The United Kingdom in History (Part 14)

Historical Events

Events 1301 - 1,400 of 2,245

  • 1941-05-15 1st British turbojet flies
  • 1941-05-15 British attack Halfaya-pass & Fort Capuzzo in Egypt and Libya
  • 1941-05-16 Italian army under Aosta surrenders to Britain at Amba Alagi, Ethiopia
  • 1941-05-16 Last great German air attack on Great Britain (Birmingham)
  • 1941-05-18 Italian army in Ethiopia under general Aosta surrenders to Britain
  • 1941-05-22 British troops attack Baghdad
  • 1941-05-24 German battleship Bismarck sinks the British battle cruiser HMS Hood; 1,416 die, 3 survive
  • 1941-05-27 German battleship Bismarck sunk by British naval force
  • 1941-05-28 Allied troops begin evacuation of Crete
  • 1941-06-01 British troops occupy Baghdad, Iraq
  • 1941-07-07 World War II: Beirut is occupied by Free France and British troops

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1941-07-19 British PM Winston Churchill launches his "V for Victory" campaign

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1941-08-14 US President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issue the joint declaration that later becomes known as the Atlantic Charter

32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd US President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1941-09-11 Charles Lindbergh, claims the "British, Jewish and Roosevelt administration" are trying to get the US into World War II

  • 1941-09-22 British signal officer Bill Hudson lands in Montenegro
  • 1941-11-07 British air attacks on Berlin, Mannheim & Ruhrgebied

  • 1941-11-13 U-81 torpedoes British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal near Gibraltar
  • 1941-11-14 British aircraft carrier Ark Royal sank in Mediterranean, having been torpedoed by a German submarine the day before
  • 1941-11-18 British troops open attack on Tobruk, North Africa
  • 1941-11-22 British cruiser Devonshire sinks German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis
  • 1941-11-26 General Alan Cunningham relieved of command of British 8th Army in North Africa
  • 1941-11-26 British troops conquer Belhamed, Sidi Rezegh & El Duda
  • 1941-11-27 British 13th Army Corps reaches Tobruk in Libya
  • 1941-12-01 British cruiser Devonshire sinks German sub Python
  • 1941-12-06 Dutch & British pilots see Japanese invasion fleet at Singapore
  • 1941-12-08 US and Britain declare war on Japan, US enters World War II
  • 1941-12-10 British battleship Prince of Wales and battlecruiser Repulse (Force Z) sunk following Japanese aerial attacks off Malaya. 840 men die
  • 1941-12-14 U-557 torpedoes British cruiser Galatea
  • 1941-12-23 British troops overrun Benghazi, Libya
  • 1941-12-25 Japan announces surrender of British-Canadian garrison at Hong Kong
  • 1941-12-26 Winston Churchill becomes first British Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of the US Congress, warning that Axis would "stop at nothing"
  • 1942-01-03 American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Command forms
  • 1942-01-08 British Air Marshal Richard Peirse replaced as Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Bomber Command
  • 1942-01-12 British troops reconquer Sollum
  • 1942-01-23 Tank battle at Adzjedabia, Africa Korp vs British 8th army
  • 1942-03-03 1st combat flight for Canadian British-built Avro Lancaster bomber

  • 1942-03-12 British troops vacate the Andaman Islands in Gulf of Bengal
  • 1942-03-21 Convoy QP9 departs Great Britain to Murmansk
  • 1942-03-28 British naval forces raid Nazi occupied French port of St Nazaire
  • 1942-03-28 St. Nazaire Raid (Operation Chariot): obsolete British destroyer HMS Campbeltown, rigged with explosives and flying German flags, rams gates of German occupied St Nazaire port in France, and self detonates; kills 360 Germans, and disables the dry dock for duration of the war
  • 1942-03-29 British cruiser HMS Trinidad torpedoes itself in the Barents Sea
  • 1942-05-05 British assault on Diego Suarez, Madagascar
  • 1942-05-16 1st transport of British and Dutch prisoners to South Burma
  • 1942-05-21 Convoy PQ16 departs Great Britain for Russia
  • 1942-05-26 Tank battle at Bir Hakeim: Afrika Korps vs British army
  • 1942-06-05 British offensive in North Africa under General Ritchie
  • 1942-06-22 Jewish Brigade attached by British Army in WW II, forms
  • 1942-06-25 British RAF stages a 1,000 bomb raid on Bremen, Germany (WWII)
  • 1942-06-25 British premier Winston Churchill travels from US to London
  • 1942-06-26 German assault on British at Mersa Matruh
  • 1942-08-04 British premier Winston Churchill arrives in Cairo
  • 1942-08-05 British government cancels agreement of Munich
  • 1942-08-08 "Monty" appointed commander of British 8th Army at Alamein

