United States of America in History (Part 90)

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Birthdays 8901 - 9,000 of 9,878

  • 1981-10-12 Tom Guiry, American actor (The Sandlot), born in Tom's River, New Jersey
  • 1981-10-15 Keyshia Cole, African American R&B singer
  • 1981-10-24 Tila Tequila, American TV personality (A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila), born in Singapore
  • 1981-10-25 Jerome "Romeo" Jones, American singer (Food for Thought), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1981-10-25 Austin John Winkler, American lead vocalist (Hinder), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 1981-10-26 Sam Brown, American comedian (The Whitest Kid U'Know), born in Sandwich, Massachusetts

Person of interestIvanka Trump

1981-10-30 Ivanka Trump, American businesswoman and daughter of Donald Trump, born in New York

Businesswoman and Adviser to Donald Trump Ivanka Trump
Businesswoman and Adviser to Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump
  • 1981-10-31 Frank Iero, American musician (My Chemical Romance, Leathermouth, Pencey Prep; founder of Skeleton Crew), born in Belleville, New Jersey
  • 1981-10-31 Jon Crocker, American songwriter
  • 1981-11-06 Cassie Bernall, American murder victim, born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado (d. 1999)
  • 1981-11-09 Scottie Thompson, American actress, born in Padada, Davao del Sur
  • 1981-11-10 Jason L. Dunham, American Corporal in the United States Marine Corps and Medal of Honor recipient, born in Scio, New York (d. 2004)
  • 1981-11-13 Rivkah, American comic book writer and artist
  • 1981-11-16 Caitlin Glass, American voice actress, born in Washington, D.C., United States
  • 1981-11-18 Christina Vidal, American actress
  • 1981-12-11 Zacky Vengeance, American musician (Avenged Sevenfold), born in Olympia, Washington
  • 1981-12-12 Jeret Peterson, American aerial skier (Olympic silver 2010), born in Boise, Idaho
  • 1981-12-13 Amy Lee [Hartzler], American singer and songwriter (Evanescence), born in Riverside, California
  • 1981-12-14 Johnny Jeter, American professional wrestler, born in San Diego, California
  • 1981-12-15 Creighton Lovelace, American Baptist minister
  • 1981-12-16 Flo Rida [Tramar Dillard], American rapper, born in Carol City, Florida
  • 1981-12-21 Frankie Abernathy, American actress (The Real World: San Diego), born in Kansas City, Missouri (d. 2007)
  • 1981-12-25 Katie Wright, American actress, born in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 1981-12-28 Elizabeth Jordan Carr, 1st American test tube baby, born in Norfolk, Virginia
  • 1982-01-06 Tiffany Pollard, American reality television personality, born in Utica, New York
  • 1982-01-08 Wil Francis, American singer, born in Seattle, Washington
  • 1982-01-10 Josh Ryan Evans, American actor, born in Hayward, California (d. 2002)
  • 1982-01-17 Alex Varkatzas, American singer (Atreyu), born in Orange County, California
  • 1982-01-18 Joanna Newsom, American harpist, born in Nevada City, Calfornia
  • 1982-01-25 Shawna Waldron, American actress, born in Glendale, California
  • 1982-01-29 Heidi Mueller, American actress (Passions), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1982-02-03 Jessica Harp, American singer (The Wreckers)
  • 1982-02-04 Chris Sabin, American professional wrestler, born in Pinckney, Michigan
  • 1982-02-04 Kimberly Wyatt, American singer & dancer (Pussycat Dolls), born in Warrensburg, Missouri
  • 1982-02-08 Danny Tamberelli, American actor
  • 1982-02-10 Justin Gatlin, American sprinter (Olympic gold 100m 2004), born in Brooklyn, New York City
  • 1982-02-13 Lanisha Cole, US model, born in Pasadena, California
  • 1982-02-16 Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, American rapper
  • 1982-02-17 Lupe Fiasco, American rapper
  • 1982-02-21 Chantal Claret, American musician, born in Berkeley, California
  • 1982-02-23 Adam Hann-Byrd, American actor and screenwriter, born in NYC, New York
  • 1982-02-25 Bert McCracken, American singer (The Used)
  • 1982-02-25 Maria Kanellis, American model and professional wrestler

Person of interestJessica Biel

1982-03-03 Jessica Biel, American actress (Mary Camden in 7th Heaven), born in Ely, Minnesota

Actress Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel
  • 1982-03-07 Kate Michael, American beauty queen
  • 1982-03-08 Kat Von D, Mexican-American tattoo artist

