The United Kingdom in History (Part 16)

Historical Events

Events 1501 - 1,600 of 2,264

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1945-05-23 The Allies arrest the members of the Nazi Flensburg government, including Admiral Karl Donitz, formally dissolving Nazi Germany

Naval commander and Nazi leader Karl Dönitz
Naval commander and Nazi leader
Karl Dönitz
  • 1945-05-23 German island of Helgoland in the North Sea surrenders to British

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1945-07-05 Labour Party under Clement Attlee wins British parliamentary elections (results not declared until 26 July)

British Prime Minister Clement Attlee
British Prime Minister
Clement Attlee

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1945-07-26 Winston Churchill resigns as Britain's Prime Minister after election defeat

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
  • 1945-08-29 British liberate Hong Kong from Japan

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1945-10-08 US President Harry Truman announced atomic bomb secret shared with Britain and Canada

33rd US President Harry Truman
33rd US President
Harry Truman
  • 1945-10-09 British troops occupy Andamanen in Gulf of Bengal
  • 1946-02-21 Anti-British demonstrations in Egypt
  • 1946-03-01 British government nationalises and takes control of the Bank of England, after 252 years
  • 1946-03-15 British Prime Minister Clement Attlee agrees with India's right to independence
  • 1946-03-22 Britain signs treaty granting independence to Jordan

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1946-05-01 Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery appointed British supreme commander

British WWII Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
British WWII Field Marshal
Bernard Montgomery
  • 1946-05-25 Jordan gains independence from Britain (National Day); Abdullah ibn Hussein becomes King of Jordan
  • 1946-06-29 British mandatory government of Palestine arrests 100 leaders of Yishnuv

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1946-07-01 The last White Rajah, Charles Vyner Brooke cedes Sarawak to the British Crown

3rd and Last White Rajah of Sarawak Charles Vyner Brooke
3rd and Last White Rajah of Sarawak
Charles Vyner Brooke
  • 1946-07-15 British North Borneo Company transfers its rights to modern day Sabah to the British Crown
  • 1946-08-13 Britain diverts illegal emmigrants bound for Palestine to Cyprus
  • 1946-08-23 Ordinance No. 46 of the British Military Government constitutes the German Land (state) of Schleswig-Holstein.
  • 1946-10-06 US President Harry Truman questions Great Britain Jews about Palestine
  • 1946-10-22 2 British ships sink near Albania
  • 1947-01-01 Britain nationalizes its coal industry
  • 1947-01-10 British stop ships Independence & In-Gathering from landing in Israel
  • 1947-02-07 The UK announces its intention to end the Mandate for Palestine
  • 1947-06-03 British Viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten visits Pakistan

HeartEngagement of Interest

1947-07-09 Engagement of Britain's Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten

Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip
Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Philip
  • 1947-07-10 Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is recommended as the first Governor General of Pakistan by then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Clement Attlee
  • 1947-07-18 British seize "Exodus 1947" ship of Jewish immigrants to Palestine
  • 1947-08-14 Pakistan gains independence from Great Britain
  • 1947-10-26 The British military occupation ends in Iraq.
  • 1947-12-26 British transfer Heard & McDonald Islands (Indian Ocean) to Australia
  • 1948-01-01 British railways are nationalised to form British Rail.
  • 1948-02-29 Stern-group bomb Cairo-Haifa train, 27 British soldiers died
  • 1948-03-18 France & Great Britain & Benelux sign Treaty of Brussels
  • 1948-05-14 Israel declares independence from British administration
  • 1948-05-15 28 year old British Mandate over Palestine ends
  • 1948-06-28 British begin airlift “Operation Plainfare” to West Berlin
  • 1948-06-30 Last British troops leave Israel
  • 1948-07-05 Britain's National Health Service Act begins
  • 1948-07-15 Alcoholic Anonymous founded in Britain
  • 1948-09-08 British De Havilland DH108-fighter flies faster than sound
  • 1948-11-17 Britain's House of Commons votes to nationalize steel industry
  • 1949-04-18 Republic of Ireland withdraws from British Commonwealth
  • 1949-05-09 Britain's 1st launderette opens in Queensway, London
  • 1949-05-13 1st British-produced jet bomber, the Canberra, makes its 1st test flight
  • 1949-05-17 British government recognises Republic of Ireland (previously Irish Free State)
  • 1949-06-01 British government grants Cyrenaica (East-Libya) independence
  • 1949-07-30 British warship HMS Amethyst escapes down Yangtze River, having been refused a safe passage by Chinese Communists after 3-month standoff
  • 1949-11-24 British steel & iron industry nationalised
  • 1949-11-26 The Constituent Assembly of India formally adopts a new constitution
  • 1949-12-04 Duncan Stewart, 2nd British Governor of Sarawak is fatally stabbed in the streets of Sibu by Malay student Rosli Dhoby with help from Morshidi Sidek with the goal of helping neighbouring Indonesia to take over British Sarawak
  • 1950-01-06 Britain recognizes Communist government of China