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1942-08-10 General Bernard Montgomery appointed commander British 8th Army in North Africa

British WWII Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
British WWII Field Marshal
Bernard Montgomery
  • 1942-08-11 British aircraft carrier HMS Eagle torpedoed & sinks
  • 1942-08-12 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Moscow for a conference with Joseph Stalin and US representative W. Averrell Harriman

  • 1942-08-19 World War II: Over 4,000 Canadian and British soldiers killed, wounded or captured raiding Dieppe, France
  • 1942-08-23 British Premier Winston Churchill flies back to London from Cairo
  • 1942-09-05 British & US bomb Le Havre & Bremen
  • 1942-09-10 British troops land on Madagascar
  • 1942-10-07 US & UK government announce establishment of United Nations
  • 1942-10-23 During WWII, Britain launches major offensive at El Alamein, Egypt
  • 1942-10-24 Second day of battle at El Alamein: British infantry
  • 1942-10-25 3rd day of battle at El Alamein: British offensive
  • 1942-10-28 6th day battle at El Alamein: British offensive under Montgomery
  • 1942-11-02 11th day of battle at El Alamein: British assault on Tel el Aqqaqir
  • 1942-11-05 Pro-British Clandestine Radio Diego Suarez's final transmission

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1942-11-08 Operation Torch; began as US and British forces under Eisenhower land in French North Africa

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 1942-11-10 US-British troops occupies Oran, Algeria
  • 1942-11-20 British 8th Army recaptures Benghazi, Libya
  • 1942-12-01 The Beveridge Report is published by the British government unveiling plans for a post-war welfare state
  • 1942-12-25 British Colonel S W Bailey reaches Mihailovics headquarter
  • 1943-01-11 US & Britain relinquish extraterritorial rights in China
  • 1943-01-13 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Casablanca, French Morocco for a conference of Allied forces in World War II
  • 1943-01-23 British 8th army marches into Tripoli
  • 1943-01-30 6 British Mosquitos bomb Berlin in daylight

  • 1943-02-16 British premier Winston Churchill contracts pneumonia
  • 1943-03-19 British 8th army opens assault on Mareth line, Tunisia
  • 1943-03-30 British 1st army recaptures Sejenane
  • 1943-04-06 British & US armies link up in Africa during WW II
  • 1943-04-06 British offensive at Wadi Akarit, South Tunisia
  • 1943-04-07 British and US troops make contact at Wadi Akarit, South-Tunisia
  • 1943-04-23 British & US offensive directed at Tunis and Bizerta
  • 1943-05-06 British 1st army opens assault on Tunis
  • 1943-05-07 British 11th Hussars occupy Tunis
  • 1943-05-12 British premier Winston Churchill arrives in USA
  • 1943-05-20 French, British and US victory parade in Tunis, Tunisia
  • 1943-06-11 British invades Pantelleria (a tiny island south of Sicily)
  • 1943-07-08 British air raid sinks U-232
  • 1943-07-09 British air raid sinks U-435
  • 1943-07-10 US, British and Canadian forces invade Sicily in WW II (Operation Husky)
  • 1943-07-18 British assault on Catania, Sicily
  • 1943-07-27 772 British bombers attack Hamburg
  • 1943-07-28 Operation Gomorrah: RAF bombing over Hamburg causes a firestorm that kills 42,600 German civilians
  • 1943-08-04 British premier Winston Churchill travels on the Queen Mary to Canada
  • 1943-08-05 Sicily: 3 US A-36's bomb British headquarters
  • 1943-08-17 498 British bombers attack Peenemunde (development base for the V weapons)
  • 1943-09-03 British 8th Army lands in Southern Italy (Messina)
  • 1943-09-04 British 8th Army lands at Taranto, South Italy
  • 1943-09-09 US, British & French troops land in Salerno (operation Avalanche)

