Jordan in History

Historical Events

Battle of Interest

1799-04-16 Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Mount Tabor - Napoleon drives Ottoman Turks across the River Jordan near Acre

  • 1921-04-11 The Emirate of Transjordan created
  • 1923-03-25 British government grants Trans-Jordan autonomy
  • 1923-05-25 Britain recognizes Transjordan with Abdullah as its leader
  • 1931-03-26 Iraq & Trans-Jordan sign peace treaty
  • 1934-07-04 Jordanians revolt in Amsterdam after reduction in employment
  • 1946-03-22 Britain signs treaty granting independence to Jordan
  • 1946-05-25 Jordan gains independence from Britain (National Day); Abdullah ibn Hussein becomes King of Jordan
  • 1948-04-27 Arab legion attacks Gesher bridge on Jordan River

Historic Event

1948-11-26 1st polaroid camera sold for $89.75 in Boston at the Jordan Marsh department store. The Land Camera model 95 becomes prototype for all Polaroid Land cameras for next 15 years

  • 1948-12-01 Arabic Congress names Abdullah of Trans Jordan as King of Palestine
  • 1948-12-08 Jordan annexs Arabic Palestine
  • 1949-04-04 Israel & Jordan sign armistice agreement
  • 1949-04-26 Transjordan is officially renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • 1950-04-24 Jordan formally annexes the West Bank
  • 1951-11-07 Constitution of Jordan passes
  • 1952-01-08 Jordan adopts constitution
  • 1953-11-17 United States joins the United Nations in condemning Israel's raid on Jordan on October 4, 1953
  • 1954-10-14 Israeli act of revenge in Qibiya Jordan, kills 53
  • 1955-05-29 Jordan government of Tewfik Abdul Huda resigns
  • 1955-05-30 Said el-Mufti forms Jordan government
  • 1955-09-25 The Royal Jordanian Air Force is founded
  • 1956-01-09 Samir el-Rifai forms government in Jordan
  • 1956-05-20 Jordan government of Samir resigns
  • 1956-05-21 Jordan government of Said el-Mufti forms
  • 1956-07-01 Ibrahim Hashiroe succeeds Said el-Moefti as premier of Jordan
  • 1956-07-25 Jordan attacks UN Palestine force
  • 1957-04-10 Jordanian government of Naboelsi resigns
  • 1957-04-25 Ibrahim Hashim forms Jordanian government
  • 1958-02-14 Arab Federation of Iraq & Jordan forms
  • 1958-05-13 Jordan & Iraq form Arab Federation
  • 1958-08-02 Jordan and Iraq dissolve their Arab Federation, after 3 months
  • 1960-08-29 Jordan premier Hazza-el-Madjali deadly injured at bomb attack
  • 1964-08-14 Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait and Syria form common market
  • 1965-07-14 Israeli Jordanian border fights
  • 1967-06-10 Israel, Syria, Jordan, Iraq & Egypt end "6-Day War" with UN help
  • 1968-02-11 Israeli-Jordan border fight
  • 1968-03-21 Israeli forces cross Jordan River to attack PLO bases
  • 1968-11-04 Battles between Jordanian army & Al Fatah-arm forces
  • 1970-09-07 Fighting between Arabic guerillas and government forces in Amman, Jordan
  • 1970-09-07 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacks 4 planes and forces them to land at Dawson's Field, Jordan
  • 1970-09-08 Black September hijackings begin, three airliners hijacked and blown up by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • 1970-09-13 Palestine guerillas conquer Irbid Jordania
  • 1970-09-15 PLO leader Arafat threatens to make a cemetery of Jordan
  • 1970-09-17 Jordan launches offensive against guerrilla army

Historic Event

1971-08-12 Syrian President Hafez al-Assad drops diplomatic relations with Jordan

