United States of America in History (Part 39)

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Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 3801 - 3,900 of 9,753

Tammy WynetteTammy Wynette (1942-1998)

1942-05-05 American country singer ("Stand By Your Man"), born in Itawamba County, Mississippi

Gary KildallGary Kildall (1942-1994)

1942-05-19 American computer scientist and entrepreneur who created the CP/M operating system, born in Seattle, Washington

  • 1942-05-20 Carlos Hathcock, American Marine sniper (d. 1999)

Ted KaczynskiTed Kaczynski (80 years old)

1942-05-22 American serial killer and terrorist known as the "Unabomber", born in Evergreen Park, Illinois

  • 1942-05-27 Lee Baca, American law enforcement official
  • 1942-05-28 Stanley B. Prusiner, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • 1942-06-06 Howard "Howie" Kane [Kirshenbaum], American rock singer (Jay and the Americans - "Come a Little Bit Closer")
  • 1942-06-12 Len Barry [Leonard Borisoff], American singer, songwriter and producer (The Dovells - "Bristol Stomp"; solo - "1-2-3"), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 2020)
  • 1942-06-18 Carl Radle, American bass guitarist (Derek and the Dominoes), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma (d. 1980)
  • 1942-06-21 Henry S. Taylor, American writer at poet (Pulitzer 1986 for Poetry), born in Lincoln, Virginia
  • 1942-06-21 Togo West Jr., American attorney and public official (3rd Secretary of Veterans Affairs 1998-2000), born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (d. 2018)

Willis ReedWillis Reed (80 years old)

1942-06-25 American Basketball HOF center (NBA C'ship 1970 [MVP], 1973 [MVP]; NBA MVP 1970; 7 × NBA All-Star; NY Knicks) and coach (NY Knicks, NJ Nets), born in Dubach, Louisiana, Louisiana

  • 1942-06-29 Larry Snyder, American Thoroughbred horse racing jockey (US Champion Jockey by wins 1969; George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award 1989), born in Toledo, Ohio (d. 2018)
  • 1942-07-01 Andraé Crouch, American gospel singer (The Color Purple; The Lion King), born in San Francisco, California (d. 2015)
  • 1942-07-10 Ronnie James Dio [Padavona], American singer, songwriter and musician (Elf; Rainbow; Black Sabbath; Dio; and Heaven & Hell), born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (d. 2010)
  • 1942-07-13 (Jim) "Roger" McGuinn, American folk-rock guitarist, and singer-songwriter (The Byrds - "Turn! Turn! Turn!"; "Eight Miles High"), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1942-07-28 Marty Brennaman, American sportscaster, born in Portsmouth, Virginia
  • 1942-07-29 Tony Sirico, American actor (The Sopranos - "Paulie Walnuts"; Cop Land; Family Guy), born in NYC (d. 2022)
  • 1942-08-03 Mary Ann Esposito, American chef and TV host (Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito), born in Buffalo, New York
  • 1942-08-06 George Jung [Boston George], American convicted drug felon whose story was portrayed in the biopic "Blow", born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1942-08-07 B.J. Thomas, American singer ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"; "Hooked On A Feeling"; "Growing Pains Theme"), born in Hugo, Oklahoma (d. 2021)
  • 1942-08-07 Tobin Bell, American actor, born in Queens, New York
  • 1942-08-15 Larry Hartsell, American martial artist, bodyguard, trainer, student of Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto, born in Charlotte, North Carolina (d. 2007)
  • 1942-08-24 Max Cleland, American politician (U.S. Senator from Georgia, 1997-2003), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1942-08-29 James Glennon, American cinematographer, born in Los Angeles, California (d. 2006)
  • 1942-09-04 Jerry Jarrett, American professional wrestling promoter, born in Nashville, Tennessee

Ray FloydRay Floyd (80 years old)

1942-09-04 American golfer (4-time major title winner), born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Roy DeMeoRoy DeMeo (1942-1983)