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1301 - 1,400 of 2,419

  • 1937-09-02 Derek Fowlds, British actor (Yes Minister, The Basil Brush Show), born in London, England (d. 2020)
  • 1937-09-12 Wes Hall, Barbadian former cricketer and politician, born in Glebe Land, Station Hill, Barbados
  • 1937-09-24 Alan Grose, British vice-admiral
  • 1937-09-29 R B Heywood, director (British Antarctic Survey)
  • 1937-10-04 Jackie Collins, British-American romance novelist (The Stud; The Bitch; Lucky), born in London, England (d. 2015)
  • 1937-11-09 Roger McCough, British poet (The Mersey Sound), born in Litherland, Lancashire
  • 1937-11-12 Peter Lloyd, British MP
  • 1937-11-30 Tom Simpson, English road cyclist (World Road Race Champion 1965), born in Haswell, County Durham (d. 1967)
  • 1937-12-26 John Horton Conway, British mathematician (cellular automaton Game of Life), born in Liverpool, England (d. 2020)
  • 1938-01-01 Robert Jankel, British coachbuilder (d. 2005)
  • 1938-01-02 Ian Brady [Ian Duncan Stewart], British serial killer (Moors Murders), born in Glasgow (d. 2017)
  • 1938-01-21 John Savident, British actor
  • 1938-01-26 Margaret Daly, British MEP
  • 1938-02-15 Lord Justice Ward, British judge
  • 1938-03-11 Malcolm Keith Speed, British high court judge
  • 1938-03-12 Norman Hogg, British MP
  • 1938-03-18 Kenny Lynch, British entertainer, born in London
  • 1938-03-24 David Irving, British historian
  • 1938-03-29 Margaret Howard, British broadcaster
  • 1938-04-06 Paul Daniels, British magician (The Paul Daniels Magic Show), born in South Bank, Yorkshire (d. 2016)
  • 1938-05-20 Alan Smithers, British professor
  • 1938-05-31 John Prescott, British Labour MP
  • 1938-06-13 Gwynne Howell, Welsh operatic bass, born in Gorseinon, Wales
  • 1938-06-27 Kathryn Beaumont, British voice actress (Alice-Alice in Wonderland), born in London
  • 1938-07-18 Dudu Pukwana [Mtutuzel], South African saxophonist and composer, born in Walmer Township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa (d. 1990)
  • 1938-07-19 Nicholas Bethell, 4th Baron Bethell, British historian, born in London (d. 2007)
  • 1938-08-03 Terry Wogan, British broadcaster (Eurovision Song Contest, Blankety Blank), born in Limerick, Ireland (d. 2016)
  • 1938-08-31 Martin Bell, British journalist
  • 1938-09-29 Henry Keswick, British businessman (CEO-Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd)
  • 1938-10-08 David Willis, British journalist (BBC World Service) (d. 1993)
  • 1938-11-03 Martin Dunwoody, British mathematician
  • 1938-11-08 John Asprey, British jeweller and multi-millionaire
  • 1938-12-04 Richard Meade, British equestrian (3 x Olympic gold eventing 1968, 72; World C'ship gold team 1970, 82), born in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales (d. 2015)
  • 1938-12-28 Dick Sudhalter, American jazz trumpeter, and writer, born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 2008)
  • 1939-01-07 Tom Kierman, British(?) rugby player
  • 1939-02-05 Derek Wadsworth, British jazz composer and arranger, born in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire (d. 2008)
  • 1939-02-19 Gwen Taylor, British actress (Life of Brian, Sob Sisters, Screaming)
  • 1939-03-12 David Mlinaric, British interior director
  • 1939-03-17 Robin Knox-Johnston, British yachtsman
  • 1939-04-05 Crispian St. Peters, English singer (The Changin' Times), born in Swanley, Kent
  • 1939-04-16 Donald MacCormick, British broadcaster, born in Scotland (d. 2009)
  • 1939-04-21 John McCabe, British composer and pianist, born in Liverpool, England (d. 2015)
  • 1939-05-18 Patrick Cormack, British politician (C), born in Grimsby, Lincolnshire
  • 1939-06-05 Margaret Drabble, British author (Needle's Eye), born in Sheffield, England
  • 1939-06-15 Brian Jacques, British author, born in Liverpool, England (2011)
  • 1939-06-20 Budge Rogers, British rugby player
  • 1939-07-16 Mary Parkinson, British broadcaster, born in Doncaster, West Riding
  • 1939-08-16 Sir Trevor Mcdonald, Trinidadian-born British television newsreader
  • 1939-08-17 Anthony Valentine, British actor (Colditz), born in Blackburn, Lancashire (d. 2015)
  • 1939-08-18 Robert Horton, British businessman and CEO (BP), born in London, England (d. 2011)
  • 1939-08-23 Charles Wardle, British Member of Parliament for Bexhill and Battle
  • 1939-09-25 Leon Brittan, British politician, Home Secretary and member of the European Commission, born in London (d. 2015)
  • 1939-09-28 Rudolph Walker, Trinidadian-born British actor
  • 1939-10-31 Tom O'Connor, English comedian, born in Bootle, Merseyside, England
  • 1939-11-17 Auberon Waugh, British author (d. 2001)
  • 1940-01-04 Brian Josephson, Welsh physicist (Nobel Prize, 1973), born in Cardiff, Wales
  • 1940-02-08 Averil Cameron, British(?) historian
  • 1940-02-20 Jimmy Greaves, British broadcaster/soccer player
  • 1940-02-20 V Payne, British headmistress (Malvern Girls' College)
  • 1940-02-21 Peter Gethin, British racing driver
  • 1940-02-29 Gretchen Christopher, American singer (The Fleetwoods), born in Olympia, Washington
  • 1940-03-15 Frank Dobson, British politician
  • 1940-03-29 Eden Kane [Richard Graham Sarstedt], British pop singer ("Well I Ask You"), born in New Delhi, British India
  • 1940-04-02 Penelope Keith, British actress (Norman Conquests, Priest of Love), born in Sutton, Surrey, England
  • 1940-04-03 R S Burman, CEO (Association of British Chambers of Commerce)
  • 1940-04-04 Richard Attwood, British racing driver, born in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
  • 1940-04-10 Gloria Hunniford [Mary Winifred Gloria Hunniford], British broadcaster and actress (Old Curiosity Shop), born in Portadown, Northern Ireland
  • 1940-04-13 Mike Beuttler, British racing driver, born in Cairo, Egypt (d. 1988)
  • 1940-05-10 Bill Cash, British politician (C, born in London
  • 1940-05-14 'H'. Jones, British Soldier (VC recipient) (d. 1982)
  • 1940-06-06 Willie-John McBride, British rugby player, born in Toomebridge, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • 1940-06-18 Michael Sheard, British actor (d. 2005)
  • 1940-06-22 Esther Rantzen, British TV presenter (That's Life), born in Berkhamsted, England
  • 1940-06-25 A. J. Quinnell [Philip Nicholson], English writer (Man on Fire), born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England (d. 2005)
  • 1940-07-02 Ken Clarke [Kenneth Harry Clarke], British Conservative politician, born in Nottinghamshire, England
  • 1940-07-26 Brian Mawhinney, British Conservative Party politician, born in Belfast, United Kingdom
  • 1940-07-30 Clive Sinclair, British computer inventor (ZX Spectrum), born in Richmond, Surrey
  • 1940-08-10 Barbara Mills, QC, British Director of Public Prosecutions
  • 1940-08-13 Timothy Wood, British Conservative Party politician