  • 1950-01-12 Swedish tanker rams British submarine Truculent in Thames, 64 die

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1950-02-07 United States formally recognizes the State of Vietnam as the legitimate government of Vietnam, with Bảo Đại as leader

Emperor of Vietnam Bảo Đại
Emperor of Vietnam
Bảo Đại
  • 1950-02-24 Labour wins UK parliamentary election by 5 seats
  • 1950-04-14 1st edition of British comic "Eagle"
  • 1950-09-23 US Air Force Mustangs accidentally bomb British on Hill 282 Korea, 17 killed
  • 1950-10-29 British Chancellor of the Exchequer (Minister of Finance) Stafford Cripps resigns
  • 1950-11-16 Egyptian King Faruk demands departure of all British troops
  • 1950-12-28 The Peak District becomes the United Kingdom's first National Park.
  • 1951-01-03 9 Jewish Kremlin physicians "exposed" as British/US agents
  • 1951-04-16 British submarine Affray sank in English Channel, killing 75
  • 1951-05-03 The Festival of Britain opens
  • 1951-06-23 Treacherous British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean flee to USSR
  • 1951-08-13 Great Britain & Iraq sign new oil contract
  • 1951-09-10 British begin economic boycott of Iran
  • 1951-10-17 Egyptian army fires on British troops
  • 1951-10-26 Winston Churchill re-elected British Prime Minister at the age of 86
  • 1951-11-17 Britain reports development of the world's first nuclear-powered heating system
  • 1951-11-18 British troops occupy Ismailiya, Egypt
  • 1951-11-24 British auto manufacturers Austin and Morris Motors merge
  • 1951-12-24 United Kingdom of Libya gains independence from Italy via UN
  • 1952-01-05 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill makes an official visit to the US
  • 1952-01-20 British army occupies Ismailiya, Suez Canal Zone
  • 1952-01-26 At least 20 people have been killed and 100s injured during riots in Cairo against the British
  • 1952-02-26 PM Winston Churchill announces Britain has its own atomic bomb
  • 1952-03-01 Helgoland, in North Sea, returned to West Germany by Britain
  • 1952-06-07 7th Curtis Cup: British Isles, 5-4
  • 1952-10-01 Monte Bello-Island (Great Britain 1st atom bomb explosion)
  • 1952-10-03 1st British nuclear test at Monte Bello Island in Australia
  • 1953-02-05 Sweet rationing imposed in WWII ends in Britain

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1953-04-16 British royal yacht Britannia launched by Queen Elizabeth II

Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II
Queen of the United Kingdom
Elizabeth II
  • 1953-04-27 1st general elections in British Guyana, won by Jagans PPP

BattleCoup d'état

1953-08-19 The democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh is overthrown in a coup orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name 'Operation Boot') and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project)

Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh
Prime Minister of Iran
Mohammad Mosaddegh
  • 1953-10-09 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill aproves Guyanese Constitution
  • 1953-10-14 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Emu Field, Australia
  • 1953-10-26 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Emu Field, Australia
  • 1953-11-21 Authorities at the British Natural History Museum announce the "Piltdown Man" skull, one of the most famous fossil skulls in the world, is a hoax
  • 1954-04-25 British raid Nairobi, Kenya (25,000 Mau Mau suspects arrested)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1954-05-06 Roger Bannister of the UK becomes the 1st person to run a 4 minute mile, recording 3:59:4 at Iffley Road, Oxford

Middle-Distance Runner Roger Bannister
Middle-Distance Runner
Roger Bannister
  • 1954-05-07 US, Great Britain & France reject Russian membership of NATO
  • 1954-05-13 Labour Party wins British municipal elections
  • 1954-06-15 Great Britain's 2 biggest steel factories nationalized
  • 1954-09-20 Roger Bannister awarded Britain's Silver Pears Trophy
  • 1954-10-01 British colony of Nigeria becomes a federation
  • 1954-10-19 Egypt and Great Britain sign treaty; British troops depart
  • 1954-10-23 Britain, France & USSR agree to end occupation of Germany
  • 1954-11-13 1st Rugby League World Cup: Great Britain beats France 16-12
  • 1955-02-22 British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal sets sail
  • 1955-03-24 British Army patrols withdraw from Belfast after 20 years
  • 1955-04-01 EOKA-bomb attacks against British government buildings in Cyprus

