The United Kingdom in History (Part 17)

Historical Events

Events 1601 - 1,700 of 2,264

  • 1955-04-04 British government signs military treaty with Iraq

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1955-04-05 Anthony Eden succeeds Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Anthony Eden
British Prime Minister
Anthony Eden
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill
  • 1955-05-07 USSR signs peace treaty with France & Great Britain
  • 1955-05-26 Conservatives led by Anthony Eden win British parliamentary election
  • 1955-05-31 Great Britain proclaims emergency crisis due to rail strike
  • 1955-07-13 The last execution of a woman in Britain, Ruth Ellis, takes place at Holloway Prison, London
  • 1955-10-26 British troops occupy Saudi Arabian oil field at Boeraimi
  • 1955-11-23 Britain transfers the Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean to Australia
  • 1956-02-11 British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean deny working as spies for Soviet Russia after reappearing in the Soviet Union after going missing 5 years earlier
  • 1956-04-17 Premium Savings Bonds introduced in Great Britain
  • 1956-05-16 Great Britain performs nuclear Test at Monte Bello Is Australia
  • 1956-06-03 3rd class travel on British Railways ends
  • 1956-06-13 The last British troops leave the Suez Canal Zone in Egypt
  • 1956-07-20 Great Britain refuses to lend Egypt money to build Aswan Dam
  • 1956-08-07 British government sends 3 aircraft carriers to Egypt
  • 1956-09-10 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga, Australia
  • 1956-10-04 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga Australia
  • 1956-10-11 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga, Australia
  • 1956-10-22 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga Australia
  • 1956-10-31 Britain and France join Israeli forces in Egypt and begin to bomb Egypt to reopen Suez Canal
  • 1956-11-05 Britain and France land airborne forces at Port Said in Egypt, escalating the Suez Crisis
  • 1956-12-22 Last British & French troops leave Egypt

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1957-01-10 After Anthony Eden's resignation Harold Macmillan becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan
British Prime Minister
Harold Macmillan
British Prime Minister Anthony Eden
British Prime Minister
Anthony Eden
  • 1957-02-16 The "Toddlers' Truce", a controversial television closedown between 6.00pm and 7.00pm, abolished in the United Kingdom
  • 1957-02-18 Dedan Kimathi, a Kenyan freedom fighter is executed by the British colonial government.
  • 1957-03-15 Great Britain becomes the third nation to explode a nuclear bomb
  • 1957-03-20 Britain accepts NATO offer to mediate in Cyprus, but Greece rejects it
  • 1957-04-11 Britain agrees to Singaporean self-rule.
  • 1957-05-15 1st British H-bomb explosion (over Christmas Island)
  • 1957-05-31 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Christmas Island (atmospheric)
  • 1957-06-25 2nd Rugby League World Cup: New Zealand beats Great Britain 29-21
  • 1957-06-27 The British Medical Research Council publishes a report suggesting a direct link between smoking and lung cancer.
  • 1957-08-03 British offensive against imam Galeb Ben Ali of Oman
  • 1957-08-24 English soccer player Jimmy Greaves' (17) 1st game for Chelsea

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1957-08-31 Federation of Malaya gains independence from Great Britain

Malaysia's Founding Father Tunku Abdul Rahman
Malaysia's Founding Father
Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • 1957-09-14 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga, Australia
  • 1957-09-25 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga, Australia
  • 1957-10-05 12th Ryder Cup: Britain-Ireland win, 7½-4½ at Lindrick Golf Club (Rotherham, Yorkshire, England)
  • 1957-10-09 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga Australia

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1957-10-17 Britain's Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip visit the White House

Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip
Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Philip
  • 1957-11-08 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • 1958-03-12 British Empire Day is renamed "Commonwealth Day"

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1958-03-19 Britain's first planetarium opens at Madame Tussaud's, London

Wax Museum Creator Madame Tussaud
Wax Museum Creator
Madame Tussaud
  • 1958-03-31 USSR suspends nuclear weapons tests, & urges US & Britain to do same
  • 1958-04-28 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1958-06-09 HM Queen Elizabeth II officially opens London Gatwick Airport, (LGW), Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom.

Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II
Queen of the United Kingdom
Elizabeth II
  • 1958-06-14 British parachutists lands on Cyprus
  • 1958-08-18 United Kingdom issues regional stamps (N Ireland, Scotland & Wales)
  • 1958-08-22 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • 1958-09-02 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • 1958-09-11 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island

  • 1958-09-23 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • 1958-10-01 Britain transfers Christmas Island (south of Java) to Australia
  • 1959-02-19 Britain, Turkey & Greece sign agreement granting Cyprus independence
  • 1959-04-23 1st heliport in Britain opens in London
  • 1959-05-06 Iceland gunboats shoot at British fishing vessels
  • 1959-07-28 United Kingdom starts using postal codes
  • 1959-08-26 British Motor Corporation introduced the Morris Mini-Minor, designed by Alec Issigonis it was only 10 ft long but seated 4 passengers
  • 1959-10-08 Conservatives win British general election
  • 1959-11-02 The first section of the M1 motorway, the first inter-urban motorway in the United Kingdom, is opened between the present junctions 5 and 18, along with the M10 motorway and M45 motorway
  • 1960-02-08 Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom issued an Order-in-Council, stating that she and her family would be known as the House of Windsor, and that her descendants will take the name "Mountbatten-Windsor".
  • 1960-05-09 Nigeria becomes a member of British Commonwealth
  • 1960-06-25 Somaliland is granted independence by British government
  • 1960-06-26 British Somaliland (now Somalia) gains independence from Britain
  • 1960-06-27 British Somaliland becomes part of Somalia
  • 1960-07-01 The independent Somali Democratic Republic, commonly known as Somalia, is formed out of former British and Italian territories
  • 1960-08-16 Britain grants independence to crown colony of Cyprus
  • 1960-10-01 Nigeria gains independence from Britain (National Day)
  • 1960-10-05 British Labour party demands unilateral nuclear disarmament
  • 1960-10-08 3rd Rugby League World Cup: Great Britain beats Australia 10-3
  • 1960-10-17 US & Britain sign accord for nuclear submarine bases
  • 1960-10-18 In Britain, News Chronicle & Daily Mail merge and London Evening Star merges with Evening News
  • 1960-10-21 1st British nuclear sub HMS Dreadnought launched
  • 1960-10-30 Michael Woodruff performs the first successful kidney transplant in the United Kingdom at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
  • 1960-12-09 1st broadcast of "Coronation Street" on British ITV
  • 1961-01-16 Russian espionage ring detected in Great Britain
  • 1961-02-01 British minister Enoch Powell makes medical insurance more expensive
  • 1961-03-15 South Africa withdraws from British Commonwealth
  • 1961-03-17 South Africa leaves British Commonwealth
  • 1961-04-08 British liner "Dara" explodes in Persian Gulf, kills 236
  • 1961-05-01 Tanganyika granted full internal self-government by Britain

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1961-08-21 Kenyan political activist Jomo Kenyatta released from jail after 9 years. Imprisoned during 1952 Mau Mau rebellion with other nationalist leaders by British authorities

Founding Father of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta
Founding Father of Kenya
Jomo Kenyatta
  • 1961-10-09 Tanganyika becomes independent within British Commonwealth
  • 1961-10-31 Hurricane Hattie kills 400 in British Honduras
  • 1961-11-16 United Kingdom limits immigration from Commonwealth countries
  • 1961-12-04 The female contraceptive 'pill' becomes available on the National Health Service in Britain
  • 1961-12-09 Tanganyika gains independence from Britain, takes name Tanzania
  • 1961-12-18 Britain's EMI Records originally rejects the Beatles
  • 1961-12-21 US President Kennedy & British PM MacMillan meet in Bermuda

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1962-01-23 British intellegence officer Kim Philby defects to USSR

  • 1962-03-01 US and British nuclear test experiment in Nevada
  • 1962-03-03 British Antarctic Territory forms
  • 1962-06-29 1st flight Vickers (British Aerospace) VC-10 long-range airliner
  • 1962-08-06 Jamaica becomes independent after 300 years of British rule
  • 1962-08-31 Trinidad & Tobago gain independence from Britain (National Day)
  • 1962-09-08 Last run of the famous Pines Express over the Somerset and Dorset Railway line (UK) fittingly using the last steam locomotive built by British Railways, 9F locomotive 92220 'Evening Star'
  • 1962-10-09 Uganda becomes independent from the United Kingdom

Nobel prizeNobel Prize

1962-10-18 James Watson (US), Francis Crick (UK) and Maurice Wilkins (UK) win the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their work in determining the structure of DNA

