United States of America in History (Part 48)

Historical Events

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 4701 - 4,800 of 9,758

  • 1952-01-06 Frank Sivero, Italian-born American actor, born in Siculiana, Italy
  • 1952-01-06 Larry Booker (Moondog Spot), American pro wrestler (WWF Tag Team champion 1981), born in Louisiana, United States (d. 2003)
  • 1952-01-08 Vladimir Feltsman, Russian-American pianist, born in Moscow, Russia
  • 1952-01-12 Charles Faulkner, American motivational speaker and author, born in St. Clair Shores, Michigan
  • 1952-01-12 Walter Mosley, American novelist, born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1952-01-14 Maureen Dowd, American writer, born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1952-01-18 Michael Behe, American biochemist & advocate of intelligent design, born in Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • 1952-01-18 R. Stevie Moore, American singer, songwriter, and home recording pioneer, born in Nashville, Tennessee
  • 1952-01-19 Dewey Bunell, British-American musician (America - "Daisy Jane"), born in Borough of Harrogate, United Kingdom
  • 1952-01-21 Louis Menand, American writer and critic
  • 1952-01-25 Timothy White, American journalist (d. 2002)
  • 1952-02-19 Amy Tan, American novelist (The Joy Luck Club), born in Oakland, California
  • 1952-02-22 Bill Frist, American politician, born in Nashville, Tennessee
  • 1952-02-25 Jerry Chamberlain, American alt-rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and producr (Daniel Amos: The Swirling Eddies), born in Inglewood, California
  • 1952-02-28 William Finn, American theatrical composer, lyricist, and Tony Award Winner (Falsettos; The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1952-02-29 Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush, American television personality
  • 1952-03-01 Steven Barnes, American writer
  • 1952-03-02 Mark Evanier, American writer
  • 1952-03-08 George Felix Allen, American politician
  • 1952-03-12 Naomi Shihab Nye, American poet, songwriter, and novelist
  • 1952-03-15 Howard Koh, American state government official
  • 1952-03-16 Philippe Kahn, French-American entrepreneur

Harvey Weinstein

1952-03-19 Harvey Weinstein, American film producer (Miramax) and convicted sex offender whose actions helped spark the #MeToo movement, born in NYC, New York

  • 1952-03-22 Jay Dee Daugherty, American drummer, worked with Patti Smith, born in New York City
  • 1952-03-23 Kim Stanley Robinson, American sci-fi author (Mars Trilogy), born in Waukegan, Illinois
  • 1952-04-03 Mike Moore, American politician and Attorney General of Mississippi, born in Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • 1952-04-05 Mitch Pileggi, American actor (The X-Files), born in Portland, Oregon
  • 1952-04-12 Ralph Wiley, American sports journalist and writer (Sports Illustrated and ESPN's Page 2), born in Memphis, Tennessee (d. 2004)
  • 1952-04-13 Ron Dittemore, American space administrator, born in Cooperstown, New York
  • 1952-04-16 William Richard "Billy" West, American voice actor (Futurama), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1952-04-27 Larry Elder, American political commentator, born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1952-05-03 Caitlin Clarke, American actress (Dragonslayer), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (d. 2004)
  • 1952-05-06 Michael O'Hare, American actor
  • 1952-05-11 Mike Lupica, American sports journalist and newspaper columnist (New York Daily News, ESPN), born in Oneida, New York
  • 1952-05-11 Warren Littlefield, American television executive
  • 1952-05-14 Robert Zemeckis, American film director (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1952-05-14 Scott Irwin, American professional wrestler (d. 1987)
  • 1952-05-16 James Herndon, American media psychologist
  • 1952-05-18 Jeana Yeager, American aviator (1st non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world), born in Fort Worth, Texas

Mr. T

1952-05-21 Mr. T [Lawrence Tureaud], American actor (A-Team, Rocky III, T & T), born in Chicago, Illinois

