What Happened in 1514

Historical Events

  • Jan 10 Complutensian New Testament in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek & Latin finished
  • Jan 14 Pope Leo X issues a papal bull against slavery.
  • Apr 26 Copernicus makes his 1st observations of Saturn
  • May 15 Jodocus Badius Ascensius publishes Christiern Pedersen's Latin version of Saxo's Gesta Danorum, the oldest known version
  • Aug 23 Battle of Chaldiran ended with a decisive victory for the Sultan Selim I, Ottoman Empire, over the Shah Ismail I, Safavids founder.
  • Sep 8 Battle of Orsha: Polish/Lithuania army defeat the Russian army
  • Sep 15 Thomas Wolsey appointed English Archbishop of York

Famous People Born in 1514

  • Feb 22 Tahmasp I, shah of Persia (1524-76)/author (Tazkire-i Shah)
  • Mar 8 Amago Haruhisa, Japanese samurai and warlord, born in Izumo, Japan (d. 1562)
  • May 3 Bartholomaeus of Braga [Fernandez], Dominican theologian and Archbishop Emeritus of Braga, born in M├írtires, Santa Maria Maior, Lisbon (d. 1590)
  • Jun 16 John Cheke, English classical scholar (d. 1557)
  • Jul 28 Maximilian of Burgundy, viceroy of Holland
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World Leaders in 1514

Famous People in 1514

Famous Weddings

  • May 18 Francis, Duke of Valois, later Francis I marries Claude, Duchess of Brittany
  • Oct 9 King Louis XII of France marries Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VII (sister of Henry VIII)

Famous Deaths

  • Jan 2 William Smyth, English bishop and statesman (bc. 1460)
  • Jan 9 Anna, Duchess of Brittany, queen of Charles VIII of France (b. 1477)
  • Mar 11 Donato Bramante, Italian architect (b. 1444)
  • Jun 25 Berta Jacobsdr, [Suster Bertken], Dutch hermit, dies at 87
  • Nov 28 Hartmann Skull, German physician/historian (Skull's Liederbuch), dies
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