Kentucky in History (Part 2)

Kentucky: Lexington - Louisville - Paducah

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  • 1936-04-14 Robert Herman Nichols, PGA golfer (1986 Showdown), born in Louisville, Kentucky

Person of interestMary Travers

1936-11-09 Mary Travers, American folk singer (Peter Paul & Mary), born in Louisville, Kentucky (d. 2009)

Folk Singer Mary Travers
Folk Singer
Mary Travers
  • 1937-07-06 Ned Beatty, actor (Deliverance, Repossed, Network), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1940-02-24 Jimmy Ellis, WBA heavyweight boxing champ (1968-70), born in Louisville, Kentucky, (d. 2014)
  • 1940-08-07 Tom Barlow, (Rep-D-Kentucky)
  • 1941-07-09 Scotty Baesler, (Rep-D-Kentucky)
  • 1941-12-31 Tim Considine, US actor (Mike-My 3 Sons), born in Louisville, Kentucky

Person of interestMuhammad Ali

1942-01-17 Muhammad Ali [Cassius Clay], American world heavyweight boxing champion (1964-7 74-8), born in Louisville, Kentucky (d. 2016)

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Muhammad Ali

Person of interestLarry Flynt

1942-11-01 Larry Flynt, American magazine publisher (Hustler), born in Lakeville, Kentucky

Magazine Publisher Larry Flynt
Magazine Publisher
Larry Flynt
  • 1944-02-01 Leo Burmester, actor (Flo, Chiefs, Abbys, Odd Jobs), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1944-05-28 Gary Stewart, American country singer (She's Actin' Single), born in Jenkins, Kentucky (d. 2003)
  • 1944-08-21 Jackie DeShannon, American singer (What the World Needs Now), born in Hazel, Kentucky
  • 1944-09-21 Steve Beshear, American politician (D) Governor of Kentucky (2007-2015), born in Dawson Springs, Kentucky
  • 1945-12-22 Diane Sawyer, newscaster (60 Minutes, ABC Prime Time), born in Glasgow, Kentucky
  • 1947-01-23 Gatewood Galbraith, [Louis], Carlisle, Kentucky, Lawyer, American political activist, iconic Kentucky political figure, (d. 2012)
  • 1947-07-04 Morganna Roberts, (Baseball's kissing bandit), born in Louisville, Kentucky

Person of interestDave Cowens

1948-10-25 Dave Cowens, American NBA forward (Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks), born in Newport, Kentucky

NBA Center and Head Coach Dave Cowens
NBA Center and Head Coach
Dave Cowens
  • 1948-10-28 Telma Hopkins, singer (Tony Orlando, Family Matters), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1949-06-15 Jim Varney, American actor (Ernest Goes to Jail, Hey Vern), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1949-10-02 Richard Hell, [Richard Myers], rock bassist (Television), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1949-12-15 Adrian Belew, American musician (King Crimson), born in Covington, Kentucky
  • 1950-01-03 Beth Anderson, American composer, born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1951-01-07 Mike Ward, Democratic Congressman for Kentucky & radio talk show host
  • 1951-05-08 Chris Frantz, American rock drummer (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club), born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky
  • 1952-07-24 Gus Van Sant, American film director (Good Will Hunting), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1953-03-31 Greg Martin, singer (Ky Headhunters-Davy Crockett), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1954-12-14 James Horan, American actor (General Hospital, Transformers Prime), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1955-01-27 Richard Young, singer (Kentucky Headhunters-Davy Crockett), born in Glasgow, Kentucky
  • 1956-10-23 Dwight Yoakam, country singer (Honky Tonk Man), born in Pikeville, Kentucky
  • 1957-01-04 Patty Loveless, [Ramey], singer (Blue Side of Town), born in Pikeville, Kentucky
  • 1957-01-05 Vincent Calloway, Kentucky, trumpet player (Midnight Star-No Parking)
  • 1958-02-06 Mark Hamilton, sprint kayak Olympics 1996), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1958-07-08 Fred Young, singer (Kentucky Headhunters-Davy Crockett), born in Glasgow, Kentucky
  • 1958-10-31 Russell Earl Cochran, PGA golfer (1991 Centel Western), born in Paducah, Kentucky
  • 1959-03-02 Larry Stewart, country singer (Restless Heart-Wheels), born in Paducah, Kentucky
  • 1959-11-20 Sean Young, actress (Dune, Young Doctor in Love), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1960-04-23 Joseph Martin Mudd, PGA golfer (1988 Federal Express), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1960-08-10 [James] Kenneth Perry, American PGA golfer (1991 Memorial), born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Person of interestGeorge Clooney

1961-05-06 George Clooney, American actor (ER, Batman, The Descendants), born in Lexington, Kentucky

  • 1961-08-25 Billy Ray Cyrus, country singer (Achy Breaky Heart), born in Flatwoods, Kentucky
  • 1961-11-26 Marcy Walker, actress (Liza-All My Child, Santa Barbara), born in Paducah, Kentucky
  • 1962-10-16 Tamara McKinney, slalom skier (Olympic-4th-1984), born in Lexington, Kentucky

Person of interestRand Paul

1963-01-07 Rand Paul, US politician (Senate-R-Kentucky 2011-), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

United States Senator Rand Paul
United States Senator
Rand Paul

Person of interestJohnny Depp

1963-06-09 Johnny Depp, American actor (21 Jump Street, Pirates of the Caribbean), born in Owensboro, Kentucky

  • 1964-07-01 Theresa Lynn, American actress (Orgasm Girl-Private Parts), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1965-08-09 Ezra Polley, Georgetown Kentucky, pitcher (NY Yankees)
  • 1966-08-16 Terry Shumpert, infielder (Chicago Cubs), born in Paducah, Kentucky
  • 1967-05-25 Poppy Z. Brite [Billy Martin], American author (Lost Souls, Drawing Blood), born in Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • 1967-08-23 Nancy Cox, American news anchor, Miss Kentucky (1991), born in Campbellsville, Kentucky
  • 1968-02-15 Kurt Robin McKinney, US actor (Ned-General Hospital), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1968-11-02 Melissa Evridge, playmate (Aug, 1990), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1968-11-06 Kelly Rutherford, American actress (Generations, Gossip Girl), born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky
  • 1969-04-25 Travis Fryman, infielder (Detroit Tigers), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1969-08-01 Kevin Jarvis, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1970-10-30 Ben Bailey, American host of the TV game show Cash Cab, born in Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • 1970-12-03 Paul Byrd, pitcher (NY Mets), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1970-12-05 Susan Sloane, tennis star, born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1972-01-09 Kristie Hicks, Bardstown Kentucky, Miss America-Kentucky (1996)
  • 1972-10-19 Otto Steffers, field hockey defender (Olympics 1996), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1974-10-12 Rachyl Hoskins, Miss USA-Kentucky (1997)
  • 1975-07-14 Matthew Kessinger, figure skater (1995 Gt Lakes Jr champ), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1978-04-15 Chris Stapleton, American country musician (The SteelDrivers, Traveller), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1981-07-30 Nicky Hayden, American motorcycle racer (MotoGP Champion 2006), born in Owensboro, Kentucky (d. 2017)
  • 1989-03-25 Chicken Kentucky, 1st partial birth in space (chicken)

Person of interestJennifer Lawrence

1990-08-15 Jennifer Lawrence, American actress (Winter's Bone, Silver Linings Playbook), born in Louisville, Kentucky

  • 1992-10-12 Josh Hutcherson, American actor (Hunger Games films), born in Union, Kentucky

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