Molecular biologist Francis Crick
Molecular biologist
Francis Crick
Molecular Biologist James Watson
Molecular Biologist
James Watson
  • 1962-11-29 Great Britain & France decide to jointly build the Concorde supersonic airliner
  • 1962-12-07 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1601 - 1,700 of 2,507

  • 1946-06-15 Noddy Holder, Walsall United Kingdom, rock vocalist/guitarist (Slade- Cum On Feel The Noize)
  • 1946-06-16 Neil MacGregor, director (British National Gallery)
  • 1946-06-18 Russell Ash, British author
  • 1946-06-21 Kate Hoey, British MP (Labour)
  • 1946-06-21 Malcolm Rifkind, British QC MP (Sect of State for Defense)
  • 1946-07-05 Paul Smith, British fashion designer
  • 1946-07-11 John Lawton, British rock singer (Uriah Heep)
  • 1946-08-03 Jack Straw, British politician
  • 1946-08-06 Allan Holdsworth, British guitarist, born in Bradford (d. 2017)

Person of interestFreddie Mercury

1946-09-05 Freddie Mercury, British singer-songwriter (Queen - We are Champions), born in Stone Town, Sultanate of Zanzibar (d. 1991)

Singer-Songwriter Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury
  • 1946-09-17 Billy Bonds, English soccer defender and manager (Charlton, West Ham United), born in Woolwich, London, England
  • 1946-09-17 Michael Jack, British minister of state-home office
  • 1946-09-24 Richard Spring, British MP
  • 1946-09-24 Robert Jackson, MP/minister of British Civil Service
  • 1946-09-25 Felicity Kendal, Indies/British actress (Shakespeare Wallah)
  • 1946-10-13 Edwina Currie, British politician (C), born in Liverpool
  • 1946-10-17 Sir Cameron Mackintosh, British stage producer
  • 1946-10-22 Kelvin MacKenzie, British media tycoon
  • 1946-10-31 Norman Lovett, English stand-up comedian and actor (Red Dwarf), born in Windsor, Berkshire, England
  • 1946-11-17 Martin Barre, British pop guitarist (Jethro Tull)
  • 1946-12-27 Janet Street-Porter, British TV personality (Youth)
  • 1947-01-16 Magdalen Nabb, British author (d. 2007)
  • 1947-01-16 Harvey Proctor, British politician
  • 1947-02-01 Adam Ingram, British MP
  • 1947-02-17 Dallas Adams, British actor/painter/writer (Terror From Within)
  • 1947-02-23 Colin Sanders, British computer engineer (Solid State Logic)
  • 1947-02-25 Lewis Moonie, British MP
  • 1947-03-13 Lesley Collier, English ballet dancer, born in Orpington, England
  • 1947-03-14 Pam Ayres, British poet
  • 1947-04-11 Michael Hindley, British politician, Member of the European Parliament, born in Blackburn, England
  • 1947-04-19 Wilf Stevenson, director (British Film Institute)
  • 1947-04-29 John Laurence Miller, golfer (US Open 1973, British Open 1976), born in San Francisco, California
  • 1947-05-13 Pete "Overend" Watts, English rock bassist (Mott The Hoople-All Young Dudes), born in Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 1947-06-02 Mark Elder, British opera and symphony conductor
  • 1947-06-03 Mickey Finn, British guitarist and percussionist (T. Rex) (d. 2003)
  • 1947-06-19 Salman Rushdie, British-Indian novelist (Midnight's Children, Satanic Verses), born in Mumbai, India
  • 1947-06-20 David French, British director (Deep Sleep, Bingo)
  • 1947-06-21 Joseph "Joey" Molland, British rock guitarist (Badfinger-Come & Get It), born in Liverpool, England
  • 1947-06-29 Michael Carter, Scottish actor, born in Dumfries, Scotland
  • 1947-07-24 Neil McIntosh, CEO (VSO, Center for British Teaching)
  • 1947-08-15 Brian Hulls, British TV news cameraman
  • 1947-08-23 David Robb, British actor
  • 1947-09-16 Russ Abbot [Russell A Roberts], British TV comedian (The Russ Abbot Show, September Song), born in Cheshire, England
  • 1947-09-17 Tessa Jowell, British MP
  • 1947-09-19 Tanith Lee, British sci-fi author (Don't Bite the Sun), born in London
  • 1947-09-25 John Fiddler, England, rock vocalist/guitarist (British Lions)