  • 1952-05-25 Al Sarrantonio, American writer (999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense), born in NYC, New York
  • 1952-05-25 Gordon Smith, American politician (U.S. Senator from Oregon), born in Pendleton, Oregon
  • 1952-05-25 Jeffrey Bewkes, American media executive (CEO of Time Warner from 2008-18), born in Paterson, New Jersey
  • 1952-05-28 Russell J. Wintner, American film executive
  • 1952-06-02 Gary Bettman, American National Hockey League commissioner
  • 1952-06-05 Carole Fredericks, American singer (Fredericks Goldman Jones), born in Springfield, Massachusetts (d. 2001)
  • 1952-06-05 Daniel Katzen, American French horn player (Boston Symphony, 1979-2008), and teacher (University of Arizona, 2008-), born in Rochester, New York
  • 1952-06-13 Tony Bruno, American sports talk radio personality, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1952-06-14 Leon Wieseltier, American writer (Kaddish), born in Brooklyn, New York City
  • 1952-06-14 Pat Summitt, American basketball coach (University of Tennessee), born in Clarksville, Tennessee (d. 2016)
  • 1952-07-01 Timothy J. Tobias, American composer and musician, born in Chicago, Illinois (d. 2006)
  • 1952-07-08 Anna Quindlen, American columnist
  • 1952-07-14 Bob Casale, (aka Bob 2), American new wave rock musician (Devo - "Whip It!"), and record producer, born in Kent, Ohio (d. 2014)
  • 1952-07-14 Franklin Graham, American evangelist, son of Billy Graham, born in Asheville, North Carolina
  • 1952-07-15 Johnny Thunders [Genzale], American punk rock guitarist (New York Dolls), born in Queens, New York (d. 1991)
  • 1952-07-15 Judy McGrath, American television executive
  • 1952-07-15 Terry O'Quinn, American actor
  • 1952-07-16 Robert David Steele, American activist and former CIA officer, born in NYC, New York
  • 1952-07-19 John Griesheimer, American Republican politician, born in Saint Clair, Missouri
  • 1952-07-19 Robert A. Ficano, American politician and Sheriff of Wayne County, Michigan, born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1952-07-21 John Barrasso [John Anthony Barrasso III], American politician (Senator-R-Wyoming 2007-), born in Reading, Pennsylvania
  • 1952-07-24 Gus Van Sant, American film director (Good Will Hunting), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 1952-08-03 Frank Schaeffer, American author (Crazy for God), born in Champéry, Switzerland
  • 1952-08-10 Daniel Hugh Kelly, American actor
  • 1952-08-10 Diane Venora, American actress
  • 1952-08-11 Bob Mothersbaugh, AKA Bob 1, American Musician (Devo)
  • 1952-08-13 Herb Ritts, American fashion photographer, born in Los Angeles, California (d. 2002)
  • 1952-08-13 Hughie Thomasson, American guitarist, singer, and songwriter (Outlaws - "Green Grass and High Tides"; Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1996-2005), born in Buchanan, Virginia (d. 2007)
  • 1952-08-22 Peter Laughner, American singer, songwriter and guitarist (Rocket From the Tombs, Pere Ubu), born in Bay Village, Ohio (d. 1977)
  • 1952-08-24 Bob Corker, American politician (Senator from Tennessee), born in Orangeburg, South Carolina
  • 1952-08-26 Will Shortz, American crossword editor (New York Times), born in Crawfordsville, Indiana
  • 1952-08-28 Rita Dove, African-American poet (Thomas and Beulah), born in Akron, Ohio
  • 1952-08-29 Karen Hesse, American children's book writer (Out of the Dust), born in Baltimore, Maryland
  • 1952-09-12 Gerry Beckley, American rock vocalist, guitarist and songwriter (America - "Sister Golden Hair"), born in Fort Worth, Texas
  • 1952-09-13 Don Was [Fagenson], American singer, bass player (Was (Not Was) - "Walk The Dinosaur"), record producer (Bonnie Raitt; B-52s; Bob Dylan; Ringo Starr; Rolling Stones), record label executive (Blue Note); and documentary film maker (I Just Wasn't Made for These Times), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1952-09-13 Randy Jones, American musician (The Village People (Cowboy) -"Y.M.C.A."), born in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 1952-09-13 Raymond O'Connor, American actor (The Rock), born in South Bronx, New York
  • 1952-09-16 Mickey Rourke, American actor (Wild Orchid, Barfly), born in Schenectady, New York
  • 1952-09-18 Rick Pitino, American basketball coach, born in NYC, New York
  • 1952-09-24 Mark Sandman, American singer-songwriter and musician (Morphine; Treat Her Right), born in Newton, Massachusetts (d. 1999)
  • 1952-09-25 Bell Hooks [Gloria Jean Watkins], American author, feminist, scholar and social activist, born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  • 1952-09-29 Max Sandlin, American politician (Rep-D-Texas 1997-2005), born in Texarkana, Arkansas
  • 1952-10-07 Mary Badham, American actress, born in Birmingham, Alabama
  • 1952-10-08 Edward Zwick, American film director (Shakespeare in Love), born in Chicago, Illinois

Sharon Osbourne

1952-10-09 Sharon Osbourne (née Levy), English-American music manager, TV personality (X-Factor: America's Got Talent, 2007-12; The Talk, 2010-21), and wife of Ozzy Osbourne, born in London

