo
  • 1983-09-04 Yuichi Nakamaru, Japanese idol and singer-songwriter (KAT-TUN), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1983-11-11 Sola Aoi, Japanese porn actress, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1984-04-13 Hiro Mizushima, Japanese actor, born in Tokyo
  • 1984-07-04 Akanishi Jin, Japanese singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1984-07-16 Hayanari Shimoda, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo
  • 1984-10-09 Marie Kondo, Japanese organizational guru (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1984-10-24 Kaela Kimura, Japanese model and singer (Rirura Riruha), born in Adachi, Tokyo
  • 1985-01-11 Rie fu [Rie Funakoshi], Japanese singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1985-02-14 Natsume Sano, Japanese gravure idol, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1985-05-05 Shoko Nakagawa, Japanese actress and media personality, born in Tokyo
  • 1985-09-14 Aya Ueto, Japanese actress and singer, born in Nerima, Tokyo
  • 1985-10-08 Eiji Wentz, Japanese American entertainer (WaT), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1985-12-26 Yuu Shirota, Japanese-Spanish actor & singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1986-02-10 Yui Ichikawa, Japanese actress and model, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1986-02-23 Kazuya Kamenashi, Japanese pop star (KAT-TUN), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1986-04-14 Anne Watanabe, Japanese model, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1986-07-04 Takahisa Masuda, Japanese singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1988-11-26 Yumi Kobayashi, Japanese fashion model, born in Tokyo
  • 1988-12-23 Eri Kamei, Japanese J-pop singer (Morning Musume), born in Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1993-01-29 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu [Kiriko Takemura], Japanese singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1994-12-29 Princess Kako of Akishino of Japan, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2006-09-06 Prince Hisahito of Akishino, Japan Imperial Family member, born in Aiiku Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

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