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What Happened in 1539

Historical Events in 1539

  • Feb 1 Emperor Karel & King Francois I sign anti-English treaty
  • Feb 15 Emperor Charles receives Cardinal Pole in Toledo
  • Feb 19 Jews of Tyrnau Hungary (then Trnava Czech), expelled
  • Apr 19 Charles, protestant German monarch, signs Treaty of Frankrfurt
  • Apr 27 Re-founding of the city of Bogotá, New Granada (nowadays Colombia), by Nikolaus Federmann and Sebastián de Belalcázar.
  • May 30 Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto's expedition of 10 ships and 700 men lands in Florida
  • Jun 3 Hernando de Soto claims Florida for Spain
  • Jun 10 Council of Trent: Paul III sends out letters to his bishops, delaying the Council due to war and the difficulty bishops had traveling to Venice.
  • Dec 29 St Jacob's Church burns after being hit by lightning

Famous People Born in 1539

  • Jan 7 Sebastian de Covarrubias Horozco, Spanish lexicographer
  • Feb 27 Franciscus Raphelengius, Dutch book publisher
  • Mar 25 Christopher Clavius, German mathematician (d. 1612)
  • Apr 17 Tobias Stimmer, Swiss painter (Strasbourg astronomical clock), born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland (d. 1584)
  • Jun 13 Jost Amman, Swiss cartoonist, graphic artist and illustrator, born in Zürich, Switzerland (d. 1591)

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