1942-09-07 American gangster (Gambino crime family), born in Brooklyn, New York

  • 1942-09-11 Gerome Ragni, American playwright and songwriter (Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (d. 1991)
  • 1942-09-11 Lola Falana [Loletha Elayne], American singer and actress (Golden Boy; A Man Called Adam), born in Camden, New Jersey
  • 1942-09-15 Lee Dorman, American rock bassist (Iron Butterfly; Captain Beyond), born in St. Louis, Missouri (d. 2012)
  • 1942-09-19 Freda Payne, American pop and soul singer ("Band Of Gold") and actress, born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1942-09-28 Marshall Bell, American actor
  • 1942-09-29 Bill Nelson, American astronaut (STS 61C), attorney,and politician (U.S. Representative (D) Florida, 1979-1999; U.S. Senate (D) Florida, 2001-19; NASA Administrator, 2021- ), born in Miami, Florida
  • 1942-10-04 Karl W. Richter, American aviator (d. 1967)
  • 1942-10-07 Joy Behar [Occhiuto], American actress and comedian (The View), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1942-10-19 Andrew Vachss, American author and attorney
  • 1942-10-22 Bobby Fuller, American rock vocalist and guitarist (Bobby Fuller Four - "I Fought The Law"), born in Baytown, Texas (d. 1966)
  • 1942-10-27 Lee Greenwood, American country singer ("God Bless the USA"; "I Don't Mind the Thorns (If You're the Rose)"), born in South Gate, California
  • 1942-10-29 Bob Ross, American artist and television host, born in Daytona Beach, Florida (d. 1995)

Robert F. EngleRobert F. Engle (80 years old)

1942-11-10 American economist (Nobel 2003 - for methods of analyzing economic time series with time-varying volatility (ARCH)), born in Syracuse, New York

  • 1942-11-19 Sharon Olds, American poet (The Dead and the Living), born in San Francisco, California
  • 1942-11-20 Bob Einstein, American comedian (Officer Judy, Super Dave Osborne), born in Los Angeles, California (d. 2019)
  • 1942-11-21 Afa Anoa'i, Samoan-American pro wrestler (WWF Tag Team C'ship x 3 with Sika), born in Western Samoa
  • 1942-11-22 Guion Bluford, Col USAF, NASA astronaut (STS 8, 61A, 39, 53) 1st African American in space, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1942-11-27 Michael Devlin, American bass-baritone, born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1942-11-29 Maggie Thompson, American librarian and magazine editor (Comics Buyer's Guide)
  • 1942-12-07 Harry Chapin, American folk-rock singer-songwriter ("Taxi"; "Cat's in the Cradle"; "Mr. Tanner"), born in New York City, New York (d. 1981)
  • 1942-12-13 Anna Eshoo, American politician (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California), born in New Britain, Connecticut
  • 1942-12-16 Donald Carcieri, American politician, governor of Rhode Island
  • 1942-12-27 Charmian Carr, American actress (The Sound of Music), born in Chicago, Illinois (d. 2016)
  • 1942-12-30 Robert Quine, American rock guitarist (Lou Reed; Matthew Sweet; John Zorn), born in Akron, Ohio (d. 2004)
  • 1943-01-01 Jimmy Hart, American pro wrestling manager (WWF, WCW; Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase and Jim Neidhart), born in Jackson, Mississippi

Doris Kearns GoodwinDoris Kearns Goodwin (79 years old)

1943-01-04 American historian and writer (Team of Rivals, No Ordinary Time), born in Brooklyn, New York

  • 1943-01-13 Richard Moll, American actor (Night Court - "Bull"; House - "Big Ben"; Dungeonmaster), born in Pasadena, California
  • 1943-01-17 (Ezekiel Christopher) "Chris" Montez, American rock guitarist and singer ("Let's Dance"; "Call Me"), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1943-01-17 Geoffrey Deuel, American actor, born in Lockport, New York
  • 1943-01-18 Kay Granger, American politician, born in Greenville, Texas

Janis JoplinJanis Joplin (1943-1970)

1943-01-19 American rock and blues singer-songwriter ("Piece of My Heart"; "Me and Bobby McGee"; "Mercedes Benz"), born in Port Arthur, Texas

