The United Kingdom in History (Part 25)

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Birthdays 2401 - 2,419 of 2,419

  • 1990-08-17 Rachel Hurd-Wood, British actress (Clique), born in London, England
  • 1990-08-26 Lil' Chris [Hardman], British rock singer (Checkin' It Out), born in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England (d. 2015)
  • 1990-08-29 Sam Stern, British chef and author, born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • 1990-10-01 Charlie McDonnell, British YouTube Personality

Person of interestBonnie Wright

1991-02-17 Bonnie Wright, British actress (Ginny Weasley in "Harry Potter" franchise), born in London, England

Actress Bonnie Wright
Bonnie Wright
  • 1991-07-20 William Tomlin, British actor
  • 1991-12-24 Louis Tomlinson, English pop singer (One Direction), born in Doncaster, England
  • 1992-05-07 Gavin Hetherington, British actor
  • 1992-07-08 Benjamin Grosvenor, British pianist
  • 1992-12-17 Thomas Law, British Actor

Person of interestZayn Malik

1993-01-12 Zayn Malik, English pop singer (One Direction), born in Bradford, England

Singer-songwriter Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik
  • 1993-03-04 Alice Jones, British actress
  • 1993-08-29 Liam Payne, English pop singer (One Direction), born in Wolverhampton, England

Person of interestHarry Styles

1994-02-01 Harry Styles, British pop singer (One Direction), born in Redditch, England

Singer Harry Styles
Harry Styles
  • 1994-07-06 Rebecca Rosso and Camilla Rosso, British actresses
  • 1994-09-19 Alex Etel, British actor (From Time to Time), born in Machester, England
  • 1996-06-23 Charlie Jones, British actor
  • 2003-11-08 Lady Louise Windsor, British royal, born in Surrey, England
  • 2007-09-22 Albert Windsor, descendant of British monarch

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