On This Day

What Happened in 1142

Historical Events

  • Jan 27 Wrongful execution of noted Song Dynasty General Yue Fei
  • Aug 31 Possible date for establishment of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) League [disputed date - other research places date between 1450 and 1660]
  • Oct 11 Treaty of Shaoxing ratified with Chinese southern Song Dynasty agreeing to pay tribute to northern Jin dynasty

Famous People Who Died in 1142

  • Apr 21 Peter AbĂ©lard, French scholar and lover of Heloise (b. 1079)
  • Jun 13 Godfried II, duke of Brabant/Neth-Lotharingen, dies
  • Jun 25 Gulielmus of Vercelli, Italian hermit, monastery founder and saint, dies