English History (Part 43)

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Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 4201 - 4,300 of 4,821

  • 1973-10-30 Michael Oakes, English footballer
  • 1973-11-01 Geoff Horsfield, English footballer
  • 1973-11-05 Daniella Westbrook, English actress
  • 1973-11-14 Caroline Hall, Bristol England, golfer (Curtis Cup 1992)
  • 1973-11-15 Rachel Kathleen English, Thomaston Ga, Miss America-Georgia (1996)
  • 1973-12-04 Kate Rusby, English folk singer
  • 1973-12-17 Paula Radcliffe, English runner
  • 1973-12-25 Robbie Elliott, English footballer
  • 1974-01-04 Ian Moor, English singer

Person of interestMel C

1974-01-12 Melanie Chisholm, English singer "Sporty Spice" (Spice Girls), born in Whiston, England

Singer-Songwriter Mel C
Mel C

Person of interestKate Moss

1974-01-16 Kate Moss, English model, born in Croydon, England

Supermodel Kate Moss
Kate Moss
  • 1974-01-18 Christian Burns, English musician (BBMak)
  • 1974-01-27 ZP Theart, South African-born English singer (Dragonforce)
  • 1974-01-30 Jemima Khan, English socialite
  • 1974-02-10 Andrew English, CFL receiver (BC Lions), born in Vancouver, Canada

Person of interestRobbie Williams

1974-02-13 Robbie Williams, English singer (Take That, Feel, She's the One), born in Stoke-on-Trent, England

Person of interestVictoria Beckham

1974-04-17 Victoria Beckham [Adams], English singer (Posh Spice in the Spice Girls), born in Harlow, Essex

Singer and Fashion Designer Victoria Beckham
Singer and Fashion Designer
Victoria Beckham
  • 1974-04-26 Adil Ray, English radio presenter (BBC Asian Network)
  • 1974-05-07 Ian Pearce, English footballer
  • 1974-05-08 Jon Tickle, English entertainer
  • 1974-07-10 Chiwetel Ejiofor, English film and theatre actor ("Twelve Years a Slave"), born in London
  • 1974-07-14 David Mitchell, English comedian and actor
  • 1974-07-26 Dean Sturridge, English Footballer
  • 1974-07-30 Jason Robinson, English dual-code rugby player
  • 1974-07-31 Emilia Fox, English actress (The Pianist), born in London
  • 1974-08-09 Nicola Stapleton, English actress
  • 1974-09-06 Tim Henman, English tennis player
  • 1974-09-18 Sol Campbell, English footballer
  • 1974-09-21 Andy Todd, English footballer
  • 1974-09-28 John Light, English actor
  • 1974-10-02 Simon Gregson [Simon Gregory], British actor (Coronation Street), born in Manchester, England
  • 1974-10-12 Stephen Lee, English snooker player
  • 1974-10-24 Alexander PGR duke of Ulster, son of English prince Richard
  • 1974-12-11 Ben Shephard, English TV personality
  • 1974-12-13 Sara Cox, English TV and radio presenter
  • 1974-12-13 Nicholas McCarthy, English guitarist (Franz Ferdinand)
  • 1975-01-06 Jason King, English radio DJ (Radio 1)
  • 1975-01-17 Tom Jenkinson, English musician (Squarepusher)
  • 1975-01-21 Nicky Butt, English footballer
  • 1975-01-28 Lee Latchford-Evans, English singer
  • 1975-02-13 Ben Collins, English racing car driver and former Top Gear Stig (ASCAR-2003), born in Bristol, United Kingdom
  • 1975-02-18 Gary Neville, English footballer
  • 1975-03-12 Kelle Bryan, English singer
  • 1975-03-12 Annabel Port, English radio presenter
  • 1975-03-14 Stephen Harper, British/English footballer
  • 1975-03-16 Sienna Guillory, English actress (Jill Valentine-Resident Evil), born in Kettering, England
  • 1975-04-09 Robbie Fowler, English footballer
  • 1975-04-13 Bruce Dyer, English footballer
  • 1975-04-25 Emily Bergl, English-American actress

