Japanese History (Part 7)

Historical Events

Events 601 - 700 of 982

  • 1963-06-15 "Sukiyaki" sung by Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto, hits #1
  • 1963-07-26 The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development votes to admit Japan.
  • 1963-11-09 450 die in a coal-dust explosion & 160 die in train crash (Japan)
  • 1963-11-12 Train crash in Japan, kills 164
  • 1964-04-28 Japan joins the OECD
  • 1964-06-16 Quake strikes Niigata, Japan
  • 1964-07-21 Last Dutch whaling ship Willem Barents Sea sold to Japan
  • 1964-09-01 SF Giants reliever Masanori Murakami becomes the first Japanese-born player to appear in US MLB; on debut, the Osuki native throws a scoreless inning in a 4-1 loss v New York Mets
  • 1964-10-10 XVIII Summer Olympic Games open in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1964-10-23 Japan beats the Soviet Union 3-0 to claim the inaugural Olympic women's volleyball gold medal in Tokyo; undefeated in 6-team round robin competition
  • 1964-10-23 Dutch 10th dan judoka Anton Geesink wins Open gold medal in the first ever Olympic judo competition in Tokyo; prevents clean sweep of the gold medals by Japan
  • 1964-10-23 Japanese gymnast Yukio Endo wins the parallel bars gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics; his 3rd gold medal of the Games (individual all-round and team); 4th career gold (1960, 64)
  • 1964-10-25 Dutchman Anton Geesink is 1st non-Japanese Olympic judo gold medal winner
  • 1964-11-09 Eisaku Sato becomes premier of Japan
  • 1965-02-17 US-Japan baseball relations suspended over Masanori Murakami dispute
  • 1965-04-19 69th Boston Marathon won by Morio Shigematsu of Japan in race record 2:16:33

  • 1965-06-01 Coal mine explosion in Fukuoka Japan kills 236
  • 1965-08-15 Japanese community of San Francisco holds Masanori Murakami Day at Candlestick Park to honor 1st Japanese player to play in major leagues
  • 1966-02-04 All-Nippon Airways 727 crashes off Haneda Airport (Japan); kills 133
  • 1966-03-11 A fire at two ski resorts in Numata, Japan kills 31 people.
  • 1966-04-18 70th Boston Marathon: Kenji Kimihara of Japan wins in 2:17:11; American Bobbi Gibb first woman in 3:21:40 (unsanctioned)
  • 1966-11-12 Dodgers complete an 18-game tour of Japan with a 9-8-1 record
  • 1967-12-03 Australian Derek Clayton runs world marathon record 2:09:36.4 at the Fukuoka Marathon in Japan
  • 1968-01-23 Spy ship USS Pueblo & 83-man crew seized in Sea of Japan by North Korea
  • 1968-03-27 Japanese Trade & Cultural Center (Japan Center) dedicated in San Francisco
  • 1968-05-16 Earthquake kills 47 in Japan

Victory in BattleRaising the Flag on Iwo Jima

1968-06-26 Iwo Jima & Bonin Islands returned to Japan by US
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United States Marines raise the U.S. flag atop Mount Suribachi, during the Battle of Iwo Jima
United States Marines raise the U.S. flag atop Mount Suribachi, during the Battle of Iwo Jima
  • 1968-10-26 Japanese gymnasts sweep the medals in the men's floor exercise competition at the Mexico City Olympics; Sawao Kato wins his 3rd gold of the Games ahead of team mates Akinori Nakayama and Takeshi Katō
  • 1968-10-26 Japanese gymnast Akinori Nakayama wins 3 individual gold medals on the one day (horizontal bar, rings & parallel bars) at the Mexico City Olympics; with team victory, 4 gold for the Games
  • 1968-12-10 Japan's biggest heist, the still-unsolved "300 million yen robbery", occurs in Tokyo.
  • 1969-04-15 North Korea shoots at US airplane above Japanese sea
  • 1969-04-21 73rd Boston Marathon: Yoshiaki Unetani of Japan wins in 2:13:49; American Sara Mae Berman 1st woman in 3:22:46 (unsanctioned)
  • 1970-02-11 Japan becomes 4th nation to put a satellite (Osumi) in orbit
  • 1970-03-15 Expo '70 opens in Osaka, Japan
  • 1970-05-06 Yuchiro Miura of Japan skis down Mt Everest
  • 1970-11-25 In Japan, author Yukio Mishima and two compatriots commit ritualistic suicide after an unsuccessful coup attempt