  • 1943-01-23 Gary Burton, American jazz vibraphonist, composer, and educator, born in Anderson, Indiana

Sharon TateSharon Tate (1943-1969)

1943-01-24 American actress (Valley of the Dolls), born in Dallas, Texas

  • 1943-01-25 Tobe Hooper, American film director, born in Austin, Texas (d. 2017)
  • 1943-01-26 Jean Knight [Caliste], American soul, funk and R&B singer ("Mr. Big Stuff"), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 1943-01-30 Sandy Deane [Yaguda], American rock singer (Jay and the Americans - "This Magic Moment"), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1943-02-03 Dennis Edwards, American po and R&B singer (The Temptations - "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone"), born in Fairfield, Alabama (d. 2018)
  • 1943-02-04 Ken Thompson, American computer scientist
  • 1943-02-06 Fabian [Fabiano Anthony Forte], American pop singer ("Turn Me Loose"; "Tiger"), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Joseph StiglitzJoseph Stiglitz (79 years old)

1943-02-09 American economist and Nobel laureate (asymmetric information), born in Gary, Indiana

  • 1943-02-14 Aaron Russo, American political activist, movie producer and director (Trading Places, Wise Guys, The Rose), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 2007)
  • 1943-02-19 Homer Hickam, American author (Rocket Boys) and retired NASA engineer, born in Coalwood, West Virgina
  • 1943-02-19 Lou Christie [Lugee Sacco], American singer-songwriter ("Lightnin' Strikes"), born in Glenwillard, Pennsylvania
  • 1943-02-21 David Geffen, American record producer (Geffen Records; Asylum) and film studio executive (DreamWorks SKG), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1943-02-24 Terry Semel, American business executive
  • 1943-02-27 Morten Lauridsen, American composer, born in Colfax, Washington
  • 1943-02-28 Charles Bernstein, American composer of film and television scores, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1943-03-01 Gil Amelio, American venture capitalist
  • 1943-03-01 Richard H. Price, American physicist
  • 1943-03-02 Peter Straub, American award-winning fantasy and horror author, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1943-03-05 Billy Backus, American boxer

Bobby FischerBobby Fischer (1943-2008)

1943-03-09 American chess player (world champion (1972-75), born in Chicago, Illinois

  • 1943-03-09 Charles Gibson, American television journalist (Good Morning America), born in Evanston, Illinois
  • 1943-03-20 Gerard Malanga, American poet and photographer
  • 1943-03-20 Paul Junger Witt, American TV and film producer (Brian's Song; Soap; The Golden Girls; Dead Poets Society), born in New York City (d. 2018)
  • 1943-03-22 George Benson, American jazz and blues singer and guitarist (Breezin'), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1943-03-27 Phil Frank, American cartoonist (Farley, The Elderberries comics), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (d. 2007)
  • 1943-03-30 Jay Traynor, American pop singer (Jay and the Americans, 1960-62 - "She Cried"), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 2014)
  • 1943-03-30 Ken Forssi, American bassist (Love), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 1998)
  • 1943-03-31 Christopher [Ronald] Walken, American actor (The Deer Hunter, Brainstorm), born in NYC, New York
  • 1943-04-05 Max Gail, American Emmy Awrad winning actor (Barney Miller - "Wojo"; D.C. Cab: General Hospital; 42), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1943-04-13 Billy Kidd, American skier, born in Burlington, Vermont

Robert LefkowitzRobert Lefkowitz (79 years old)

1943-04-15 American physician (Nobel Prize for Chemistry), born in NYC, New York

  • 1943-04-22 Louise Glück, American poet and 12th US Poet Laureate (2020 Nobel Prize for Literature), born in NYC, New York
  • 1943-05-10 David Clennon, American actor
  • 1943-05-10 Richard Darman, American economist and civil servant, boern in Charlotte North Carolina (d. 2008)
  • 1943-05-18 James Reiher 'Deuce', American professional wrestler, born in Fiji
  • 1943-05-18 Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, Fijian-born American professional wrestler, born in Suva, British Fiji (d. 2017)
  • 1943-05-25 Jessi Colter [Miriam Johnson], American country singer ("I'm Not Lisa"), born in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 1943-06-04 Joyce Meyer, American Charismatic Christian author and speaker, born in St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1943-06-05 Matthew Lesko, American author, born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  • 1943-06-08 William Calley Jr., American war criminal, convicted by court-martial of murdering 22 unarmed South Vietnamese civilians in the My Lai Massacre, born in Miami, Florida

