The United Kingdom in History (Part 4)

Historical Events

Events 301 - 400 of 2,236

  • 1799-06-22 Britain and Russia decide to invade Batavian Republic
  • 1799-08-13 British fleet under Lord Seymour overthrows Suriname
  • 1799-08-27 British invasion army lands in North Holland
  • 1799-08-30 Batavian fleet surrenders to British
  • 1799-10-06 Battle of Castricum: Franco-Dutch army beats British-Russian army
  • 1799-10-09 Sinking of British frigate HMS Lutine, with the loss of 240 men and cargo worth £1,200,000 off Dutch coast
  • 1799-10-10 Convention of Alkmaar: British-Russian invasion army departs Holland
  • 1800-03-17 British warship HMS Queen Charlotte catches fire off the Tuscan Archipelago; 700 die
  • 1800-07-10 The British Indian Government establishes the Fort William College to promote Urdu, Hindi and other vernaculars of sub continent
  • 1800-09-05 Malta surrenders to British after they blockade French troops
  • 1800-09-13 Curacao in British hands (until Jan 1803)

United Kingdom Forms

1801-01-01 The Irish Parliament votes to join the Kingdom of Great Britain, forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • 1801-03-08 British drive French forces from Abukir, Egypt
  • 1801-03-10 First official census in Great Britain, revealing a population of approximately 10 million

Battle of Copenhagen

1801-04-02 Napoleonic Wars: The British led by Horatio Nelson destroy the Danish fleet in the naval Battle of Copenhagen

  • 1801-07-06 Battle at Algeciras: French fleet beats British
  • 1801-07-12 Second Battle of Algeciras: British fleet beats French and Spanish (six days after losing the 1st Battle of Algeciras)
  • 1801-10-01 Britain & France sign Preliminary of London
  • 1802-03-25 Great Britain and the French Republic sign the Treaty of Amiens
  • 1802-12-02 Britain sells Suriname to the Netherlands
  • 1803-05-18 "Peace of Amiens" between French Republic and Great Britain ends as Britain declares war on France, due to France's imperialist policies in the West Indies, Italy, and Switzerland
  • 1803-07-05 The convention of Artlenburg leads to the French occupation of Hanover (which had been ruled by the British king)
  • 1803-09-23 Battle of Assaye: British-Indian forces beat Maratha Army

Historic Event

1804-01-31 British vice-admiral William Blighs fleet reaches Curacao

  • 1804-04-28 31 British ships sail up Suriname river demanding transition colony from the Dutch
  • 1804-05-06 Suriname sold to Great Britain (until Feb 1816)
  • 1804-10-02 Britain mobilizes to protect against French invasion

Victory in Battle

1805-10-21 Battle of Trafalgar: British Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats combined French and Spanish fleet. Nelson shot and killed during battle.

  • 1806-01-08 Battle of Blaauwberg: British forces attack French vassal, the Batavian Republic near Cape Town, modern day South Africa
  • 1806-01-10 Dutch in Capetown surrender to British
  • 1806-01-19 United Kingdom re-occupies the Cape of Good Hope following victory in the Battle of Blaauwberg over French vassal, the Batavian Republic. Establishes British rule in South Africa.
  • 1806-06-24 British under Commodore Popham and Colonel Beresford reach Buenos Aires
  • 1806-06-27 Buenos Aires captured by British
  • 1806-07-10 The Vellore Mutiny is the first instance of a mutiny by Indian sepoys against the British East India Company
  • 1806-10-08 British forces lay siege to French port of Boulogne using Congreve rockets, invented by Sir William Congreve
  • 1807-02-03 A British military force, under Brigadier-General Sir Samuel Auchmuty captures the city of Montevideo in the Battle of Montevideo, then part of the Spanish Empire now capital of Uruguay (Napoleonic Wars)
  • 1807-02-19 British squadron under Admiral Duckworth attempts to force passage of Dardanelles

Britain Abolishes the Slave Trade

1807-03-25 British Parliament abolishes slave trade throughout the British Empire; penalty of £120 per slave introduced for ship captains

Historic Event

1807-03-25 George Canning becomes British Foreign Secretary

  • 1807-06-22 British board USS Chesapeake, a provocation leading to War of 1812
  • 1807-06-28 British troops land at Ensenada, Argentina

Historic Event

1807-12-22 US Congress passes Embargo Act and President Thomas Jefferson signs into law. Prohibits American ships from trading in foreign ports, as result of involvement in hostilities between France and Britain

  • 1808-01-01 Sierra Leone becomes a British colony

Victory in Battle

1808-08-21 Battle of Vimeiro: British and Portuguese forces led by General Arthur Wellesley defeat French force under Major-General Jean-Andoche Junot near the village of Vimeiro, Portugal, the first Anglo-Portuguese victory of the Peninsular War.