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1970-12-15 Stan Smith and Rod Laver finish with 4-1 records atop inaugural season ending ATP Masters Grand Prix tennis standings in Tokyo, Japan; Smith wins event after beating Laver 4–6, 6–3, 6–4 in the rounds

Tennis Player Rod Laver
Tennis Player
Rod Laver

Conference meetingMeeting of Interest

1971-01-20 John Lennon meets Yoko Ono's parents in Japan

Artist & Musician Yoko Ono
Artist & Musician
Yoko Ono
Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • 1971-06-11 US & Japan sign accord to return Okinawa to Japan
  • 1971-07-30 Japanese Boeing 727 collides with an F-86 fighter killing 162
  • 1971-08-28 The US dollar is allowed to float against the Japanese yen for the first time.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1971-10-09 Japanese Emperor Hirohito visits the Netherlands

Emperor of Japan Hirohito
Emperor of Japan
  • 1971-11-02 Baltimore Orioles pitcher Pat Dobson no-hits the Yomiuri Giants, 2 - 0; first no-hitter in history of exhibition play between American and Japanese teams
  • 1971-11-11 Man-made earthslide at Kawasaki Japan, kills 15
  • 1972-01-24 Japanese Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi is found hiding in a Guam jungle, where he had been since the end of World War II.
  • 1972-02-03 XI Winter Olympic Games opens in Sapporo, Japan (1st in Asia)
  • 1972-02-13 XI Winter Olympic Games close at Sapporo, Japan
  • 1972-02-19 The Asama-Sanso hostage standoff begins in Japan.
  • 1972-02-28 The Asama-Sanso incident ends in Japan.
  • 1972-03-20 19 mountain climbers killed on Japan's Mount Fuji during an avalanche
  • 1972-05-13 115 die in nightclub atop 7-story Sennichi department store (Osaka Japan)
  • 1972-05-15 Ryukyu Is & Daito Is returned to Japan after 27 yrs of US control
  • 1972-05-15 The island of Okinawa, under U.S. military governance since its conquest in 1945, reverts to Japanese control.
  • 1972-05-30 3 Japanese PFL terrorists kills 24, wound 72 at Tel Aviv's Lod Intl airport
  • 1972-08-30 Japanese breaststroker Nobutaka Taguchi beats American pair Tom Bruce & John Hencken to win the 100m gold medal in world record 1:04.94 at the Munich Olympic Games
  • 1972-09-01 Japanese gymnast Sawao Kato wins the parallel bars gold medal at the Munich Olympics, his 3rd gold of the Games including team & individual all-round victories
  • 1972-09-28 Japan & Communist China agree to re-establish diplomatic relations
  • 1972-09-29 Japan & People's Republic of China begin diplomatic relations
  • 1973-01-02 Japanese boxer Masao Ohba retains his WBA flyweight title with a 12th-round knockout of Chartchai Chionoi of Thailand in Tokyo; Ohba dies three weeks later in a car accident
  • 1973-04-01 Japan allows its citizens to own gold

Sport defeatBoxing Title Fight

1973-09-01 In his first title defence George Foreman retains his WBC & WBA heavyweight crowns when he KOs Jose "King" Roman of Puerto Rico in round 1 in Tokyo, Japan

Boxing Champ George Foreman
Boxing Champ
George Foreman
  • 1973-11-09 Fire at Taiyo department store, kills 101 & injures 84 (Kumamoto Japan)
  • 1974-03-09 Last Japanese soldier, a guerrilla operating in Philippines, surrenders, 29 years after World War II ended
  • 1974-09-13 -17] 3 Japanese kidnap French ambassador in Hague
  • 1974-09-24 Clarence Jones of Kintetsu Buffaloes hits his 38th HR, 1st American to win a Japanese HR title
  • 1975-05-16 Junko Tabei from Japan becomes 1st woman to reach summit of Mt Everest
  • 1975-10-09 Emperor Hirohito of Japan visits San Francisco
  • 1976-07-27 Japanese ex-premier Tanaka arrested (Lockheed Affair)
  • 1976-07-30 Japanese beat Russian for Olympic gold in woman's volleyball
  • 1976-08-16 St. Louis Cardinals beat San Diego Chargers, 20-10 in Tokyo, Japan (NFL Expo)
  • 1976-09-06 Russian pilot Belenko defects to Japan in a Mig 25 jet
  • 1976-10-24 English McLaren driver James Hunt finishes 4th in the season ending Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway to win his first Formula 1 World Drivers Championship by 1 point from Niki Lauda
  • 1976-12-25 Takeo Fukuda becomes Japanese premier