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1501 - 1,600 of 2,506

  • 1943-04-11 John Montagu, 11th Earl of Sandwich, British entrepreneur, politician and nobleman
  • 1943-05-20 Iain Vallance [Baron Vallance of Tummel], CEO (British Telecom)
  • 1943-05-20 Martin Honeysett, British cartoonist (Punch, Private Eye), born in Hereford (d. 2015)
  • 1943-05-25 John "Poli" Palmer, British rocker (Family), born in Evesham, Worcestershire
  • 1943-06-14 John Miles, British racing driver
  • 1943-07-26 Roger Smalley, British-Australian composer, born in Swinton, Lancashire (d. 2015)
  • 1943-08-02 Rose Tremain, British novelist/playwright (Restoration), born in London, England
  • 1943-08-04 Rodney Stuart Pattison, British yachtsman (Olympics)
  • 1943-08-14 Keith Hampson, British politician (C), arrested, not charged for sexual assault
  • 1943-08-23 Peter Lilley, MP/sect of state for British social security
  • 1943-09-16 David Wilshire, British MP (C)
  • 1943-09-30 Ian Ogilvy, British Actor
  • 1943-10-02 Anna Ford, British broadcaster/actress (Secret Policeman's Ball)
  • 1943-11-07 Judith Frost, British Columbia, artist (To Red, Dust Drawings)
  • 1943-11-08 Martin Peters, British soccer player
  • 1943-11-23 Sue Nicholls, British actress
  • 1943-12-02 David Munden, British drummer (The Tremeloes), born in Essex
  • 1943-12-16 Anthony 'Tony' Hicks, Nelson Lancashire, British rock guitarist (The Hollies)
  • 1943-12-17 Dave Dee, British musician (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich), born in Salisbury, Wiltshire (d. 2009)
  • 1943-12-28 Richard Whiteley, British television presenter (d. 2005)
  • 1944-01-06 Terry Venables, British soccer player/manager [or 1943]
  • 1944-01-28 James Cran, British MP
  • 1944-01-28 John Edmonds, British trade unionist
  • 1944-02-02 Geoffrey Hughes, British actor, (d. 2012)
  • 1944-02-17 Bernie Grant, British politician (Labour)
  • 1944-02-20 Roger Knapman, British MP
  • 1944-02-23 James Cousins, British MP
  • 1944-03-29 John Suchet, British TV journalist (Independent TV News), born in London
  • 1944-04-06 Felicity Palmer, British mezzo-soprano
  • 1944-04-12 Lisa Jardine, British historian and writer, born in Oxford, England (d. 2015)
  • 1944-04-27 Michael Fish, British TV weatherman, born in Eastbourne, Sussex, England
  • 1944-05-07 Richard O'Sullivan, British comedy actor, born in Chiswick, London
  • 1944-05-13 Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, British explorer/genealogist
  • 1944-05-15 Ian "Tich" Amey, British rock musician (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich), born in Salisbury Wiltshire
  • 1944-05-18 Peter Ryan, British national director (Police Training)
  • 1944-05-19 Peter Mayhew, British-American actor
  • 1944-05-28 Faith Brown, British actress and impressionist
  • 1944-06-06 David Penhaligon, British politician (President of the Liberal Party) (d. 1986)
  • 1944-06-11 Alan Horworth, British politician (L), first Conservative to change to Labour party, born in London
  • 1944-06-11 Barrie Stevens, English-Dutch choreographer (Personals, Young Again), born in London
  • 1944-08-11 David Pearl, British judge
  • 1944-08-13 Divina Galica, British athlete and racing driver
  • 1944-09-10 Thomas Allen, British opera singer
  • 1944-09-27 IDG Garnett, British Vice-Admiral, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (NATO)
  • 1944-10-12 Angela Rippon, British television personality, born in Plymouth, Devon, England
  • 1944-11-06 Bill Henderson, Canadian rock vocalist and guitarist (Chilliwack), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 1944-11-16 Oliver Braddick, British psychologist
  • 1944-12-25 Kenny Everett [Maurice James Christopher Cole], Seaforth Lancashire, British DJ and TV personality (Kenny Everett Show)