  • 1809-01-05 Treaty of Dardanelles concluded between Britain & France

Historic Event

1809-01-06 Napoleonic Wars: Invasion of Cayenne, by combined British, Portuguese and colonial Brazilian forces, begins

  • 1809-01-12 British take Cayenne (French Guiana) from French (until 1814)
  • 1809-01-16 Peninsular War: The British defeat the French at the Battle of Corunna
  • 1809-07-27 Battle of Talavera: British/Spanish army vs French army
  • 1809-07-30 British armed force of 39,000 lands in Walcheren
  • 1809-12-26 British invasionary troop leaves Vlissingen
  • 1810-12-22 British frigate HMS Minotaur sinks killing 480
  • 1811-02-11 President Madison prohibits trade with Britain for 3rd time in 4 years

Victory in Battle

1811-09-18 British East India Company force led by Baron Minto conquers Java, part of the Dutch East Indies, Stamford Raffles appointed lieutenant governor

  • 1812-01-19 Peninsular War: After a ten day siege, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, orders British soldiers of the Light and third divisions to storm Ciudad Rodrigo
  • 1812-04-05 British storm Badajoz fortress in Extremadura, Spain, held by French & Spanish

Assassination of a British Prime Minister

1812-05-11 British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval is assassinated by John Bellingham in the lobby of the House of Commons, London. Ironically, descendants of both later stand for the same seat in Parliament at the same time but neither win.

  • 1812-06-18 War of 1812 begins as US declares war against Britain

Victory in Battle

1812-06-22 Upon learning of plans by the Americans to execute a surprise attack, Laura Secord walks 32 km to warn British troops, results in a British surprise victory at the Battle of Beaver Dams

Victory in Battle

1812-08-16 General Hull surrenders Detroit and Michigan territory to British forces under the command of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, who capture Fort Detroit with the help of Indigenous warriors led by Tecumseh

  • 1812-08-19 US warship Constitution defeats British warship Guerriere
  • 1812-10-25 US frigate United States captures British vessel Macedonian

Historic Publication

1813-01-28 Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" is published by Thomas Egerton in the United Kingdom

  • 1813-06-24 Battle of Beaver Dams - British and native forces defeat US forces (War of 1812)
  • 1813-07-31 British invade Plattsburgh, NY

Appointment of Interest

1813-08-12 Robert Southey is appointed British Poet Laureate by King George III

  • 1813-08-14 British warship Pelican attacks & captures US war brigantine Argus
  • 1813-09-10 American Naval Commander Oliver Hazard Perry defeats the British in Battle of Lake Erie
  • 1813-10-05 Battle of the Thames; American forces under General William Henry Harrison defeat Tecumseh's Confederacy and their British allies led by Henry Procter near Chatham, Upper Canada
  • 1813-10-23 The Pacific Fur Company trading post in Astoria, Oregon is turned over to the rival British North West Company (the fur trade in the Pacific Northwest was dominated for the next three decades by the United Kingdom).
  • 1813-12-18 British take Fort Niagara in War of 1812
  • 1813-12-29 British burn Buffalo, New York during War of 1812
  • 1814-05-05 British attack Fort Ontario, Oswego, New York
  • 1814-07-05 Americans defeat British and Canadians at Chippewa, Ontario
  • 1814-07-18 British capture Prairie du Chien (Wisconsin)
  • 1814-07-25 Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy's Lane); Americans defeat British
  • 1814-08-24 British forces capture Washington, D.C. and destroy many landmarks (War of 1812)
  • 1814-08-25 British forces destroy Library of Congress, containing 3,000 books (War of 1812)
  • 1814-09-11 Battle of Lake Champlain, NY; American Navy defeats British
  • 1814-09-11 Begun on the 6th Sept, Americans defeat British at Battle of Plattsburgh during War of 1812
  • 1814-12-14 The Battle of Lake Borgne in Louisiana: British victory over the United States