Person of interestJohn Lennon

1940-10-09 John Lennon, English musician and member of The Beatles (Imagine), born in Liverpool, England (d. 1980)

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • 1940-10-14 Christopher Timothy, Welsh actor (All Creatures Great & Small), born in Bala, Wales
  • 1940-10-17 Peter Stringfellow, British nightclub owner (Stringfellows), born in Sheffield, England (d. 2018)
  • 1940-10-20 Kathy Kirby, British singer
  • 1940-11-28 Clem Curtis, British singer (The Foundations), born in Trinidad
  • 1941-01-07 Iona Brown, British violinist and conductor (d. 2004)
  • 1941-01-19 Tony Anholt, British actor (d. 2002)
  • 1941-01-19 Colin Gunton, British theologian (d. 2003)
  • 1941-02-01 Robert Walmsley, British Vice-Admiral
  • 1941-02-27 Ian McGarry, British trade union leader (British Actors' Equity Association)
  • 1941-02-27 Paddy Ashdown, British MP, leader of Liberal Democrats (1988-1999), born in New Delhi, British Raj (d. 2018)
  • 1941-03-06 Ann Winterton, British MP
  • 1941-03-19 Lord Vestey, British food magnate/billionaire (Union International)
  • 1941-03-26 Richard Dawkins, British evolutionary biologist (The God Delusion), born in Nairobi, Kenya Colony
  • 1941-04-05 Dave Swarbrick, British folk fiddler, and songwriter (Fairport Convention; Martin Carthy), born in New Malden, Surrey (d. 2016)
  • 1941-04-07 Gorden Kaye, British actor (Allo Allo), born in Huddersfield, England (d. 2017)

Person of interestJulie Christie

1941-04-14 Julie Christie, British actress (Darling, Doctor Zhivago), born in Chukua, Assam, India

  • 1941-04-23 Ed Stewart, British DJ and broadcaster (Crackerjack), born in Exmouth, Devon (d. 2016)
  • 1941-04-29 Jonah Barrington, British World champion squash player (1966-73)
  • 1941-05-22 Menzies Campbell, British politician (Member of Parliament for North East Fife), born in Glasgow
  • 1941-05-24 Martin Mogg, governor (British Durham Prison)

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