Sport awardLPGA Championship

1977-06-12 LPGA Championship Women's Golf, Bay Tree Plantation GC: Chako Higuchi of Japan wins her only LPGA major title by 3 from Pat Bradley, Sandra Post & Judy Rankin

LPGA Golfer Pat Bradley
LPGA Golfer
Pat Bradley
  • 1977-09-03 Japanese baseball superstar Sadaharu Oh hits his 756th career home run to surpass Hank Aaron as all-time career leader in professional baseball
  • 1977-10-23 Despite not driving in season ending Japanese Grand Prix, Austrian Niki Lauda wins his second Formula 1 World Drivers Championship by 17 points from Jody Scheckter of South Africa
  • 1978-08-12 China & Japan sign peace treaty
  • 1978-10-23 China & Japan formally ends 4 decades of dissension
  • 1979-01-25 22.2-km Oshimizu railroad tunnel holed through, central Honshu, Japan
  • 1979-02-21 Japan launches Hakucho X-ray satellite & Corsa-B (550/580 km)
  • 1980-04-23 Soviet sub catches fire off Japan, 9 die

Sport awardUS Golf Open

1980-06-15 US Open Men's Golf, Baltusrol GC: Jack Nicklaus sets new tournament scoring record 272 (-8) to win his 4th Open title, 2 strokes ahead of Isao Aoki of Japan

  • 1980-07-17 Zenko Suzuki becomes Premier of Japan
  • 1981-02-21 Japan launches Hinotori satellite to study solar flares (580/640 k)
  • 1981-04-09 US sub George Washington rams Japanese freighter Nisso Maru
  • 1981-04-20 85th Boston Marathon: Toshihiko Seko of Japan wins men's race in 2:09:26; Allison Roe of New Zealand takes women's title in 2:26:46
  • 1981-04-25 More than 100 workers are exposed to radiation during repairs of a nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, Japan
  • 1982-07-24 Heavy rain causes a mudslide that destroys a bridge at Nagasaki, Japan, killing 299
  • 1982-08-18 Japanese election law is amended to allow for proportional representation.
  • 1982-10-01 The Sony CDP-101, world's first commercially released Compact Disc player released in Japan for 168,000 yen ($730)
  • 1982-11-27 Yasuhiro Nakasone elected Prime Minister of Japan succeeding Zenko Suzuki
  • 1983-02-20 Japan launches Tenma satellite to study x-rays (450/570 km)
  • 1983-02-24 A special commission of the U.S. Congress releases a report that condemns the practice of Japanese internment during World War II.
  • 1983-07-14 Mario Bros. is first released by Nintendo in Japan as an arcade game about an Italian-American plumber

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1983-11-11 President Reagan became 1st US President to address Japanese legislature

US President & Actor Ronald Reagan
US President & Actor
Ronald Reagan
  • 1984-03-21 Soviet sub crashes into USS aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk off Japan
  • 1984-07-29 Canadian Open Women's Golf (du Maurier Classic), St. George's CC: Juli Inkster wins by 1 from Ayako Okamoto of Japan
  • 1984-08-07 Japan beats US, 6-3 in the final of the Los Angeles Olympic baseball demonstration event
  • 1985-01-07 Japanese space probe Sakigake launched to Halley's comet
  • 1985-01-08 Japan launches Sakigake space probe to Halley's Comet

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 601 - 700 of 1,202

  • 1961-12-21 Ryuji Sasai, Japanese video game composer, born in Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • 1962-02-01 Tomoyasu Hotei, Japanese guitarist, born in Takasaki, Japan
  • 1962-03-02 Morioka Hiroyuki, Japanese writer
  • 1962-03-10 Seiko Matsuda, Japanese pop singer
  • 1962-03-18 Etsushi Toyokawa, Japanese actor
  • 1962-04-12 Takada Nobuhiko, Japanese wrestler, born in Isogo-ku, Yokohama
  • 1962-06-06 Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japanese filmmaker (Shoplifters), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1962-06-07 Takuya Kurosawa, Japanese racing driver, born in Ibaraki, Japan
  • 1962-06-10 Akie Abe, current First Lady of Japan
  • 1962-06-18 Mitsuharu Misawa, Japanese professional wrestler
  • 1962-06-21 Takeshi Asami, Japanese racing driver
  • 1962-08-29 Hiroki Kikuta, Japanese video game composer, born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Person of interestShinya Yamanaka

