On This Day

What Happened in 1518

Historical Events

  • Apr 18 Bona Sforza is crowned queen consort of Poland
  • Apr 27 Treaty of St Truiden: anti-French Trapdoors and Bourgondisch covenant
  • May 19 Public unveiling of Titian's masterpiece "Assumption of the Virgin" a painted altarpiece in the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice
  • Oct 2 English cardinal Thomas Wolsey makes European plan
  • Oct 12 Pontifical ambassador interrogates Martin Luther

Famous People Born in 1518

  • Apr 22 Antoine of Navarre [de Bourbon], King of Navarre, 1555-62), born in La Fère, Picardy, France (d. 1562)
  • Jul 3 Li Shi-zhen, Chinese physician and medical scholar (Compendium of Materia Medica), born in Qizhou, China (d. 1593)
  • Jul 27 Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury and builder of country houses, born in Derbyshire, England (d. 1608)
  • Aug 8 Conrad Lycosthenes, French-born German humanist and encyclopedist (d. 1561)
  • Sep 29 Tintoretto, Italian Mannerist painter and notable exponent of the Renaissance school, born in Venice, Republic of Venice (d. 1594)

More Famous Birthdays

Famous People Who Died in 1518

  • Aug 16 Loyset Compère, French composer
  • Aug 26 Giberto X, Italian mister of Correggio, husband of Veronica Gambara
  • Nov 20 Pierre de la Rue [aka Peter van Straten], Franco-Flemish the Renaissance singer and composer, dies at about 66 [birth date unconfirmed]
  • Nov 20 Marmaduke Constable, English soldier (battle of Flodden), dies after swallowing a frog, at about 61