Treaty of Ghent

1814-12-24 Treaty of Ghent signed, ending the War of 1812 between the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies

  • 1815-01-03 France, the United Kingdom, and Austria form an alliance against Russia and Prussia
  • 1815-01-15 War of 1812: the USS President, an American frigate, is captured by four British frigates
  • 1815-03-02 Signing of Kandyan treaty by British invaders and Sri Lankan King
  • 1815-04-06 British militia shoots prisoners, 100's killed
  • 1815-08-09 Napoleon Bonaparte sets sail for exile on St Helena on board British ship the Northumberland
  • 1816-05-10 British steamship "Defiance" arrives at Rotterdam harbor
  • 1816-08-14 Great Britain annexes Tristan da Cunha
  • 1816-12-10 Dutch regain Sumatra from the British
  • 1817-01-22 British freighter Diana sinks off Malaya
  • 1818-01-02 The British Institution of Civil Engineers is founded.
  • 1818-05-04 Netherlands & Britain sign treaty against illegal slave handling
  • 1818-06-03 Maratha Wars between British and Maratha Confederacy in India ends
  • 1818-10-20 US and Britain agree to joint control of Oregon country
  • 1819-02-19 British explorer William Smith discovers the South Shetland Islands, and claims them in the name of King George III
  • 1820-01-30 British explorer Edward Bransfield aboard Williams sights Trinity Peninsula, Antarctica, claiming it for Britain
  • 1822-07-08 Chippewas turn over huge tract of land in Ontario to the United Kingdom
  • 1824-01-22 Ashantis defeat British forces in the Gold Coast

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 301 - 400 of 2,384

  • 1868-02-26 Leonard Borwick, English concert pianist, born in Walthamstow, England (d. 1925)

Robert Falcon ScottRobert Falcon Scott (1868-1912)

1868-06-06 British explorer and leader of the ill-fated south pole expedition, born in Plymouth, England

  • 1868-07-06 Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom, fourth child and second daughter of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark, born in Marlborough House, London (d. 1935)

Gertrude BellGertrude Bell (1868-1926)

1868-07-14 British archaeologist (Desert & The Sown), born in Washington Hall, County Durham, England

  • 1868-08-12 Frederic Thesiger, 1st Viscount Chelmsford, 22nd Governor of New South Wales (1908-13) and Viceroy of British India (1916-21), born in London, England (d. 1933)
  • 1868-10-23 Frederick Lanchester, English Engineer who built the first British petrol automobile (1896), born in London, England (d. 1946)
  • 1869-03-14 Algernon Blackwood, English novelist (The Willows), born in Shooter's Hill, Kent, England (d. 1951)

Neville ChamberlainNeville Chamberlain (1869-1940)

1869-03-18 British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1937-40), born in Birmingham, England

  • 1869-12-16 Albert Pollard, British historian (Dictionary of Natural Biography), born in Ryde, England (d. 1948)
  • 1870-01-07 Gordon Hewart, British judge "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done" (Lord Chief Justice 1922-40), born in Bury, England (d. 1943)
  • 1870-03-17 Horace Donisthorpe, British entomologist (d. 1951)
  • 1871-01-09 Charles Kortright, British(?) cricket player

David BeattyDavid Beatty (1871-1936)

1871-01-17 1st Earl Beatty and British Admiral of the Fleet during World War I (Battle of Jutland), born in Nantwich, England

  • 1871-06-22 William McDougall, British psychologist and polymath (d. 1938)
  • 1871-09-10 Charles Collett, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Great Western Railway (1922-41) (d. 1952)
  • 1872-02-11 Edward Johnston, British craftsman and calligrapher - "the father of modern calligraphy" (d. 1944)
  • 1872-04-23 Violet Gordon-Woodhouse, British musician (harpsichord and clavichord), born in Harley Street, St Marylebone, London (d. 1948)
  • 1872-07-26 George Louis Beer, American historian (authority on British colonies), born in Staten Island, New York (d. 1920)
  • 1872-10-08 John Cowper Powys, British writer (Wood & Stone, Wolf Solent), born in Shirley, Derbyshire (d. 1963)
  • 1872-12-21 Sidney Ainsworth, British silent film actor (Not in the News, The Rajah's Tunic), born in Manchester, England (d. 1922)
  • 1872-12-26 Norman Angell, British politician/cowboy/journalist, Nobel laureate (1933), (d. 1967)
  • 1873-03-17 Margaret Bondfield, British politician and 1st British female cabinet minister (1929-31), born in Chard, Somerset (d. 1953)

