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What Happened in 1526

Important Events in 1526

  • Aug 29 Battle of Mohács: In a decisive battle the Hungarian Empire is conquered by the Ottoman Empire led by Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Dec 17 Pope Clemens VII publishes decree Cum ad zero - forms Inquisition

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Famous People Born in 1526

  • Feb 19 Charles de L'Ecluse, Flemish botanist (d. 1609)
  • Apr 12 Marc-Antoine de Muret, French humanist, born in Muret, France (d. 1585)
  • Aug 20 Peter Opmeer, Dutch church historian and humanist (Historia Martyrum) (d. 1595)
  • Nov 1 Catherine Jagellion, Polish princess and queen of Sweden as the wife of John III of Sweden, born in Kraków, Poland (d. 1583)

Famous People in 1526

World Leaders in 1526

Famous Weddings in 1526

  • Mar 10 Holy Roman Emperor Charles V marries Princess Isabella of Portugal, his 1st cousin, in Seville

Famous People Who Died in 1526

  • Jan 19 Isabella of Burgundy, wife of Christian II of Denmark, dies at 24
  • Feb 23 Diego Columbus [Colón], Portuguese navigator, son of Christopher Columbus, and 2nd Viceroy of the Indies (1511-1526), dies at 45
  • Mar 30 Konrad Mutian, German humanist, dies at 54
  • May 19 Emperor Go-Kashiwabara, 104th Emperor of Japan (1500-26), dies at 63
  • Aug 4 Juan Sebastian Cano, Spanish explorer, dies

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