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1st Christian missionary in Japan, Jesuit priest Francis Xavier reaches Japan but is not permitted to enter any port until 15 August

On July 27, 1549

Famous People Born in 1549

  • Feb 4 Eustache du Caurroy, composer
  • Mar 11 Henric/Hendrik Spieghel, Dutch Renaissance writer and poet (Hertspiegel)
  • Jun 1 Allesandre Spontone, composer
  • Jul 30 Ferdinando I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, born in Florence (d. 1609)
  • Sep 1 Charles Philip of Croij, marquis of Havre/earl of Fontenoy, etc

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Famous People in 1549

World Leaders in 1549

Famous People Who Died in 1549

  • Jan 19 Barthout van Assendelft, 1st land advocate of Holland, dies
  • Jan 23 Johannes Honter, Transylvanian Saxon humanist and theologian (b. 1498)
  • Jan 28 Elia Levita, German-Yiddish writer (Habachur), dies at about 80
  • Mar 20 Thomas Seymour of Sudely, English Lord Admiral, beheaded
  • May 27 Lijsbeth Dirksdr, Fries antabaptist, drowns

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