Person of interestJodhi May

1975-05-01 Jodhi May, British actress (A World Apart, The Other Boleyn Girl), born in London, England

Actress Jodhi May
Jodhi May
  • 1975-05-02 David Beckham, English footballer (Manchester United, England, LA Galaxy, Real Madrid), born in London, England

Person of interestMelanie Brown

1975-05-29 Melanie Brown [Mel B], English singer "Scary Spice" (Spice Girls), born in Leeds, England

  • 1975-05-29 Anthony Wall, English golfer
  • 1975-05-30 Andrew Farrell, English rugby league and union footballer

Person of interestRussell Brand

1975-06-04 Russell Brand, English comedian and television personality, born in Grays, Essex

Comedian Russell Brand
Russell Brand
  • 1975-06-13 Riccardo Scimeca, English footballer
  • 1975-06-19 Hugh Dancy, English actor
  • 1975-06-26 Terry Skiverton, English football player
  • 1975-06-29 Mathew Gates, Baldock England, dance skater (& Chalom-1995 Nat Jr champ)
  • 1975-07-17 Konnie Huq, English television presenter
  • 1975-07-30 Graham Nicholls, English artist
  • 1975-08-05 Antony Cotton, English actor
  • 1975-08-13 Joe Perry, English snooker player
  • 1975-08-22 Sheree Murphy, English actress (Emmerdale), born in Stoke Newington, London
  • 1975-08-23 Eliza Carthy, English singer and fiddler
  • 1975-08-28 Jamie Cureton, English footballer
  • 1975-09-01 Scott Speedman, English-born actor
  • 1975-09-08 Richard Hughes, English musician (Keane)
  • 1975-09-25 Declan Donnelly, English television presenter (Ant and Dec)

Person of interestKate Winslet

1975-10-05 Kate Winslet, British actress (Titanic, Revolutionary Road), born in Reading, Berkshire, England

Actress Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
  • 1975-10-05 Parminder Nagra, English actress
  • 1975-10-14 Shaznay Lewis, English singer (All Saints)
  • 1975-10-15 Glen Little, English footballer
  • 1975-12-02 Brett Lindros, NHL right wing (NY Islanders), born in London, England

Person of interestRonnie O'Sullivan

1975-12-05 Ronnie O'Sullivan, English snooker player regarded by many as the greatest in the sport's history, born in Wordsley, England

Snooker Player Ronnie O'Sullivan
Snooker Player
Ronnie O'Sullivan

Person of interestEmma Bunton

1976-01-21 Emma Bunton [Baby Spice], English singer (Spice Girls), born in London

Pop Star Emma Bunton
Pop Star
Emma Bunton
  • 1976-01-23 Nigel McGuinness, English professional wrestler
  • 1976-02-20 Ed Graham, English drummer (The Darkness)
  • 1976-02-29 Emma Barton, English actress
  • 1976-03-12 Simon Young, English music journalist
  • 1976-03-23 Dougie Lampkin, English motorcycle trials rider, born in Silsden, West Yorkshire, England
  • 1976-04-01 David Oyelowo, English-Nigerian actor
  • 1976-04-03 Will Mellor, English actor
  • 1976-04-27 Sally Hawkins, English film actress (The Shape of Water), born in London, England
  • 1976-06-02 Tim Rice-Oxley, English musician (Keane), born in Oxford, England
  • 1976-06-13 Kym Marsh, English singer, actress, & T.V. presenter
  • 1976-06-13 Jason 'J' Brown, English Singer
  • 1976-06-19 Bryan Hughes, English footballer
  • 1976-06-22 Gordon Moakes, English musician (Bloc Party)
  • 1976-06-24 Louisa Leaman, English author
  • 1976-07-19 Benedict Cumberbatch, English actor (12 Years a Slave, Sherlock), born in London, England
  • 1976-07-27 Demis Hassabis, British Artificial Intelligence researcher, computer game designer, and neuroscientist, born in London, England
  • 1976-08-09 Rhona Mitra, English actress
  • 1976-08-12 Richard McCourt, English children's television presenter

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