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

Famous Deaths

Deaths 3801 - 3,900 of 4,915

Bettie PageBettie Page (1923-2008)

2008-12-11 American pinup model considered the 'Queen of Pinups' and the 'Dark Angel', dies at 85

  • 2008-12-11 Maddie Blaustein, American voice actress (b. 1960)
  • 2008-12-12 (Charles) Van Johnson, American actor (in A Guy Named Joe; Brigadoon) always wore red socks, dies at 92
  • 2008-12-18 Majel Barrett, American actress and producer (Star Trek), and the widow of Gene Roddenberry, dies at 76
  • 2008-12-18 Mark Felt, the infamous "Deep Throat", American FBI official and whistle blower during the Watergate Scandal dies aged 95
  • 2008-12-19 Carol Chomsky, American linguist and education specialist (b. 1930)
  • 2008-12-19 Dock Ellis, American baseball pitcher (b. 1945)
  • 2008-12-19 Kenny Cox, American jazz pianist dies of lung cancer at 68

Samuel P. HuntingtonSamuel P. Huntington (1927-2008)

2008-12-24 American political scientist (The Clash of Civilizations) and presidential adviser, dies at 81

  • 2008-12-25 Eartha Kitt, American singer (Santa Baby), dancer, comedian, actress and activist (Catwoman-Batman), dies at 81
  • 2008-12-27 Delaney Bramlett, American rocker (Shindogs; Delaney & Bonnie), dies at 69
  • 2008-12-31 Donald E. Westlake, American author (The Hunter), dies at 75
  • 2009-01-03 Martin Patterson "Pat" Hingle, American actor (Hang 'em High, Splendor in the Grass, Batman Returns), dies of myelodysplastic syndrome at 84
  • 2009-01-05 Ned Tanen, American movie executive (b. 1931)
  • 2009-01-08 Richard John Neuhaus, Canadian-American Christian writer and editor (b. 1936)
  • 2009-01-13 Patrick McGoohan, American-born Irish actor, writer, and director (The Prisoner, Secret Agent/ Danger Man), dies at 80
  • 2009-01-13 William De Witt Snodgrass, American poet under the pseudonym S. S. Gardons (b. 1926)
  • 2009-01-16 Andrew Wyeth, American realist painter (Christina's World), dies at 91
  • 2009-01-16 Joe Erskine, American boxer and long distance runner (b. 1930)
  • 2009-01-18 Bob May, American actor (b. 1939)
  • 2009-01-20 David "Fathead" Newman, American jazz saxophonist (Ray Charles - "The Right Time"), dies of pancreatic cancer at 75
  • 2009-01-23 Robert W. Scott, American politician, governor of North Carolina (b. 1929)
  • 2009-01-25 Kim Manners, American television producer and director (b. 1951)
  • 2009-01-27 John Updike, American Novelist (b. 1932)
  • 2009-01-28 Billy Powell, American musician and keyboardist (Lynyrd Skynyrd - "That Smell"; "Freebird"), dies at 56
  • 2009-02-10 Jeremy Lusk, American freestyle motocross racer (b. 1984)
  • 2009-02-11 Estelle Bennett, American pop singer (The Ronettes - "Be My Baby"), dies at 67
  • 2009-02-11 Willem J Kolff, Dutch-American Physician and Biomedical Engineer (artificial kidney, hemodialysis), dies at 97
  • 2009-02-20 Larry H. Miller, American businessman and owner of the Utah Jazz (b. 1944)
  • 2009-02-25 Philip José Farmer, American sci-fi writer (Riverworld), dies aged 91

Paul HarveyPaul Harvey (1918-2009)

2009-02-28 American news commentator and Radio Broadcaster (Rest of the story), dies at 90

