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What Happened in 1595

Historical Events

  • Jan 29 William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" is thought to have been first performed. Officially published early 1597.
  • May 24 Nomenclator of Leiden University Library appears, the first printed catalog of an institutional library

Famous People Born in 1595

  • Jan 6 Claude Favre de Vaugelas, Savoyard grammarian and man of letters, born in Meximieux, Duchy of Savoy (d. 1650)
  • Feb 2 Jacob van Campen, painter/architect (New Church, Amsterdam)
  • Feb 24 Matthias C Sarbiewski [Sarbievius], Polish jesuit/poet
  • Apr 5 John Wilson, English composer, born in Faversham, Kent (d. 1674)
  • May 27 Benedictus Carpzovius [Benedikt Carpzov], German lawyer (d. 1666)

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Famous People in 1595

World Leaders in 1595

Famous Weddings

  • Apr 15 Willem I's daughter of Elisabeth of Nassau marries duke Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne of Broth

Famous People Who Died in 1595

  • Jan 5 Ercole Procaccini, Italian painter, dies
  • Jan 15 Murat III, Ottoman Sultan (b. 1546)
  • Jan 16 Murad III, sultan of Turkey (1574-95), dies at 48
  • Jan 24 Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria, Governor of Bohemia, dies at 65
  • Feb 12 Archduke Ernest of Austria, Governor of the Spanish Netherlands (b. 1553)

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