What Happened in 1486

Historical Events

  • Feb 16 Maximilian I is elected King of the Romans at Frankfurt
  • Apr 21 Sentencia Arbitral de Guadalupe proclaimed by Spanish King Ferdinand II of Aragon freeing Catalan remensa peasants
  • May 1 Christopher Columbus proposes his plan to search for a western route to India in an audience with Spanish monarch, Isabella I. Full support is granted 3 years later, in 1489

Famous People Born in 1486

  • Jan 6 Martin Agricola [M Sore], German composer & cantor, born in Świebodzin, Poland (d. 1556)
  • Feb 18 Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Bengali saint, inspired Chaitanya movement, born in Navadwip, India (d. 1534)
  • Jul 14 Andrea del Sarto, Italian painter (Recollets), born in Florence (d. 1530)
  • Aug 23 Siegmund Freiherr von Herberstein, Austrian diplomat, born in Vipava, Slovenia (d. 1566)
  • Sep 14 Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, German royal astrologer, physician and theologian, born in Cologne, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1535)

More Famous Birthdays

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 18 King Henry VII of England marries Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV

Famous People Who Died in 1486

  • Mar 11 Albrecht III Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg, dies at 71
  • Mar 30 Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Aug 26 Ernst I, ruler of Saxon (1464-86), dies at 45