1962-09-04 Shinya Yamanaka, Japanese physician (Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine), born in Osaka, Japan

Physician Shinya Yamanaka
Shinya Yamanaka
  • 1963-01-08 Hiromi Kobayashi, Japanese golfer (3 LPGA Tour titles), born in Iwaki, Fukushima
  • 1963-02-01 Takashi Murakami, Japanese artist, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1963-03-20 Manabu Suzuki, Japanese racing driver and broadcaster
  • 1963-03-26 Natsuhiko Kyogoku, Japanese writer
  • 1963-04-03 Tsuyoshi Sekito, Japanese video game composer, born in Osaka, Japan
  • 1963-05-11 Masatoshi Hamada, Japanese comedian
  • 1963-05-29 Ukyo Katayama, Japanese auto racer, team manager (F1 95 starts), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1963-06-03 Toshiaki Karasawa, Japanese actor
  • 1963-08-01 Koichi Wakata, Japanese astronaut (STS 72, sk: 92), born in Ōmiya, Saitama, Japan
  • 1963-08-08 Kyoko Chan Cox, American daughter of Yoko Ono and Anthony Cox, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1963-08-24 Hideo Kojima, Japanese video game director (Death Stranding), born in Setagaya, Tokyo
  • 1963-09-08 Hitoshi Matsumoto, Japanese comedian (Downtown), born in Amagasaki, Japan
  • 1963-10-04 Koji Ishikawa (children's book author and illustrator)Japanese children's author
  • 1963-10-12 Satoshi Kon, Japanese anime film director, born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (d. 2010)
  • 1963-11-03 Shigeaki Hattori, Japanese auto racer and team owner (Hattori Racing Enterprises: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 2018), born in Okayama, Okayama
  • 1963-11-12 Susumu Terajima, Japanese actor, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1963-11-23 Mamoru Takuma, Japanese mass murderer and rapist (d. 2004)
  • 1963-12-08 Toshiaki Kawada, Japanese professional wrestler
  • 1963-12-09 Empress Masako, Empress of Japan as wife and consort of Naruhito, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1963-12-12 Ai Orikasa, Japanese voice actress and singer, born in Tokyo
  • 1963-12-22 Luna H. Mitani, Japanese-American surrealist painter, born in Hokkaido, Japan
  • 1963-12-23 Keiji Muto, Japanese wrestler (NWA/WWC/NJPW), born in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
  • 1963-12-31 Konishiki, Japanese-Samoan sumo wrestler, born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 1964-01-20 Kazushige Nojima, Japanese video game writer, born in Hokkaido, Japan
  • 1964-03-19 Yoko Kanno, Japanese composer
  • 1964-04-09 Soyo Oka, Japanese musician, born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo, Japan
  • 1964-04-28 Noriyuki Iwadare, Japanese video game music composer, born in Matsumoto City, Nagano, Japan
  • 1964-06-09 Hiroko Yakushimaru, Japanese actress and singer
  • 1964-07-24 Banana Yoshimoto, Japanese author
  • 1964-09-15 Ryoko Kikuchi, Zama City, Kanagawa, Japanese cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-11) and reporter
  • 1964-09-23 Koshi Inaba, Japanese singer (B'z)
  • 1964-10-01 Max Matsuura, Japanese record producer
  • 1964-10-18 Etsuko Inoue, Japan, tennis star
  • 1964-12-07 Tadao Uematsu, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1965-01-04 John Jackson, American NFL offensive tackle (Pittsburgh Steelers), born in Okinawa, Japan
  • 1965-02-02 Naoki Sano, Japanese professional wrestler
  • 1965-02-17 Jim Bowie, Japanese-American baseball infielder (Oakland Athletics)
  • 1965-03-18 Yoriko Douguchi, Japanese actress
  • 1965-04-15 Soichi Noguchi, japanese astronaut, born in Yokohama, Japan
  • 1965-04-17 Yoshiki Kuroda, Japanese urban planner and Sayako Kuroda's husband, born in Tokyo
  • 1965-05-09 Ken Nomura, Japanese auto racer (D1 Grand Prix 2006, 08 runner-up), born in Fukuoka, Japan
  • 1965-05-13 Hikari Ota, Japanese comedian
