Niger in History

Historical Events

  • 1804-01-30 Scottish explorer Mungo Park leaves England seeking source of Niger River
  • 1864-06-29 Samuel Crowther, bishop of Niger, becomes the first Black bishop of the Church of England
  • 1882-11-15 British HMS Flirt destroys village of Asaba, Niger
  • 1882-11-16 British gunboat HMS Flirt fires at & destroys Abari village in Niger
  • 1883-02-01 French Lt-Colonel Gustave Borgnis-Desbordes reaches Bamako on the Niger
  • 1883-02-07 Lt-colonel Borgnis-Desbordes founds Fort Bamako, Niger
  • 1886-07-10 George Goldie gets charter for Royal Niger Company
  • 1891-02-18 Capt Archinard's army fights with Nyamina of Niger in West-Sudan
  • 1894-08-30 British explorer Frederick Lugard begins his expedition to Niger
  • 1895-01-29 King Koko's Kopermannen assault on Akassa Niger, 100's killed
  • 1898-06-14 France signs Niger Convention
  • 1932-09-05 The French Upper Volta is broken apart between Ivory Coast, French Sudan, and Niger
  • 1958-12-18 Niger gains autonomy within French Community (National Day)
  • 1960-07-11 Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Upper Volta and Niger declare independence
  • 1960-08-03 Niger gains independence from France
  • 1973-01-01 West African Economic Community formed (Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Upper Volta)
  • 1973-01-05 Mali & Niger break diplomatic relations with Israel
  • 1974-04-15 Military coup in Niger, president Diori Hamani deposed
  • 1974-04-21 28th Tony Awards: River Niger & Raisin win
  • 1976-03-15 Failed coup in Niger
  • 1989-09-19 French DC-10 crashes near Niger, 171 die
  • 1996-01-27 Colonel Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara deposes the first democratically elected president of Niger, Mahamane Ousmane, in a military coup.
  • 1999-04-09 Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara, President of Niger, is assassinated at the airport in Niamey, Niger

Famous Birthdays

  • 1950-01-20 Mahamane Ousmane, President of Niger, born in Zinder, Niger

Famous Deaths

  • 1994-10-30 Nyanaponika [Siegmund Feniger], German scholar/author, dies at 93
  • 1999-04-09 Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara, Niger politician and general, assassinated at 49