Howard CarterHoward Carter (1873-1939)

1873-05-09 British archaeologist and egyptologist who found King Tutankhamun's tomb, born in London

  • 1873-06-21 H. M. Tomlinson, British writer (Sea & Jungle), born in London (d. 1958)
  • 1873-10-24 Edmund Taylor Whittaker, Southport, Lancashire, U.K., British mathematician (applied mathematics and the theory of special functions)
  • 1873-11-22 Leopold CMS Amery, British minister of Colonies (India), born in Gorakhpur, British India (d. 1955)
  • 1874-01-25 W. Somerset Maugham, British novelist & poet (Of Human Bondage), born in Paris, France (d. 1965)

Ernest ShackletonErnest Shackleton (1874-1922)

1874-02-15 British-Irish polar explorer (Endurance, Antarctica), born in Kilkea, Ireland

  • 1874-10-26 Martin Lowry, English chemist (Brønsted–Lowry acid–base theory), born in Low Moor, Bradford (d. 1936)
  • 1874-11-29 Francis Dodd, British artist, born in Holyhead, Wales (d. 1949)

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill (1874-1965)

1874-11-30 British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1940-45, 1951-55) during World War II, and writer (Nobel Prize in Literature, 1953), born in Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

  • 1875-04-29 Rafael Sabatini, Italian-British writer (The Sea Hawk), born in Iesi, Italy (d. 1950)
  • 1875-10-12 Aleister Crowley, British occultist, founded the religion of Thelema, born in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire England (d. 1947)
  • 1875-12-06 Evelyn Underhill, British Anglo-Catholic poet, born in Wolverhampton, England (d. 1941)
  • 1877-08-01 Charlotte Hughes, British supercentenarian (lived under the rule of 6 monarchs and 24 British Prime Ministers), born in Middlesbrough, England (d. 1993)

Charles RollsCharles Rolls (1877-1910)

1877-08-27 British aviator and auto manufacturer who co-founded Rolls Royce, born in Berkeley Square, London