  • 1947-09-28 Peter Hope-Evans, British singer and harmonicaist (Medicine Head), born in Brecon, Powys, Wales
  • 1947-09-28 Jon Snow, British TV journalist (Channel 4)
  • 1947-10-04 Ann Widdecombe, British politician
  • 1947-10-18 Paul Chuckle, British comedian
  • 1947-10-26 Ian Ashley, British racing driver, born in Wuppertal, Germany
  • 1947-11-02 Dave Pegg, British pop bassist (Jethro Tull-Crest of a Nave), born in Birmingham, England
  • 1947-12-29 Vincent Winter, British actor (d. 1998)
  • 1948-01-24 Michael Des Barres, British actor and rock singer
  • 1948-02-20 John Browne, group chief executive, British Petroleum Company
  • 1948-02-25 G B Warren, British biochemist
  • 1948-03-12 Virginia Bottomley, British minister of health and heritage
  • 1948-03-17 Alexander Nelson Hood, 4th Viscount Bridport, British-born investment banker
  • 1948-03-30 Nigel Jones, British MP
  • 1948-04-13 Sue Doughty, British politician
  • 1948-04-16 Lynne Franks, British public relations consultant
  • 1948-05-08 John Reid, British politician (L), born in Bellshill, Scotland
  • 1948-05-11 Nirj Deva, Sri Lankan-British politician
  • 1948-05-28 Ray Laidlaw, British rock drummer (Jack the Lad)
  • 1948-06-11 Anthony Nelson, British Labour politician, born in Hamburg, Germany
  • 1948-06-29 Ian Paice, British hard rock drummer (White Snake, Deep Purple), born in Nottingham, England
  • 1948-08-01 Robert [Bob] Spink, British MP
  • 1948-08-02 Andy Fairweather Low, British guitarist
  • 1948-08-15 George Ryton, British engineer, born in Singapore
  • 1948-08-18 Joseph Marcell, British actor (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ), born in St. Lucia, Caribbean
  • 1948-08-22 Rob Buckman, British broadcaster and actor (Pink Medicine Show), born in London
  • 1948-09-10 Margaret Trudeau, former Canadian 1st lady, born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 1948-09-22 Mark A P Phillips, British ex of princess Anne
  • 1948-09-24 Bernadette Hingley, British priest
  • 1948-10-24 Paul and Barry Ryan, British composers-singers
  • 1948-12-22 Noel Edmonds, British TV personality (Foul-ups, Bleeps & Blunders)
  • 1949-01-04 Mick Mills, British(?) soccer player
  • 1949-01-19 Dennis Taylor, British professional snooker player and snooker commentator (1985 World Championship), born in Coalisland, United Kingdom
  • 1949-02-09 Bernard Gallacher, British golfer
  • 1949-02-23 Maureen Hicks, British MP
  • 1949-02-26 Emma Kirkby, British(?) soprano
  • 1949-03-12 David Mellor, secretary of the British treasury/MP
  • 1949-03-14 Michael Stedman, British World War I Historian and Author
  • 1949-03-22 Brian Hanrahan, British TV newsman (BBC)
  • 1949-03-29 Keith Simpson, British politician and military historian, born in Norwich, Norfolk
  • 1949-03-30 Sue Cook, British broadcaster
  • 1949-04-02 Paul Gambaccini, American-British disc jockey, born in Bronx, New York
  • 1949-04-25 James Fenton, British poet
  • 1949-05-04 Graham Swift, British author (Waterland, Last Orders), born in London
  • 1949-05-13 Jane Glover, British conductor
  • 1949-05-17 Timothy Cordy, British director (Town/Country Planning Association)
  • 1949-05-21 Rosalind Plowright, British soprano (Aida, Senta)
  • 1949-06-02 Heather Couper, British astron
  • 1949-06-09 Douglas Henderson, British MP
  • 1949-06-11 Tom Pryce, British racing driver, born in Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales (d. 1977)
  • 1949-06-12 John Wetton, British rock vocalist and bassist (Asia, King Crimson), born in Willington (d. 2017)
  • 1949-06-14 Jimmy Lea, British musician (Slade)
  • 1949-06-17 Helen Rosenthal, British teacher/health administrator
  • 1949-07-16 Ray Major, rock guitarist (British Lions)
  • 1949-07-26 Roger Taylor, English rock drummer (Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody), born in Norfolk, England

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