  • 1952-10-16 Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, American funk-rock bassist (Parliament-Funkadelic collective), born in Plainfield, New Jersey (d. 2013)
  • 1952-10-16 Ron Taylor, American actor (d. 2002)
  • 1952-10-21 Allen Hoey, American poet and novelist

David Ho

1952-11-03 David Ho, Taiwanese-American pioneering HIV/AIDS researcher, born in Taichung, Taiwan

  • 1952-11-03 Jim Cummings, American voice actor (Winnie the Pooh), born in Youngstown, Ohio
  • 1952-11-06 Michael Cunningham, American novelist and screenwriter (The Hours), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1952-11-12 Ronald Burkle, American entrepreneur (Yucaipa Companies), born in Pomona, California
  • 1952-11-16 Robin McKinley, American writer (The Hero and the Crown), born in Warren, Ohio
  • 1952-11-25 John Lynch, American politician current governor of New Hampshire
  • 1952-11-27 Daryl Stuermer, American guitarist (Genesis), born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1952-11-30 Keith Giffen, American comic book writer and artist
  • 1952-12-02 Carol Shea-Porter, American politician (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New Hampshire), born in NYC, New York
  • 1952-12-03 Benny Hinn, American televangelist
  • 1952-12-06 Craig Newmark, American entrepreneur and founder of the website Craigslist, born in Morristown, New Jersey
  • 1952-12-07 Susan Collins, American politician (U.S. Senator from Maine), born in Caribou, Maine

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

Famous Deaths

Deaths 4701 - 4,800 of 4,918

  • 2015-04-26 Jayne Meadows, American actress (Dark Delusion, David and Bathsheba) & wife of Steve Allen, dies of natural causes at 95
  • 2015-04-29 Jean Nidetch, American businesswoman and founder of Weight Watchers, dies at 91
  • 2015-04-30 Ben E. King [Nelson], American soul singer (Stand By Me), dies at 76
  • 2015-05-01 Grace Lee Whitney, American singer and actress (Yeoman Rand-Star Trek), dies at 85
  • 2015-05-02 Guy Carawan, American folk singer and folklorist (We Shall Overcome) dies at 87
  • 2015-05-05 Craig Gruber, American rock bassist (Rainbow), dies of cancer at 63
  • 2015-05-06 Jim [James] Wright, American politician (D-Texas) (Speaker of the House 1987-1989), dies at 92
  • 2015-05-09 Elizabeth Wilson, American screen & stage actress (Doc, East Side/West Side), dies at 94

B.B. King

2015-05-14 [Riley B.] B.B. King, American blues guitarist and singer (The Thrill is Gone), dies at 89

  • 2015-05-15 Garo Yepremian, American NFL place kicker (Miami Dolphins), dies at 70
  • 2015-05-16 Dean Potter, American free climber and BASE jumper, dies in a BASE jumping accident at Yosemite National Park, aged 43
  • 2015-05-17 Chinx [Lionel Pickens], American rapper (Coke Boys), dies in a drive-by shooting at 31
  • 2015-05-21 Louis Johnson, American rock bassist and vocalist (Brothers Johnson), dies at 60
  • 2015-05-23 Anne Meara, American comedian and actress (Stiller & Meara, Archie's Place, The Other Woman), mother of Ben Stiller, dies at 85

John Nash

2015-05-23 John Nash, American mathematician (subject of movie "A Beautiful Mind") and Nobel laureate, dies in a car crash at 86

  • 2015-05-29 Henry Carr, American athlete (Olympic gold 200m, 4x400m 1964) and football safety (NY Giants), dies at 72
  • 2015-05-30 Joseph [Beau] Biden III, American politician and son of Vice President Joe Biden, dies of cancer at 47
  • 2015-06-01 Jean Ritchie, American folk singer, dies at 92
  • 2015-06-02 Irwin Rose, American biologist (Nobel Prize Chemistry 2004), dies at 88
  • 2015-06-05 Alan Bond, Australian businessman and yachting syndicate owner (America's Cup 1983), dies from heart failure at 77
  • 2015-06-06 Ronnie Gilbert, American folk singer (The Weavers - "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"), dies at 88
  • 2015-06-06 Vincent Bugliosi, American attorney and author (Helter-Skelter), dies at 80
  • 2015-06-11 Dusty Rhodes [Virgil Riley Runnels Jr.], American professional wrestler (WWE), dies at 69
  • 2015-06-11 Jim Ed Brown, American country music singer (Nashville on the Road), dies at 81

Ornette Coleman

2015-06-11 Ornette Coleman, American jazz saxophonist and composer (Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation), dies of a heart attack at 85

