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What Happened in 1403

Historical Events in 1403

  • Jul 21 Battle of Shrewsbury: Army led by the Lancastrian King of England, Henry IV defeats a rebel army led by Henry "Harry Hotspur" Percy of Northumberland thus ending the Percy challenge to the throne. Also the first battle English archers fought each other on English soil.

Famous People Born in 1403

  • Jan 11 Jan IV, Duke of Brabant/Limburg
  • Feb 22 Charles VII, King of France (1422-61), drove the English out from Northern France, (d. 1461)
  • Jun 11 John IV, Duke of Brabant, born in Arras, France (d. 1427)

Famous People Who Died in 1403

  • Mar 8 Bajezid I Jildirim, 4th sultan of Turkey (1389-1403), dies at 42
  • May 10 Katherine Swynford, English Duchess of Lancaster, lover then wife of John of Gaunt, dies at 52 or 53
  • Jul 23 Henry Percy [Harry Hotspur], killed in battle at 39
  • Jul 23 Thomas Percy, 1st Earl of Worcester, English rebel (executed) (b. 1343)