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What Happened in 1536

Important Events in 1536

  • May 19 Anne Boleyn, second wife of English King Henry VIII, is beheaded at the Tower of London on charges of adultery, incest and treason
  • Aug 13 Buddhist monks from Kyōto's Enryaku Temple set fire to 21 Nichiren temples throughout Kyoto in the Tenbun Hokke Disturbance. (Traditional Japanese date: July 27, 1536).

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Famous People Born in 1536

  • Feb 24 Clement VIII [Ippolito Aldofireini], Fano Italy, Pope (1592-1605)
  • Mar 31 Ashikaga Yoshiteru, Japanese 13th shōgun of the Ashikaga shogunate (1546-65), born in Nanzen-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan (d. 1565)
  • May 10 Thomas Howard, 4th duke of Norfolk, English Earl Marshall
  • Dec 26 Yi I, Korean Confucian scholar (d. 1584)

Famous People in 1536

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