  • 1877-08-29 Dudley Pound, British admiral of the fleet and 1st Sea Lord (Jutland, WW II), born in Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England (d. 1943)
  • 1877-11-01 Roger Quilter, British composer, born in Hove, Sussex (d. 1953)
  • 1878-01-06 Dame Adeline Genée, Danish-British ballerina, born in Aarhus, Denmark (d. 1970)
  • 1878-06-01 John Masefield, British writer and poet (Salt-Water Ballads), Poet Laureate (1930-67), born in Ledbury, Herefordshire (d. 1967)
  • 1879-01-01 Ernest Jones, British psychoanalyst (Life & Work of Sigmund Freud)
  • 1879-03-05 Sir William Beveridge, British economist (d. 1963)
  • 1880-03-12 Henry Drysdale Dakin, British-American biochemist, known for the Dakin-West reaction (d. 1952)
  • 1880-03-17 Sir Patrick Hastings, British barrister (d. 1952)
  • 1880-05-06 Edmund Ironside, 1st Baron Ironside, British fieldmarshal, born in Edinburgh, Scotland (d. 1959)
  • 1880-06-21 Josiah Stamp, 1st Baron Stamp, British civil servant, industrialist, economist, statistician and banker, born in Hampstead, London (d. 1941)
  • 1880-09-16 Alfred Noyes, British poet and essayist (Loom of Years, Highwayman), born in Wolverhampton, England (d. 1958)
  • 1880-11-25 Elsie J. Oxenham, British children's author (Abbey Series), born in Southport, Lancashire, England (d. 1960)
  • 1881-01-17 Alfred Radcliffe-Browne, British anthropologist (Andaman Islanders), born in Birmingham, England (d. 1955)
  • 1881-02-05 Frederick Leonard Lonsdale, British playwright (Balkan Princess)
  • 1881-03-09 Ernest Bevin, British Minister of Labour (1940-45) and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1945-51), born in Winsford, Sommerset (d. 1951)
  • 1881-10-15 P. G. Wodehouse, British-American writer (Bertie Wooster novels), born in Guildford, England (d. 1975)
  • 1882-03-30 Melanie Klein, Austrian-British author and child psychoanalyst (object relations theory), born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (d. 1960)
  • 1882-04-24 Hugh Dowding, commander of RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, born in Moffat, Scotland (d. 1970)
  • 1882-06-10 Neville Henderson, British diplomat and Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Nazi Germany (1937-39), born in Sedgwick, Sussex, England (d. 1942)
  • 1882-07-27 Geoffrey de Havilland, British aircraft designer, born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England (d. 1965)
  • 1882-09-19 Christopher Stone, first disc jockey in the United Kingdom (d. 1965)
  • 1883-01-07 Andrew Browne Cunningham, Irish British admiral (First Sea Lord of the Admiralty 1943-46), born in Dublin, Ireland (d. 1963)
  • 1883-02-16 Elizabeth Craig, British writer (d. 1980)
  • 1883-03-24 James I Wedgwood, British theosophist and bishop (Liberal Catholic Church), born in London (d. 1951)
  • 1883-04-11 Leonard Mudie, British actor (Magnetic Monster, British Intelligence), born in Cheetham, England (d. 1965)
  • 1883-05-05 Archibald Wavell, 1st Earl Wavell, British general, born in Colchester, Essex, England (d. 1950)
  • 1883-11-06 Hubert Bath, British film composer and music director, born in Barnstaple, Devon (d. 1945)
  • 1884-04-02 Sir J. C. Squire, British poet, writer, and historian, born in Plymouth, Devon (d. 1958)
  • 1884-05-01 Francis Curzon, 5th Earl Howe, British politician, naval officer and auto racer (1931 Le Mans), born in Mayfair, London (d. 1964)
  • 1884-06-13 Gerald Gardner, British occultist and Wiccan (founding the tradition of Gardnerian Wicca), born in Blundellsands, Lancashire, England (d. 1964)
  • 1884-06-21 Claude Auchinleck, British Army commander during the Second World War, born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England (d. 1981)
  • 1884-07-13 Francis B Young, British physician/writer (White Ladies)
  • 1884-08-16 Adrian S Oppenheim, Dutch lawyer/adviser (British Petroleum/Shell)
  • 1885-01-05 Humbert Wolfe, Italian-born British poet, born in Milan, Italy (d. 1940)
  • 1885-03-26 Robert Blackburn, British aviation pioneer and the founder of Blackburn Aircraft, born in Kirkstall, Leeds (d. 1955)
  • 1885-04-01 Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill (Hozier), British barones
  • 1885-04-03 St John Philby, British explorer and Arabist, born in Badulla, British Ceylon (d. 1960)
  • 1885-05-29 Erwin Finlay-Freundlich, British astronomer (theory of relativity), born in Biebrich, Germany (d. 1964)
  • 1886-03-01 Oskar Kokoschka, Russia/Austrian/British, painter (Erasmus Prize 1960)
  • 1886-03-17 Princess Patricia of Connaught, British princess (d. 1974)
  • 1886-05-10 Olaf Stapleton, British religious sci-fi writer (Star Maker)
  • 1886-05-25 Rash Behari Bose, Indian revolutionary leader against the British Raj in India, born in Bengal, India (d. 1945)
  • 1886-11-12 Ben Travers, British playwright (d. 1980)
  • 1887-06-20 Kurt Schwitters, German-British dada-artist and poet (collages), born in Hanover (d. 1948)
  • 1887-06-26 Anthony Gustav de Rothschild, British philanthropist, born in London (d. 1961)

Rupert BrookeRupert Brooke (1887-1915)

1887-08-03 British WW I poet (Lithuania, The Soldier), born in Rugby, England

  • 1887-08-06 Dudley Benjafield, British racing driver, born in Edmonton, London (d. 1957)
  • 1887-08-31 Friedrich A Paneth, Austrian-British chemist, born in Vienna, Austria (d. 1958)
  • 1887-11-01 L. S. Lowry, British painter of industrial scenes, born in Stretford, England (d. 1976)
  • 1887-11-11 Roland Young, British-born American actor, born in London, England (d. 1953)

Bernard MontgomeryBernard Montgomery (1887-1976)

