On This Day

What Happened in 1436

Historical Events

  • Mar 25 Florentine cathedral Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore with dome by Filippo Brunelleschi consecrated by Pope Eugene IV (begun 1296)
  • Jul 5 German emperor Sigismund signs peace with Hussieten

Famous People Born in 1436

  • Jun 6 Regiomontanus [Johannes Müller von Königsberg], German mathematician and astronomer, prepares astronomical tables, born in Königsberg, Germany (d. 1476)
  • Nov 16 Leonardo Loredan, Doge of the Republic of Venice (d. 1521)
  • Nov 26 Princess Catherine of Portugal, Portuguese princess of King Edward of Portugal and his wife Eleanor of Aragon and writer, born in Lisbon (d. 1463)

World Leaders in 1436

Famous Deaths

  • May 4 Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, Swedish statesman (b. 1390s)
  • Oct 9 Jacoba van Bavarian, countess of Holland/Zealand, dies at 35