Person of interestRod Stewart

1945-01-10 Rod Stewart, British singer (Maggie Mae, Do You Think I'm Sexy), born in London, England

Singer Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart
  • 1945-01-14 Maina Gielgud, British ballet dancer and administrator
  • 1945-01-15 Princess Michael of Kent, British royal
  • 1945-01-28 Nick Raynsford, British MP
  • 1945-01-29 James Nicholson, British MEP
  • 1945-02-07 Gerald Davies, British rugby player
  • 1945-02-10 John Hayes, secretary-general (British Law Society)
  • 1945-02-14 K M Jenkins, British director of personnel (Royal Mail)
  • 1945-02-15 John Helliwell, British musician (Supertramp)
  • 1945-03-04 Tara Browne, British socialite (d. 1966)
  • 1945-03-11 Timothy Mason, consultant (British Arts Council)
  • 1945-03-20 Tim Yeo, British MP/under-sect (State of Environment)
  • 1945-04-02 Roger Bootle-Wilbraham, 7th Baron Skelmersdale, British politician
  • 1945-04-07 Martin Lewis, British newsreader
  • 1945-04-08 Derrick Walker, British racing team owner
  • 1945-04-21 Diana Darvey, British actress, singer and dancer (d. 2000)
  • 1945-04-22 Robert Key, MP/British undersecretary for National Heritage
  • 1945-05-24 Richard Ottaway, British politician (C), born in Sonning, Berkshire
  • 1945-05-24 Steven Norris, British MP
  • 1945-05-25 Dave Lee Travis [David Griffin], British DJ and presenter (Top of the Pops], convicted of indecent assault, born in Buxton, Derbyshire
  • 1945-05-31 Linda Davies, British Judge
  • 1945-06-14 Rod Argent, St Albans United Kingdom, rock musician (The Zombies, Argent)

Person of interestAung San Suu Kyi

1945-06-19 Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese politician, leader of the National League for Democracy and human rights activist (1991 Nobel Peace Prize), born in Rangoon, British Burma

Burmese Politician Aung San Suu Kyi
Burmese Politician
Aung San Suu Kyi
  • 1945-07-03 Michael Martin, British politician, Speaker of the House of Commons (2000-09)
  • 1945-07-07 Michael Ancram, British politician
  • 1945-07-10 John Motson, British sports (football) commentator, born in Salford, Lancashire, England
  • 1945-08-02 John Bowis, British MP (C), born in Brighton, East Sussex
  • 1945-08-06 Ron Jones, British TV director (d. 1995)
  • 1945-08-13 Howard Marks, British drug dealer and author (Mr Nice), born in Kenfig Hill, Wales (d. 2016)
  • 1945-09-14 Martin Tyler, British sports broadcaster
  • 1945-09-29 Sarah Tyacke, Keeper of British Public Records
  • 1945-11-08 David Jessel, British TV-reporter
  • 1945-11-17 Jeremy Hanley, British Lower house member
  • 1945-11-26 John McVie, British rock bassist (Fleetwood Mac-Rumours, Tusk)
  • 1945-11-30 Roger Glover, British hard rock bassist (Episode Six-Deep Purple)
  • 1945-12-28 Max Hastings, British editor-in-chief (Daily Telegraph)
  • 1946-01-14 Harold Shipman, British serial killer (d. 2004)
  • 1946-01-30 Lord Mackay of Drumadoon, British QC
  • 1946-02-15 Clare Short, British MP
  • 1946-02-15 John Greenway, British MP
  • 1946-02-16 Ian Lavender, British actor (Stupid Boy in Dad's Army)
  • 1946-02-16 J R Farndon, British consultant surgeon
  • 1946-02-18 Michael Buerk, British newsreader
  • 1946-02-21 Anthony Daniels, British actor (Star Wars - C-3PO)
  • 1946-02-28 Robin Cook, British politician (d. 2005)
  • 1946-03-03 John Virgo, British snooker player
  • 1946-03-09 Jim Cregan, English rock musician, born in Yeovil, Somerset
  • 1946-03-12 Peter Whalley, British television writer and author
  • 1946-03-18 Martyn Griffiths, British racing driver
  • 1946-04-17 Henry Kelly, British broadcaster
  • 1946-06-09 Peter Kilfoyle, British MP
  • 1946-06-15 Noddy Holder, Walsall United Kingdom, rock vocalist/guitarist (Slade- Cum On Feel The Noize)

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