  • 2009-03-04 Horton Foote, American Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Academy Award-winning screenwriter (b. 1916)
  • 2009-03-04 John Cephas, American Piedmont blues guitarist (b. 1930)
  • 2009-03-04 Joseph Bloch, American concert pianist and professor of piano literature (b. 1917)
  • 2009-03-11 Charles Lewis, Jr., American businessman, promoter and entertainer
  • 2009-03-13 Betsy Blair [Elizabeth Boger], American actress (Marty, A Double Life), dies at 85
  • 2009-03-13 James Purdy, American author (Malcolm), dies at 94
  • 2009-03-14 Altovise Davis [née Gore], American entertainer, best known as Sammy Davis, Jr.'s third wife, dies from stroke complications at 65
  • 2009-03-15 Ron Silver, American actor (Reversal of Fortune, Timecop), dies of cancer at 62
  • 2009-03-20 Mel Brown, American-Canadian blues guitarist and singer (Eighteen Pounds of Unclean Chitlings), dies of complications from emphysema at 69
  • 2009-03-27 Jack Dreyfus, American businessman (b. 1913)
  • 2009-03-29 Andy Hallett, American actor and singer (b.1975)
  • 2009-04-10 Deborah Digges, American poet (b. 1950)
  • 2009-04-13 Harry Kalas, American sportscaster, dies at 73
  • 2009-04-17 Honoré Desmond Sharrer, American artist (Tribute to the American Working People), dies aged 88
  • 2009-04-25 Bea Arthur [Bernice Frankel], American Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress (Mame; Maude; The Golden Girls), and singer, dies of lung cancer at 86
  • 2009-04-25 John J. Marchi, American politician (NY Senate 1957-2006), dies at 87
  • 2009-04-27 Frankie Manning, American dancer, instructor, choreographer, and one of the founding fathers of Lindy Hop, dies at 94
  • 2009-05-02 Jack Kemp, Jack Kemp, American NFL player and politician (Rep-R-NY 1971-89, US Secretary of Housing 1989-93, VP candidate 96), dies of cancer at 73
  • 2009-05-04 Dom Deluise, American comedian, actor (b. 1933)
  • 2009-05-08 Bud Shrake, American writer (b. 1931)
  • 2009-05-13 Frank Aletter, American character actor (Mac-It's About Time, Tom-Nancy), dies of lung cancer at 83
  • 2009-05-18 Dolla [Roderick Anthony Burton II], American rapper, dies at21
  • 2009-05-18 Wayne Allwine, American voice actor (3rd Mickey Mouse, 1977-2009), dies at 62
  • 2009-05-19 Herbert York, American physicist (b. 1921)
  • 2009-05-19 Robert F. Furchgott, American pharmacologist (co-winner Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1998), and educator, dies at 92
  • 2009-05-24 Jay Bennett, American guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter (Wilco, 1994-2001), dies of an accidental overdose of prescription painkiller Fentanyl at 46
  • 2009-05-31 George Tiller, American pro-abortion physician, murdered while in church at 67
  • 2009-06-02 David Eddings, American fantasy writer. (b. 1931)
  • 2009-06-03 David Carradine, American actor (Kung Fu, Mean Streets, Kill Bill V.1 & 2), dies at 72
  • 2009-06-03 Koko Taylor [Cora Walton], American blues singer known as the "Queen of the Blues", dies of complications from surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding at 80
  • 2009-06-03 Sam Butera, American big band and R&B saxophonist, songwriter, and singer (Louis Prima and the Witnesses), dies of pneumonia at 81
  • 2009-06-05 Jeff Hanson, American singer-songwriter, dies of a drug overdose at 31
  • 2009-06-07 Kenny Rankin, American singer-songwriter ("Peaceful"), dies of lung cancer at 69
  • 2009-06-17 Darrell Powers, American World War II veteran of the United States 101st Airborne Division. (b. 1923)
  • 2009-06-23 Ed McMahon, American TV host (Johnny Carson Show, Star Search), dies at 86

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett (1947-2009)

2009-06-25 American actress (Charlie's Angels, The Burning Bed), dies of cancer at 62