1887-11-17 1st Viscount Alamein, British WWII Field Marshal (African campaign, D-Day) and WWI officer, born in London

  • 1887-12-26 Arthur Ernest Percival, British Army officer (d. 1966)
  • 1888-01-23 Gilbert Ledward, English sculptor, born in Chelsea, London (d. 1960)
  • 1888-02-21 Clemence Dane [Winifred Ashton], British novelist and playwright (A Bill of Divorcement), born in Blackheath, England (d. 1965)
  • 1889-02-01 Gertrude Caton-Thompson, British archaeologist (Zimbabwe, So Arabia)
  • 1889-02-10 Howard Spring, British author/novelist/writer/critic (O Absalom)
  • 1889-02-22 Robin G Collingwood, English philosopher (Roman Britain)
  • 1889-03-24 Albert Hill, British athlete (d. 1969)
  • 1890-07-11 Arthur W Tedder of Glenguin, British air marshal (WWII)
  • 1890-08-05 Hans Gál, Austrian-British composer (Die heilige Ente (The Sacred Duck)), born in Brunn am Gebirge, Austria (d. 1987)
  • 1890-08-24 Jean Rhys [Ella Gwendolyn Rees Williams], British writer (Voyage in the Dark), born in Roseau, Dominica (d. 1979)

Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie (1890-1976)

1890-09-15 English crime writer (Murder on the Orient Express, Mousetrap), born in Torquay, Devon

  • 1890-11-15 Richmal Crompton, British author (d. 1969)

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

Famous Deaths

Deaths 301 - 400 of 1,250

  • 1915-01-03 James Elroy Flecker, English poet and dramatist (Hassan), dies at 30

Edith CavellEdith Cavell (1865-1915)

1915-10-12 British nurse, executed by German firing squad in Belgium during World War I at 49

W. G. GraceW. G. Grace (1848-1915)

1915-10-23 English cricket all-rounder and captain (22 Tests; 54,896 runs over record 44 first class seasons; Gloucestershire), dies of a heart attack at 67

  • 1916-02-28 Henry James, American-British writer (Bostonians), dies at 72

Horatio KitchenerHoratio Kitchener (1850-1916)

1916-06-05 British General who commanded British forces during the Battle of Omdurman (Sudan) and the Second Boer War who became British Secretary of State for War during WWI (1914-16), drowns at 65 after the HMS Hampshire struck a German mine

  • 1916-07-27 Charles Fryatt, British capt of SS Brussels, executed by Germans, dies
  • 1916-11-14 Saki, British writer (b. 1870)
  • 1917-04-09 James Hope Moulton, British scholar of Classical Greek (b. 1863)
  • 1917-07-21 Christopher J Forster, British RAF-pilot/capt, dies in battle
  • 1917-11-14 William Smith, British deserter in France, executed at 20
  • 1917-12-17 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, 1st qualified woman physician in Britain, first woman mayor (Aldeburgh), dies at 81
  • 1918-07-26 Eduard "Mick" Mannock, British WW I flying ace (Victoria Cross), dies at 31
  • 1919-03-10 Amelia E. Barr, British-born American writer (Remember the Alamo), dies at 87
  • 1919-07-26 Edward Poynter, British painter, President of the Royal Academy, dies at 83
  • 1920-07-10 Jackie Fisher, British admiral (b. 1841)
  • 1920-08-01 Bal Gangadhar Tilak, early Indian nationalist leader, dies at 64

Ernest ShackletonErnest Shackleton (1874-1922)

1922-01-05 British-Irish polar explorer (Endurance, Antarctica), dies of a heart attack at 47

  • 1922-06-04 William Halse Rivers, British psychologist/anthropologist, dies
  • 1922-10-24 George Cadbury, British chocolate and cocoa manufacturer (Cadbury), dies at 83
  • 1923-04-04 John Venn, English mathematician (Venn Diagram), dies at 88

Joseph ConradJoseph Conrad (1857-1924)

1924-08-03 Polish-English novelist (Lord Jim, Heart of Darkness), dies at 66

  • 1924-10-29 Frances Hodgson Burnett, British-American playwright and children's author ("The Secret Garden"; "Little Lord Fauntleroy"), dies at 74
  • 1924-11-19 Lee Stack, British sirdar in Egypt/gov-gen of Sudan, murdered
  • 1925-03-20 George N Curzon, British Foreign minister (1919-22), dies at 66
  • 1925-05-12 Alfred Milner, British governor (Cape Colony) and colonial administrator, dies at 71
  • 1925-11-20 Alexandra, Danish princess and Queen of Great Britain, consort to Edward VII, dies at 80
  • 1926-05-21 Ronald Firbank, British novelist (The Flower Beneath the Foot), dies at 40