  • 1965-05-24 Shinichirō Watanabe, Japanese anime director (Samurai Champloo), born in Kyoto, Japan
  • 1965-07-03 Shinya Hashimoto, Japanese professional wrestler (NJPW), born in Toki City, Gifu, Japan
  • 1965-08-02 Takayuki Iizuka, Japanese professional wrestler (NJPW), born in Muroran, Japan
  • 1965-08-05 Motoi Sakuraba, Japanese composer
  • 1965-08-06 Yuki Kajiura, Japanese composer
  • 1965-08-11 Shinji Mikami, Japanese video game designer (Resident Evil)
  • 1965-08-13 Hayato Matsuo, Japanese video game and anime composer, born in Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
  • 1965-08-18 Koji Kikkawa, Japanese singer, born in Hiroshima, Japan
  • 1965-09-17 Yuji Naka, Japanese video game programmer
  • 1965-09-27 Ricky Fuji, Japanese professional wrestler
  • 1965-10-10 Toshi, Japanese singer (X Japan), born in Tateyama, Chiba, Japan
  • 1965-11-04 Pata [Tomoaki Ishizuka], Japanese musician (X Japan), born in Chiba, Japan
  • 1965-11-20 Yoshiki Hayashi, Japanese musician (X Japan), born in Tateyama
  • 1965-11-29 Yutaka Ozaki, Japanese musician (d. 1992)
  • 1965-11-30 Prince Akishino of Japan
  • 1966-03-13 Akira Nogami, Japanese wrestler (NJPW), born in Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • 1966-04-03 Miina Tominaga, Japanese seiyu (voice actress), born in Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, Japan
  • 1966-04-19 El Samurai [Osamu Matsuda], Japanese professional wrestler (WAR/NJPW), born in Hanamaki, Iwate, Japan
  • 1966-04-26 Yoshihiro Togashi, Japanese Manga artist who created YuYu Hakusho, born in Shinjō, Yamagata, Japan
  • 1966-06-13 Naoki Hattori, Japanese racing driver, born in Tokyo
  • 1966-06-19 Joichi Ito, Japanese entrepreneur
  • 1966-07-28 Shikao Suga, Japanese singer/songwriter
  • 1966-09-11 Princess Akishino, Japanese Imperial Family, born in Suruga-ku, Shizuoka, Japan
  • 1966-09-19 Yoshihiro Takayama, Japanese professional wrestler, born in Sumida, Tokyo
  • 1966-10-26 Masaharu Iwata, Japanese video game composer, born in Tokyo
  • 1966-10-31 Koji Kanemoto, Japanese wrestler (NJPW/AAA/UWA, Tiger Mask, King Lee), born in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
  • 1966-12-02 Jinsei Shinzaki, Japanese pro wrestler (Michinoku Pro Wrestling; WWF, "Hakushi"), born in Tokushima, Japan
  • 1966-12-07 Shinichi Itoh, Japanese motorcycle racer, born in Kakuda, Miyagi, Japan
  • 1966-12-12 Kouichi Nagano, Japanese voice actor, born in Sakura, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • 1966-12-18 Makiko Esumi, Japanese actress
  • 1967-01-22 Manabu Nakanishi, Japanese wrestler (NJPW), born in Kyoto, Japan
  • 1967-02-06 Izumi Sakai, Japanese singer (Zard), born in Kurume, Japan (d. 2007)
  • 1967-02-08 Yuki Ishikawa, Japanese wrestler (NJPW), born in Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan
  • 1967-03-07 Ai Yazawa, Japanese mangaka
  • 1967-03-15 Naoko Takeuchi, Japanese artist
  • 1967-03-30 Hayashibara Megumi, Japanese voice actress and singer
  • 1967-05-05 Takehito Koyasu, Japanese seiyu (voice actor), born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • 1967-05-10 Nobuhiro Takeda, Japanese footballer and sportscaster
  • 1967-06-15 Yūji Ueda, Japanese voice actor
  • 1967-07-31 Mitsuo Iwata, Japanese voice actor and singer, born in Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan
  • 1967-07-31 Minako Honda, Japanese singer and musical actress, born in Itabashi, Tokyo (d. 2005)
  • 1967-08-13 Amélie Nothomb, Belgian writer (Fear and Trembling), born in Kobe, Japan
  • 1967-08-22 Yukiko Okada, Japanese idol singer, born in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (d. 1986)
  • 1967-09-16 Hiroya Oku, Japanese Manga artist (creator of Gantz), born in Fukuoka, Japan
  • 1967-10-19 Yoko Shimomura, Japanese composer

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