Panamanian History (Part 2)

Historical Events

  • 1994-07-19 Bomb explosion in Alas Airlines at Colon Panama, 21 killed
  • 1996-06-08 Panama becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty
  • 1996-09-16 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Panama City, Florida on WTBB 97.7 FM
  • 1999-05-02 Panamanian election, 1999: Mireya Moscoso becomes the first woman to be elected President of Panama
  • 1999-12-31 Control of Panama Canal reverts to Panama
  • 2006-10-22 Panama Canal expansion proposal is approved by 77.8% of voters in a National referendum held in Panama
  • 2014-02-07 German treasurer Helmut Linssen resigns amid a scandal involving offshore banking accounts in the Bahamas and Panama
  • 2014-05-04 Juan Carlos Varela is elected President of Panama

Meeting of Interest

2015-04-11 Barack Obama and Raúl Castro meet in Panama, the 1st meeting of US and Cuban heads of state since the Cuban Revolution

  • 2016-04-03 Panama Papers published - 11.5 million confidential documents from offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca expose widespread illegal activities including fraud, kleptocracy, tax evasion and the violation of international sanctions by the world's elite in the world's largest ever data leak
  • 2016-04-05 Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigns after the Panama Papers leak show a conflict of interest

Famous Birthdays

Famous Deaths