Gertrude BellGertrude Bell (1868-1926)

1926-07-12 British archaeologist (Desert & The Sown), dies at 57

  • 1926-08-01 Israel Zangwill, Jewish author (Children of The Ghetto) and Zionist leader, dies at 62
  • 1927-01-09 Houston Stewart Chamberlain, British-German philosopher (wrote works about political philosophy and natural science), dies at 71
  • 1927-05-02 Ernest Starling, British physiologist (Frank–Starling law of the heart), dies at 61
  • 1927-06-14 Jerome K. Jerome, English writer (The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow), dies at 68
  • 1927-08-04 John Dillon, Irish nationalist and British Lower house leader, dies at 75
  • 1928-08-29 Richard Haldane, British viscount and lord-chancellor (Life of A Smith), dies at 72
  • 1929-02-12 Lillie Langtry [Emilie Charlotte Le Breton], American actress (His Neighbor's Wife), dies at 75
  • 1929-08-05 Millicent Fawcett, English suffragist, dies at 82

Arthur BalfourArthur Balfour (1848-1930)

1930-03-19 British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1902-05) and Foreign Secretary (Balfour Declaration), dies of unremitting circulatory trouble at 81

  • 1930-04-21 Robert Bridges, English poet (Testament of beauty) and British Poet Laureate (1913-30), dies at 85
  • 1930-06-13 Henry Segrave, British racing driver who held land speed records and the water speed record (b. 1896)

Arthur Conan DoyleArthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1930-07-07 British author who brought Sherlock Holmes to life twice, dies at 71

  • 1930-10-05 Christopher Birdwood Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson, British military officer (b. 1875)
  • 1931-01-14 William Ernst Johnson, British mathematician, dies
  • 1931-02-11 Charles Algernon Parsons, British inventor (steam turbine), dies at 76
  • 1931-05-05 Glen Kidston, British aviator and racing driver (b. 1899)
  • 1932-01-01 C. P. Scott, British journalist, publisher and politician, dies at 85

Edgar WallaceEdgar Wallace (1875-1932)

1932-02-10 English novelist, playwright and journalist (The Terror, The Four Just Men) who created King Kong, dies of diabetes at 76

  • 1932-03-11 Dora Carrington, British Bloomsbury artist commits suicide aged 38
  • 1933-05-26 Horatio Bottomley, British financier and politician (b. 1860)
  • 1933-06-22 Henry Birkin, British auto racer (24 Hours of Le Mans class 8.0 1929; class 3.0 1931), dies from malaria at 36
  • 1933-07-08 Anthony Hope, British novelist and playwright (The Prisoner of Zenda), dies of cancer at 70
  • 1933-09-24 Alice Muriel Williamson, British novelist (b. 1869)
  • 1934-04-14 Gerald du Maurier, British actor (Power, Escape!, Masks and Faces), at 61
  • 1935-02-13 Violet Paget, British author (Gospels of Anarchy), dies at 78
  • 1935-06-06 Julian Byng, 1st Viscount Byng of Vimy, British army officer, dies at 72
  • 1935-08-11 William Watson, British poet (Purple East), dies at 77
  • 1935-10-10 Arthur Henderson, British Labour minister (Nobel Peace Prize 1934), dies at 72
  • 1935-10-27 Ernest Eldridge, British auto racer (world land speed record 1924 at Arpajon, France; 1 mile −145.89 mph), dies from pneumonia at 40

John JellicoeJohn Jellicoe (1859-1935)

1935-11-20 1st Earl Jellicoe, British Admiral of the Fleet in World War I (Battle of Jutland), dies of pneumonia at 75

George VGeorge V (1865-1936)

1936-01-20 King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India (1910-36), dies at 70 after being euthanized by his doctor

  • 1936-02-19 Charles Harding Firth, British historian (b. 1857)

David BeattyDavid Beatty (1871-1936)

