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What Happened in 1534

Important Events in 1534

  • Jul 24 Jacques Cartier lands in Canada, claims it for France
  • Nov 3 English parliament passes the Act of Supremacy making Henry VIII and all subsequent monarchs the Head of the Church of England

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Famous People Born in 1534

  • Feb 5 Giovanni de' Bardi, Italian writer (d. 1612)
  • Apr 7 Jose de Anchieta, Spanish jesuit/missionary (Brazilian Tupi-Indians)
  • Jun 23 Oda Nobunaga, Japanese warlord (d. 1582)
  • Jul 1 Frederick II, King of Denmark and Norway (1559-88), born in Haderslevhus Castle, Haderslev, Denmark (d. 1588)
  • Jul 18 Zacharias Ursinus, German theologist (Heidelberger Catechism), born in Breslau, Silesia (d. 1583)

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Famous People in 1534

World Leaders in 1534

Famous People Who Died in 1534

  • Mar 5 Antonio da Correggio, Italian painter (b. 1489)
  • Apr 20 Elizabeth Barton [St Magd van Kent], English nun, prophet and only woman whose head was on a spike on London Bridge, hanged for treason
  • May 28 Dirk Martens, Flemish printer/humanist, dies at about 83
  • Jun 14 Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Bengali saint, inspired Chaitanya movement, dies at 48
  • Jul 19 Willem van Enkenvoirt, cardinal/bishop of Utrecht, dies at about 70

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