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson (1958-2009)

2009-06-25 American recording artist, dancer and King of Pop ("Thriller"; "Billie Jean"; "Bad"), dies of cardiac arrest at 50

  • 2009-06-27 Fayette Pinkney, American pop and disco singer (The Three Degrees, 1963-76 - "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)"; "When Will I See You Again?"), and psychologist, dies of acute respiratory failure at 61
  • 2009-06-28 Billy Mays, American television pitchman (b. 1958)
  • 2009-06-28 Fred Travalena, American comedian and impressionist (b. 1942)
  • 2009-06-29 Joe Bowman (marksman), American sharpshooter, Hollywood consultant, famed bootmaker & master showman (b. 1925)
  • 2009-07-01 Karl Malden [Mladen George Sekulovich], American actor (Streets of San Francisco, American Express, A Streetcar Named Desire), dies of natural causes at 97
  • 2009-07-03 John A. Keel, American Fortean, television scriptwriter, author of The Mothman Prophecies (b. 1930)
  • 2009-07-04 Allen Klein, American record label executive (b. 1931)
  • 2009-07-04 Brenda Joyce [Betty Graffina Leabo], American actress (Tarzan, The Rains Came), dies of complications from pneumonia at 92
  • 2009-07-04 Drake Levin, American rock musician (b. 1946)
  • 2009-07-04 Jim Chapin, American jazz drummer, and author, dies at 89
  • 2009-07-06 Robert McNamara, American United States Secretary of Defense (1961-8), who played a major role in US escalation in Vietnam, dies at 93

Walter CronkiteWalter Cronkite (1916-2009)

2009-07-17 American broadcast journalist and news anchor (CBS Evening News 1962-81), dies of cerebrovascular disease at 92

  • 2009-07-19 Frank McCourt, Irish-American Pulitzer Prize winning author (Angela's Ashes), and teacher, dies of cancer at 78
  • 2009-07-24 E. Lynn Harris, American Author (b. 1955)
  • 2009-07-25 Alexis Cohen, American Idol contestant (unsuccessful), viral phenomenon (b. 1984)
  • 2009-07-26 Marcey Jacobson, American photographer (b. 1911)
  • 2009-07-28 Reverend Ike [Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II], American televangelist (Joy of Living), dies at 74
  • 2009-08-04 Blake Snyder, American screenwriter (b. 1957)
  • 2009-08-05 Budd Schulberg, American screenwriter and novelist (On the Waterfront), dies at 95
  • 2009-08-06 John Hughes, American film director (Breakfast Club; Ferris Bueller's Day Off), dies of a heart attack at 59
  • 2009-08-06 Willy DeVille, American singer (Mink DeVille; The Princess Bride - "Stroybook Love"), dies of pancreatic cancer at 58
  • 2009-08-07 Louis E. Saavedra, American Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico (b. 1933)
  • 2009-08-07 Mike Seeger, American folk musician (b. 1933)
  • 2009-08-12 Les Paul [Polsfuss], American guitarist, (How High The Moon), songwriter and inventor (solid-body electric guitar), dies at 94
  • 2009-08-18 Robert Novak, American journalist and commentator (b. 1931)
  • 2009-08-22 Elmer Kelton, American Western novelist (b. 1926)
  • 2009-08-26 Dominick Dunne, American writer and producer (Panic in Needle Park), dies at 83
  • 2009-09-12 Norman Borlaug, American agronomist (Green revolution - Nobel Peace Prize 1970), dies at 95
  • 2009-09-14 Henry Gibson, American actor and comedian (Nashville, Laugh-In's poet), dies at 73
  • 2009-09-14 Jody Powell, American press secretary to Jimmy Carter, dies of a heart attack at 65
  • 2009-09-14 Patrick Swayze, American actor (Ghost), dancer (Dirty Dancing), and songwriter, dies of pancreatic cancer at 57

Mary TraversMary Travers (1936-2009)

2009-09-16 American folk singer (Peter Paul & Mary - "Puff" (The Magic Dragon)"; "Leaving On A Jet Plane"), dies of leukemia at 72