1936-03-12 1st Earl Beatty and British Admiral of the Fleet during World War I (Battle of Jutland), dies of heart failure at 65

  • 1937-05-15 Phillip Snowden, British politician first Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, dies at 72
  • 1937-06-11 R. J. (Reginald Joseph) Mitchell, British aircraft designer (b. 1895)
  • 1937-07-18 Julian Bell, British poet (b. 1908)
  • 1937-08-06 Ferdinand CS Schiller, British philosopher (Mind!), dies at 72
  • 1937-08-14 Sapper, British soldier, novelist (Bull-Dog Drummond), dies at 48

Ramsay MacDonaldRamsay MacDonald (1866-1937)

1937-11-09 British Prime Minister (Labour: 1924, 1929-35), dies of natural causes at sea on board the liner Reina del Pacifico at 71

  • 1938-09-06 John Stuart Hindmarsh, British racing driver and aviator (b. 1907)
  • 1939-03-27 Constance Lindsay Skinner, Quesnel British Columbia, Canadian author (Rivers of America), dies at 57
  • 1939-04-06 Robert Courtneidge, British theater producer, dies
  • 1940-01-05 Humbert Wolfe, Italian-British poet (b. 1885)
  • 1940-08-13 George C. Pearce, American actor (The Shadow Sinister, British Agent, Valiant), dies at 75

Neville ChamberlainNeville Chamberlain (1869-1940)

1940-11-09 British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1937-40), dies of bowel cancer at 71

  • 1940-11-17 Eric Gill, British sculptor (b. 1882)
  • 1941-03-11 Walford Davies, British organist, composer, educator, and broadcaster (BBC), dies at 71

Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf (1882-1941)

1941-03-28 British author (Jacob's Room, To the Lighthouse), commits suicide at 59

  • 1941-04-17 Al Bowlly, South African-British dance band vocalist ("Midnight, The Stars, And You"), and bandleader, dies in a German bombing raid of London at 43
  • 1941-05-24 Lancelot Holland, British vice-admiral (WW II-Hood), dies in battle
  • 1941-06-01 Hugh S Walpole, British novelist and playwright (Jeremy, Maradick at 40), dies at 57
  • 1941-06-15 Evelyn Underhill, British Anglo-Catholic poet, dies at 65
  • 1942-01-22 Walter Sickert, Danish-English painter (Free House!), dies at 81
  • 1942-07-20 Patric Cobb, British sea officer, dies in battle
  • 1942-07-31 Francis Younghusband, British journalist and explorer (1904 British expedition to Tibet), dies at 79
  • 1943-01-09 Robin G Collingwood, English philosopher (Roman Britain), dies at 53
  • 1943-01-24 John Burns, British minister of Local Government (1905-14), dies
  • 1943-04-30 Beatrice Potter Webb, British sociologist, economist (founded London School of Economics) and writer (My Apprenticeship), dies at 85
  • 1943-10-07 Radclyffe Hall, British author (b. 1880)
  • 1943-10-21 Dudley Pound, British admiral of the fleet and 1st Sea Lord (Jutland, WW II), dies at 66
  • 1944-03-23 O.C. Wingate, British General-Major (Burma), dies in air crash in India at 41
  • 1944-05-12 Arthur Quiller-Couch, Cornish novelist and editor (The Oxford Book Of English Verse 1250–1900), dies at 80
  • 1944-05-19 Godfrey Wilson, British Anthropologist of social change and colonial problems in Africa, commits suicide as a conscientious objector in WW II
  • 1944-06-06 Den Brotheridge, British lieutenant who was the 1st to die during D-Day landings in World War II is killed at 28
  • 1944-07-19 Harry CA Eyres, British diplomat (Constantinople, Albania), dies at 87
  • 1944-09-18 Anthony Stefanich, British boxer and Army captain, killed in battle at Arnhem, Netherlands at 27
  • 1944-09-19 David Lord, British lieutenant/Dakota-pilot DFC/VC, dies in battle

Guy GibsonGuy Gibson (1918-1944)

1944-09-19 British aviator who led the Dambusters Raid (Victoria Cross), killed in action at 26

  • 1944-09-19 Hilary Barlow, British colonel, dies
  • 1944-09-22 "Cab" Calloway, British scout, dies in battle of Oosterbeek
  • 1944-10-26 Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom, daughter of Queen Victoria (b. 1857)