  • 2015-06-13 MC Supreme [Dewayne Lawrence Coleman], rapper (Black in America), dies in a car accident at 47
  • 2015-06-15 Kirk Kerkorian, American CEO and "father of the mega-resort" (MGM, UA), dies at 98
  • 2015-06-21 Gunther Schuller, American horn player and jazz composer ("Of Reminiscences and Reflections" - Pulitzer Prize, 1994), dies at 89
  • 2015-06-22 James Horner, American film composer (Titanic; Apollo 13; Avatar), dies in a plane crash at 61
  • 2015-06-23 Richard "Dick" Van Patten, American actor, businessman, and animal welfare advocate (Tom Bradford in 8 is Enough), dies at 86
  • 2015-06-24 Mario Biaggi, American politician (Rep-D&R-NY, 1969-88), dies at 97
  • 2015-06-28 Jack Carter [Chakrin], American comedian and actor, dies at 93
  • 2015-06-29 Glenn Ford, American freed death row inmate (wrongly spent 30 years in prison), dies at 65
  • 2015-07-01 Lawrence Herkimer, American "Grandfather of Cheerleading" (founded National Cheerleading Association, patented the pom-pom), dies at 89
  • 2015-07-03 Diana Douglas, Bermudian-born American actress (The Indian Fighter), dies at 92
  • 2015-07-05 Yoichiro Nambu, Japanese-born American Physicist (Nobel Prize 2008), dies at 94
  • 2015-07-08 James Tate, American poet (Pulitzer Prize 1992), dies at 71
  • 2015-07-11 Claudia Alexander, Canadian-born American NASA Scientist (led Galileo mission to Jupiter), dies of cancer at 56
  • 2015-07-15 Howard Rumsey, American jazz musician (Lighthouse Cafe), dies at 97
  • 2015-07-18 Alex Rocco, American actor (The Godfather, The Famous Teddy Z), dies at 79
  • 2015-07-19 Van Alexander [Alexander Van Vliet Feldman], American composer, arranger ("A-Tisket, A-Tasket"), and orchestra leader (Dean Martin Show), dies at 100
  • 2015-07-21 E. L. Doctorow, American author (Ragtime, Billy Bathgate), dies at 84
  • 2015-07-28 James Jude, American thoracic surgeon (developed CPR), dies at 87
  • 2015-07-30 Lynn Anderson, American country singer (I Never Promised you a Rose Garden), dies of a heart attack at 67
  • 2015-08-02 Forrest Bird, American aviator and inventor (1st respirators and ventilators), dies at 94
  • 2015-08-03 Coleen Gray [Doris Bernice Jensen], American actress (Apache Drums, The Killing), dies at 92

Louise Suggs

2015-08-06 Louise Suggs, American golfer, co-founder of LPGA (11 major titles, US Open 1949, 52), dies of natural causes at 91

  • 2015-08-07 Frances Oldham Kelsey, Canadian-American FDA Director (stopped thalidomide use in the US), dies at 101
  • 2015-08-10 Elzie "Buddy" Baker, American NASCAR driver, dies at 74
  • 2015-08-15 Julian Bond, American civil rights leader and politician (D-Ga), dies at 75
  • 2015-08-16 Jacob Bekenstein, American-Israeli theoretical physicist (Bekenstein-Hawking radiation), dies of a heart attack at 68
  • 2015-08-17 Yvonne Craig, American actress (Batgirl), dies at 78
  • 2015-08-18 (Alan) "Bud" Yorkin, American film and television producer and director (Divorce American Style; All in the Family; Sanford And Son), dies at 89
  • 2015-08-18 Louis Stokes, American politician (Rep-D-OH, 1969-99), dies at 90
  • 2015-08-20 Melody Patterson, American actress (F Troop) dies at 66
  • 2015-08-21 Jimmy Evert, American tennis coach (father of Chris Evert), dies at 91
  • 2015-08-23 Jean Darling, American child actress (Our Gang), dies at 93
  • 2015-08-25 Frank E. Petersen Jr, American soldier and 1st African American Marine aviator & General, dies at 83
  • 2015-08-29 Wayne Dyer, American psychologist and author (Universe Within You), dies at 75
  • 2015-08-30 Brad Anderson, American cartoonist (Marmaduke), dies at 91
  • 2015-08-30 Wes Craven, American filmmaker (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream), dies at 76
  • 2015-09-01 Dean Jones, American actor (Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, The Love Bug), dies at 84
  • 2015-09-02 Donny Conn, American musician (The Playmates), dies at 85
  • 2015-09-05 (Frederick) "Denny" Greene, American singer (Sha Na Na, 1968-84), dies from cancer at 66
  • 2015-09-06 Martin Milner, American actor (Route 66, Adam 12), dies at 83
  • 2015-09-07 Dickie Moore, American actor (Oliver Twist, Little Men), dies at 89
  • 2015-09-13 Gary Richrath, American guitarist and songwriter (REO Speedwagon), dies at 65

