Paraguayan History

Paraguay: Asunción

Historical Events

  • 1537-08-15 Asunción is founded in Paraguay
  • 1617-12-16 Spanish viceroy Hernando Arias de Saavedra founds provinces Rio de la Plata (Argentina)/Guaira (Paraguay)
  • 1811-05-14 Paraguay gains independence from Spain (National Day)

Declaration of War

1864-12-13 War of the Triple Alliance: Paraguay officially declares war on Brazil, invades the next day

Battle of Cerro Corá

1870-03-01 War of the Triple Alliance finally ends with the Battle of Cerro Corá and the death of Paraguayan Dictator Francisco Solano López after over 5 years of bloodshed between Paraguay and Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

  • 1917-09-20 Paraguay becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
  • 1930-09-29 Boquerón battle ends Paraguay border dispute
  • 1933-05-10 Paraguay declares war on Bolivia
  • 1933-12-20 Bolivia & Paraguay sign cease fire
  • 1935-06-12 Weapons pact ends 3 year war of Gran Chaco (Bolivia vs Paraguay)
  • 1935-06-14 Chaco War between Bolivia & Paraguay ends

Nobel Prize

1936-12-10 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Carlos Saavedra Lamas for mediating end to Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia, 1st Latin American to win

  • 1945-02-14 Peru, Paraguay, Chile & Ecuador joins UN
  • 1947-05-07 Paraguayian government unleashes contra revolt

Coup d'état

1954-05-05 General Alfredo Stroessner leads a military coup in Paraguay, overthrowing the government of President Federico Chávez

  • 1954-08-15 Dictator Alfredo Stroessner names himself the 42nd President of Paraguay
  • 1959-05-30 President Stroessner disbands Paraguay's parliament
  • 1960-06-19 1st Copa Libertadores Final, Asunción: Luis Cubilla scores 83' equaliser for Peñarol of Uruguay for 1-1 draw against Olimpia (Paraguay); win 2-1 on aggregate after taking 1st-leg 1-0 in Montevideo
  • 1967-08-25 Paraguay accepts its constitution

French Open Men's Tennis

1979-06-11 French Open Men's Tennis: Björn Borg wins 2nd of 4 straight French titles and 6 overall; beats Victor Pecci of Paraguay 6-3, 6-1, 6-7, 6-4

  • 1987-03-15 US Davis Cup team loses to Paraguay
  • 1988-02-14 Alfredo Stroessner re-elected President of Paraguay
  • 1989-02-03 Military coup overthrows Paraguayan Dictator Alfredo Stroessner who flees to Brazil
  • 1991-12-01 Colorado party wins Paraguay parliamentary election
  • 1993-05-09 Paraguay holds its 1st pres & parliamentary elections in 50 years
  • 1999-03-23 Gunmen assassinate Paraguay's Vice President Luis María Argaña
  • 2004-08-01 A supermarket fire kills 396 people and injures 500 in Asunción, Paraguay
  • 2004-08-28 Carlos Tevez scores the winner as Argentina beats Paraguay 1-0, maintaining an undefeated record to win the men's football gold medal at the Athens Olympics
  • 2011-07-24 Copa América Final, River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires: Diego Forlán scores twice as Uruguay beats Paraguay, 3–0 to earn their 15th title
  • 2013-04-21 Horacio Cartes is elected President of Paraguay
  • 2015-12-26 Floods in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay displace 150,000, blamed on El Nino
  • 2018-04-23 Mario Abdo Benítez is elected President of Paraguay
  • 2018-07-06 Paraguay has eliminated malaria in announcement by the World Health organization
  • 2019-06-16 Massive unprecedented power cut affects all of Argentina, Uruguay and parts of Paraguay

Famous Birthdays

  • 1576-11-17 Roque Gonzales, Paraguayan missionary (d. 1628)
  • 1790-11-04 Carlos Antonio López, 1st President of Paraguay (1844-62), born in Asunción, Paraguay (d. 1862)

Francisco Solano López

1826-07-24 Francisco Solano López, President and Dictator of Paraguay (1862-70), born in Asunción, Paraguay (d. 1870)

Alfredo Stroessner

1912-11-03 Alfredo Stroessner, Paraguayan army officer, Dictator and 42nd President of Paraguay (1954-89), born in Encarnación, Paraguay (d. 2006)

  • 1924-03-20 Hermann Guggiari, Paraguay, engineer and sculptor (Rejas, NNUU)(d.2012)
  • 1951-05-30 Fernando Lugo, Paraguayan politician
  • 1956-10-11 Nicanor Frutos, 47th President of Paraguay (2003-08), born in Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay
  • 1961-06-03 César Zabala, Paraguayan soccer defender (49 caps; Cerro Porteño), born in Luque, Paraguay (d. 2020)
  • 1965-07-27 José Luis Chilavert, Paraguayan soccer goalkeeper (74 caps; San Lorenzo, CA Vélez Sarsfield), born in Luque, Paraguay
  • 1971-11-10 Mario Abdo Benítez, Paraguayan politician, President of Paraguay (2018-), born in Asunción, Paraguay
  • 1976-07-16 Carlos Humberto Paredes, Paraguyan footballer and coach, born in Asunción, Paraguay
  • 1981-08-16 Roque Santa Cruz, Paraguayan footballer, born in Asunción, Paraguay
  • 1987-04-02 Pablo César Aguilar, Paraguayan soccer defender (28 caps; Sportivo Luqueño, América, Cruz Azul), born in Luque, Paraguay

Famous Weddings

Jorge Luis Borges

1986-04-26 Writer Jorge Luis Borges (86) weds author Maria Kodama (49) in Paraguay

Famous Deaths

  • 1628-11-15 Roque Gonzales, Paraguayan missionary (b. 1576)
  • 1839-09-20 Jose Gaspar de Francia, dictator of Paraguay (1816-39), dies at 74
  • 1862-09-10 Carlos Antonio López, 1st President of Paraguay (1844-62), dies at 71

Francisco Solano López

1870-03-01 Francisco Solano López, President and Dictator of Paraguay (1862-70), shouts "¡Muero con mi patria!" (I die with my nation) and dies in a struggle with Brazilian soldiers attempting to disarm him at 43

  • 1997-04-21 Andres Rodriguez, Paraguayan president (1989-93), dies
  • 1999-03-23 Luis María Argaña, Paraguayan politician (b. ?)
  • 2005-04-26 Augusto Roa Bastos, Paraguayan author, dies at 87

Alfredo Stroessner

2006-08-16 Alfredo Stroessner, Paraguayan army officer, Dictator and 42nd President of Paraguay (1954-89), dies of a stroke at 93

  • 2012-01-01 Hermann Guggiari, Paraguayan engineer & sculptor, dies at 88
  • 2020-01-31 César Zabala, Paraguayan soccer defender (49 caps; Cerro Porteño), dies of bladder cancer at 58