On This Day

What Happened in 1479

Historical Events

  • Mar 6 Treaty of AlcaƧovas: Portugal gives the Canary Islands to Castile in exchange for claims in West Africa
  • Aug 7 Battle of Guinegate: Emperor Maximilian I vs King Louis XI
  • Sep 4 King Alfonso I of Portugal recognizes Isabella as queen of Castile
  • Dec 12 Jews are expelled from Schlettstadt Alsace by Emperor Frederick III

Famous People Born in 1479

  • Mar 12 Giuliano de' Medici, Italian ruler of Florence (1513-16), born in Florence (d. 1516)
  • Mar 26 Vasili III of Russia, Great Prince of Moscow (1505-33), son of Ivan III (d. 1533)
  • May 5 Guru Amar Das, third Sikh Guru, born in Amritsar, Punjab, India (d. 1574)
  • Jun 14 Giglio Gregorio Giraldi, Italian poet, born in Ferrara, Italy (d. 1552)
  • Aug 14 Princess Catherine of York, 9th child and sixth daughter of King Edward IV by his wife Elizabeth Woodville, born in Eltham Palace, Greenwich, England (d. 1527)

More Famous Birthdays

Famous People Who Died in 1479

  • Jan 18 Louis IX, the Rich, Duke of Bayern (U of Ingolstadt), dies at 61
  • Jan 19 Johan II, king of Aragon/Navarra, dies at 81
  • Jan 20 John II, King of Aragon and Navarre, dies at 81
  • Jun 11 Johannes a San Facundo, Spanish Augustine saint, dies