Moses Malone

2015-09-13 Moses Malone, Basketball Hall of Fame center (NBA MVP 1979, 82-83; NBA Finals MVP 1983; 12 x NBA All Star; Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers), dies of heart disease at 60

  • 2015-09-14 Fred DeLuca, American co-founder of the Subway chain, dies of cancer at 65
  • 2015-09-19 Jackie Collins, British-American romance novelist (The Stud; The Bitch; Lucky), dies of breast cancer at 77
  • 2015-09-20 Charles Kenneth "C K" Williams, American poet and translator (Pulitzer prize 2000), dies at 78

Yogi Berra

2015-09-22 Yogi Berra, American Baseball HOF catcher, coach and manager (18 x MLB All-Star; 13 x World Series; NY Yankees; AL MVP 1951, 54, 55), and Purple Heart recipient, dies at 90

  • 2015-09-28 Frankie Ford [Frank Guzzo], American rock vocalist (Sea Cruise), dies at 76
  • 2015-09-29 Phil Woods, American jazz saxophonist and composer (Steely Dan's "Doctor Wu"; Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are"), dies of emphysema at 83
  • 2015-10-01 Don Edwards, American politician and civil rights champion (Rep-D-CA, 1963-94), dies at 100
  • 2015-10-06 Billy Joe Royal, American country and pop singer ("Down in the Boondocks"), dies at 73
  • 2015-10-06 Kevin Corcoran, American actor (Swiss Family Robinson, Babes in Toyland), dies at 66
  • 2015-10-06 Sandra Spuzich, American golfer (US Open 1966), dies of leukemia at 78
  • 2015-10-08 Paul Prudhomme, American cajun chef (K-Paul), dies at 75
  • 2015-10-09 Richard F. Heck, American chemist who discovered the Heck Reaction (Nobel Prize 2010), dies at 84
  • 2015-10-11 Dean Chance, American baseball pitcher (MLB All-Star 1964, 67; Cy Young Award 1964; no-hitter 1967; LA / California Angels, Minnesota Twins), dies at 74
  • 2015-10-12 Joan Leslie, American actress (High Sierra, Yankee Doodle Dandy), dies at 90
  • 2015-10-20 Cory Wells [Emil Lewandowski], American rock vocalist (3 Dog Night-Joy to the World), dies at 74
  • 2015-10-21 Marty Ingels, American comedian (I'm Dickens He's Fenster), dies at 79

Maureen O'Hara

2015-10-24 Maureen O'Hara [FitzSimons], Irish-American actress and singer (Miracle on 34th St, The Quiet Man), dies at 95

  • 2015-10-29 Murphy Anderson, American comic artist (DC Comics), dies at 89
  • 2015-10-30 Albert "Al" Molinaro, American actor (The Odd Couple, Happy Days), dies from illness at 96
  • 2015-10-31 Gus Savage, American politician (Rep-D-IL, 1981- 93), dies at 90
  • 2015-11-03 Howard Coble, American politician (Rep-R-NC, 1985-2015), dies at 84
  • 2015-11-04 Melissa Mathison, American screenwriter (E.T.), dies of cancer at 65
  • 2015-11-07 Gunnar Hansen, Icelandic-born American actor (Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), dies of cancer at 68
  • 2015-11-10 Allen Toussaint, American pianist, songwriter and producer ("Mother-In-Law"; "Working In A Coal Mine"; "Southern Nights"), dies of a heart attack at 77
  • 2015-11-10 Gene Amdahl, American computer scientist who designed the IBM mainframe, dies at 92
  • 2015-11-10 Robert Craft, American conductor and friend of Stravinsky, dies at 92
  • 2015-11-10 Tim [Itimous Thaddeus] Valentine, American politician (Rep-D-NC, 1983-95) dies at 89
  • 2015-11-16 David Canary, American actor (Bonanza, All My Children), dies at 77
  • 2015-11-16 Stephen Birmingham, American author (Real Lace: America's Irish Rich, dies at 86
  • 2015-11-18 Mal Whitfield, American track athlete (Olympic 3 gold, silver & bronze 1948, 52), dies at 91
  • 2015-11-20 Jim Perry, American and Canadian tv host ($ale of the Century), dies at 82
  • 2015-11-21 Bob Foster, American boxer (world light-heavyweight champion 1968-74), dies at 76