On This Day

What Happened in 1252

Historical Events

  • May 15 Pope Innocent IV issues the papal bull ad exstirpanda, which authorizes, but also limits, the torture of heretics in the Medieval Inquisition
  • Jul 1 King Alfonso X 'the Wise', King of Castile & Leon crowned

Famous People Born in 1252

  • Mar 25 Conradin, Duke of Swabia (d. 1268), son of Conradin IV

Famous People Who Died in 1252

  • Mar 6 Saint Rose of Viterbo, Italian saint (b. 1235)
  • Apr 6 Saint Peter of Verona, Italian inquisitor, assassinated at 45
  • May 30 Ferdinand III the holy, King of Castile/Leon, dies
  • Jun 29 King Abel of Denmark (b. 1218)
  • Nov 26 Blanche of Castile, Queen of Louis VIII of France, regent to son Louis IX, dies at 64