  • 1972-04-06 Egypt drops diplomatic relations with Jordan
  • 1973-01-23 Jordan Air crash at Kano, Nigeria kills 176 Muslim pilgrims
  • 1973-10-13 Jordan enters Yom Kippur war
  • 1984-09-25 Egypt & Jordan regain diplomatic relations
  • 1986-07-07 Jordan government shuts al-Fatah offices
  • 1988-07-28 Jordan cancels $1.3 billion development plan in West Bank
  • 1989-02-16 Egypt, Iraq, Jordan & North Yemen form common market
  • 1994-07-15 Israel and Jordan agree to talks in Washington, D.C. on July 25th
  • 1994-07-25 Jordan and Israeli end 46 year state of war (Washington, D.C.)
  • 1994-08-07 1st telephone link between Israel & Jordan
  • 1994-10-26 Jordan & Israel sign peace accord

Papal Visit

2000-03-20 Pope John Paul II visits Holy Land - Jordan, Israel, Palestine

  • 2005-11-09 Suicide bombers attacked three hotels in Amman, Jordan, killing at least 60 people.
  • 2012-06-20 A Syrian fighter pilot lands in Jordan and defects from the Syrian uprising
  • 2012-10-04 Jordan’s King Abdullah dissolves parliament in preparation for new elections
  • 2014-03-11 Refugees from Syria pour into the Kingdom of Jordan

US Masters Golf

2015-04-12 79th US Masters Tournament, Augusta National GC: Jordan Spieth leads wire-to-wire to win his 1st major title by 4 strokes from Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose

Famous Birthdays

  • 1909-02-26 King Talal of Jordan (d. 1972)
  • 1951-08-23 Queen Noor of Jordan [Lisa Najeeb Halaby], American born wife of King Hussein, born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1962-01-30 Abdullah II of Jordan, King of Jordan (1999-present), born in Amman, Jordan
  • 1966-10-26 Steve Valentine, Scottish actor (Crossing Jordan), born in Bishopbriggs, Scotland
  • 1970-08-31 Rania Al-Abdullah, Queen consort of Jordan, born in Kuwait City
  • 1990-02-11 Princess Ayah of Jordan, niece of King Abdullah II of Jordan, born in Amman, Jordan
  • 1996-09-27 Iman bint Al Abdullah II, princess of Jordan
  • 2000-09-26 Princess Salma bint Al Abdullah II of Jordan, born in Amman, Jordan
  • 2005-01-30 Prince Hashem bin Abdullah II, Jordanian royal, born in Amman, Jordan
  • 2005-09-16 Princess Jalilah bint Ali of Jordan, eldest child of Prince Ali bin Al Hussein and Rym Brahimi, born in Amman, Jordan
  • 2007-03-19 Prince Abdullah bin Ali, Prince of Jordan
  • 2007-04-06 Princess Haalah bint Hashim, Princess of Jordan
  • 2007-04-18 Princess Haya Bint Al Hamzah, Princess of Jordan, born in Amman, Jordan

Famous Weddings

  • 1940-01-02 Archibald Campbell Mzoliza Jordan, Xhosa writer, linguist and academic and outspoken critic of the South African National Party government's Bantu Education policy, marries Priscilla Phyllis Ntantla.

Al Sharpton

1980-10-31 Baptist minister Al Sharpton (26) weds back up singer Kathy Jordan

  • 1993-01-12 MTV hostess Martha Quinn marries longtime boyfriend Jordan Tarlow
  • 2006-04-29 "The O.C." actress Amanda Righetti (23) weds film director and writer Jordan Alan in Oahu, Hawaii

Famous Deaths

  • 1932-08-05 Israël Querido, Dutch writer (Jordan), dies at 59
  • 1960-08-29 Hazza el-Majali, Prime Minister of Jordan is assassinated
  • 1971-11-28 Wasfi Tal, Jordan's PM, assassinated by Black Sept in Cairo
  • 1972-07-07 King Talal of Jordan (b. 1909)
  • 1994-01-30 Bahjat Talhouni, Prime Minister of Jordan (1960-62, 64-65, 67-69, 69-70), dies