KwaZulu-Natal in History

KwaZulu-Natal: Durban

Historical Events

Historic Event

1497-12-16 Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama is 1st European to sail along Africa's East Coast, names it Natal

  • 1838-02-16 Weenen Massacre: Hundreds of Voortrekkers along the Blaukraans River, Natal are killed by Zulu warriors
  • 1843-05-04 Great Britain annexes Natal
  • 1843-08-08 Natal (in South Africa) is made a British colony
  • 1856-07-15 Natal forms as a British colony separate from Cape Colony
  • 1881-01-28 Battle at Laing's Neck Natal: Boers beat superior powered British
  • 1881-02-26 -27] Natal: British troops under Major General Colley occupy Majuba Hill
  • 1894-06-28 The Natal Legislature plans to introduce the Indian Franchise Bill, South Africa

Historic Event

1894-08-22 Mahatma Gandhi forms the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) in order to fight discrimination against Indian traders in Natal

  • 1897-12-30 Province of Zululand annexed to Natal colony
  • 1899-09-08 British government sends an additional 10,000 troops to Natal, South Africa
  • 1899-10-13 7,000 laid-off black mine workers of South Africa reach Natal
  • 1899-10-20 Battle at Talana Hill, Natal: British army vs Boers
  • 1899-10-21 Battle at Elandslaagte Natal: (Boers vs British army)
  • 1899-10-22 British troops flee Dundee, Natal South Africa
  • 1899-10-30 Battle of Ladysmith, Natal: Boers defeat the British, leading to the Siege of Ladysmith
  • 1899-11-02 Boers begin siege of Ladysmith, Natal
  • 1899-11-12 British troops reach Durban, Natal

Historic Event

1899-11-15 Morning Post reporter Winston Churchill captured by Boers in Natal

  • 1899-11-22 -23] Battle at Willow Grange, Natal (British vs Boer army)
  • 1899-12-09 Boer War: During Siege of Ladysmith, Boers storm King's Post and Caesar's Camp - driven back
  • 1900-01-29 Boers under Joubert beat British forces at Spionkop, Natal, 2,000 killed
  • 1900-02-05 British troops under Gen Buller occupy Vaal Krantz, Natal
  • 1900-02-07 British troops vacate Vaal Krantz, Natal
  • 1900-02-18 British troops occupy Monte Christo, Natal
  • 1900-02-19 British troops occupy Hlangwane, Natal
  • 1900-02-28 General Buller's troops relieve Ladysmith in Natal
  • 1900-09-03 With a proclamation by General Lord Roberts, Britain annexes the Boer Republic of South Africa
  • 1901-09-26 Boer General Botha fails to capture Fort Itala in Natal
  • 1906-01-01 The poll tax of £1 per head on all adult male inhabitants of Natal, South Africa, except indentured Indians and married Blacks, imposed by the Natal parliament in 1905, becomes payable.
  • 1906-02-09 Natal proclaims state of siege in Zulu uprising
  • 1909-09-20 The British Parliament passes the South Africa Act; it calls for union of Cape Colony, Natal, Orange River Colony, and Transvaal; and both English and Dutch as official languages
  • 1911-01-03 The Government of India announces that emigration to Natal, Southern Africa, is prohibited with effect from 1 July
  • 1913-10-19 At a meeting of the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) in Durban, NIC secretaries, M. C. Anglia and Dada Osman, severely criticise Mahatma Gandhi and tender their resignations
  • 1913-10-21 Transvaal women satyagrahis begin defiance activities, hawking without licenses in Vereeniging; they cross the Natal border and encourage the miners in Newcastle to strike
  • 1921-03-06 The Natal Indian Congress is resuscitated and reorganised at a meeting in Durban, with Ismail Gora as President
  • 1924-01-27 The Natal Indian Congress and the Natal Indian Association jointly organise a mass meeting in Durban, South Africa in opposition to the Class Areas Bill
  • 1954-07-12 ANC President Albert Luthuli banned by South African Minister of Justice from attending public gatherings and confined to the magisterial district of Lower Tugela, Natal
  • 1984-01-02 16 year old future South African Test cricket batsman Darryl Cullinan scores his 1st first-class century (106 no) for Border against Natal B in East London
  • 1990-02-13 50 killed at Inkatha-UDF battle in Natal, South Africa
  • 1994-03-08 Train accident at Pinetown, Natal, kills 47