Person of interestThora Birch

1982-03-11 Thora Birch, American actress (American Beauty, Ghost World), born in Los Angeles, California

Actress Thora Birch
Thora Birch
  • 1982-03-11 Lindsey McKeon, American actress
  • 1982-03-15 Emily Tyndall, American actress
  • 1982-03-20 Nick Wheeler, American guitarist (The All-American Rejects)
  • 1982-03-24 Nivea, American singer
  • 1982-03-25 Danica Patrick, American auto racer (1st woman to win an IndyCar Series race), born in Beloit, Wisconsin
  • 1982-03-25 Sean Faris, American actor and model
  • 1982-03-30 Jason Dohring, American actor
  • 1982-03-31 Lennon Murphy, American rock singer/songwriter
  • 1982-04-01 Sam Huntington, Peterborough, New Hampshire, American actor (Jungle 2 Jungle, Being Human)
  • 1982-04-01 Taran Killam, American comedian and actor
  • 1982-04-06 Ilan Hall, Israeli-American chef
  • 1982-04-06 Bret Harrison, American actor (Orange County), born in Portland, Oregon
  • 1982-04-06 Michael Guy Chislett, Australian-born American guitarist of "The Academy Is...", born in Skipton, Australia
  • 1982-04-07 Sonjay Dutt, Indian American professional wrestler
  • 1982-04-10 Chyler Leigh, American actress (Not Another Teen Movie), born in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 1982-04-13 Nellie McKay, British-American singer, born in London
  • 1982-04-15 Anthony Green, American musician (Circa Survive, Saosin), born in Holland, Pennsylvania
  • 1982-04-16 Gina Carano, American Mixed Martial Arts fighter, born in Dallas, Texas

Person of interestKelly Clarkson

1982-04-24 Kelly Clarkson, American singer and winner of the inaugural season of TV series American Idol, born in Fort Worth, Texas

  • 1982-04-27 Katrina Johnson, American actress, born in San Diego, California

Person of interestKirsten Dunst

1982-04-30 Kirsten Dunst, American actress (Interview with the Vampire, Spider-Man), born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Actress Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst
  • 1982-04-30 Lloyd Banks, American rapper
  • 1982-05-04 Rasheeda, American hiphop singer, born in Decatur, Illinois
  • 1982-05-09 Rachel Boston, American actress
  • 1982-05-10 Jeremy Gable, American playwright
  • 1982-05-15 Alex Breckenridge, American actress
  • 1982-05-15 Jessica Sutta, American dancer, singer and actress (The Pussycat Dolls)
  • 1982-05-18 Eric West, American singer and actor
  • 1982-05-22 Apolo Anton Ohno, American short track speed skater
  • 1982-05-22 John Bobek, American actor
  • 1982-05-23 Tristan Prettyman, American musician
  • 1982-05-25 Ryan Gallant, American professional skateboarder, born in Southboro, Massachusetts
  • 1982-05-28 Alexa Davalos, American actress
  • 1982-05-29 Joanne Borgella, American plus-sized model and singer
  • 1982-05-31 Jonathan Tucker, American actor
  • 1982-06-04 MC Jin [Au-Yeung], Chinese-American rapper, born in Miami, Florida
  • 1982-06-11 Johnny Candido, American professional wrestler, born in Spring Lake, New Jersey
  • 1982-06-12 Ben Blackwell, American musician (The Dirtbombs), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1982-06-15 Haley Scarnato, American singer
  • 1982-06-16 Matt Costa, American singer/songwriter
  • 1982-06-24 Brian Fitzgerald, American writer
  • 1982-06-30 Dan Jacobs, American guitarist (Atreyu)
  • 1982-06-30 Lizzy Caplan, American actress (Mean Girls, Marlena Diamond-Cloverfield), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1982-07-01 Carmella DeCesare, American model and Playmate of the Year 2004, born in Avon Lake, Ohio
  • 1982-07-01 Hilarie Burton, American actress (One Tree Hill), born in Sterling, Virginia
  • 1982-07-06 Tay Zonday, American singer and keyboardist
  • 1982-07-07 Mike Glita, American bassist (Senses Fail), born in Livingston, New Jersey
  • 1982-07-07 Cassidy (Barry Adrian Reese), American rapper, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1982-07-08 Joshua Alba, American actor
  • 1982-07-08 Sophia Bush, American actress
  • 1982-07-09 Ashly DelGrosso, American ballroom dancer
  • 1982-07-10 Alex Arrowsmith, American musician
  • 1982-07-13 Christopher Bauman, American professional wrestler (d. 2005)

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