Famous Birthdays

  • 1794-06-28 Allen Frances Gardiner, British naval officer and missionary in inter alia Port Natal, born in Basildon, Berkshire, England (d. 1851)
  • 1832-09-30 Frederick Sleigh "Bobs" Roberts, British governor of Natal (Ireland-Boer war)
  • 1839-12-07 Redvers Buller, English general and recipient of the Victoria Cross, born in Crediton, Devon (d. 1908)
  • 1845-09-01 Paul S Methuen, English fieldmarshal/governor of Natal/Malta
  • 1876-09-26 Charlie Llewellyn, South African cricketer (South African lefty all-rounder 1896-1912), born in Pietermaritzberg, Natal (d. 1964)
  • 1884-10-10 Ormy Pearse, South African cricketer (3 Tests for South Africa in Australia 1910-11), born in Pietermaritzberg, Natal (d. 1953)
  • 1886-06-28 Joe Cox, South African cricket fast medium bowler (3 Tests; Natal), born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (d. 1971)
  • 1889-05-05 Herbie Taylor, South African cricket batsman and captain (42 Tests; 2,936 runs @ 40.77; 7 x 100s), born in Durban, South Africa (d. 1973)
  • 1890-06-30 Horace Chapman, South African cricket all-rounder (2 Tests), born in Durban, Natal (d. 1941)
  • 1905-06-29 Alphaeus Hamilton Zulu, Anglican bishop of Zululand and Swaziland, born in South Africa (d. 1988)
  • 1906-01-06 Benedict Vilakazi, South African Zulu poet & educator (Zulu-English Dictionary), born in KwaDukuza, Natal (d. 1947)
  • 1914-05-02 Dennis Dyer, South African cricketer (opened batting for South Africa v England 1947), born in Durban, Natal (d. 1990)
  • 1923-04-10 John Watkins, South African cricket all-rounder (15 Tests, 29 wickets, 3 x 50s; Natal), born in Durban, South Africa (d. 2021)
  • 1927-10-25 Headley Keith, South African cricket batsman (8 Tests @ 21.19; Natal), born in Dundee, South Africa (d. 1997)
  • 1928-06-28 Peter Heine, South African cricketer (solid South African fast bowler in 1950's), born in Winterton, Natal, South Africa (d. 2005)
  • 1928-08-27 Mangosuthu Buthelezi, South African politician (Chief Minister of KwaZulu 1972-94), born in Mahlabathini, Natal, South Africa
  • 1928-11-12 Bob Holness, South African English radio and television presenter (BBC), (d. 2012), born in Natal, South Africa (d. 2012)
  • 1930-07-09 Roy McLean, South African cricketer (prolific South African batsman played 40 Tests), born in Pietermaritzberg, Natal, South Africa
  • 1931-08-01 Trevor Goddard, South African cricketer (South African opening batsman & opening bowler), born in Durban, Natal, South Africa (d. 2016)
  • 1932-02-03 Jonathan Fellows-Smith, South African cricket all-rounder (4 Tests), born in Durban, Natal (d. 2013)
  • 1939-04-19 Michael Macaulay, South African cricketer (Tvl, W Prov, OFS, NE Tvl, E Prov & S Afr), born in Durban, Natal
  • 1939-06-12 Geoff Griffin, South African cricket fast bowler (2 Tests; first RSA Test hat-trick 1960), born in Greytown, Natal Province, South Africa (d. 2006)
  • 1941-06-30 Peter Pollock, South African cricket fast bowler (28 Tests, 116 wickets, BB 6/38, 1 x 50; Eastern Province), born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
  • 1944-03-09 Lee Irvine, South African cricketer (batsman, only Tests in 1970), born in Durban, Natal
  • 1948-03-19 Vintcent Van der Bijl, Natal cricket bowler (superb 2m of 70's & 80's)
  • 1950-12-03 Muntu Myeza, South African anti-apartheid activist and General Secretary of SASO, born in Natal, South Africa (d. 1990)
  • 1956-06-25 Bongiwe (Bongi) Dhlomo-Mautloa, South African artist, born in Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • 1958-04-05 Johan Kriek, South African-American, tennis player (US Indoor 1982), born in Pongola, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • 1960-11-02 Rosalyn Fairbank, South African tennis player (French Open doubles 1981, 83), born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
  • 1983-03-31 Hashim Amla, South African cricket batsman (first RSA Test triple century, 311), born in Durban, Natal

Famous Deaths

  • 1881-02-27 George Colley, British governor of Natal/general, dies in battle at 46
  • 1893-07-09 George Christopher Cato, Natal pioneer and first mayor of Durban South Africa, dies at 79
  • 1914-11-14 Frederick Sleigh "Bobs" Roberts, governor of Natal, dies at 82
  • 1932-10-30 Paul S Methuen, English baron/fieldmarshal/gov of Natal, dies at 87