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What Happened in 1637

Historical Events

  • Jan 23 Dutch governor Johan Mauritius lands in Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Feb 2 Zorilla's "El más Impropio Verdugo Para Las" premieres in Madrid
  • Feb 15 Ferdinand III succeeds Ferdinand II as Holy Roman Emperor
  • May 13 Cardinal Richelieu of France reputedly creates the table knife
  • May 26 Mystic Massacre: in 1st battle of Pequot War in Connecticut about 500 Pequot Native Americans are killed by Colonial forces
  • Aug 28 WIC-colonel Hans Koin conquers Fort Elmina, West Africa
  • Oct 7 Prince Frederick Henry occupies Breda
  • Nov 7 Anne Hutchinson tried in Massachusetts Bay Colony as a heretic
  • Nov 20 Peter Minuit & 1st Swedish immigrants to Delaware sail from Sweden
  • Dec 17 Shimabara Rebellion: Japanese peasants led by Amakusa Shiro rise against daimyo Matsukura Shigeharu

Did You Know?

Cardinal Richelieu of France reputedly creates the table knife

On May 13, 1637

Famous People Born in 1637

  • Feb 10 Henriette Catharina van Nassau, Dutch daughter of Frederick Henry
  • Feb 12 Jan Swammerdam, Amsterdam, Dutch anatomist and entomologist (Bible of Nature)
  • Mar 5 Jan van der Heyden, Dutch painter and inventor (fire hose; street lighting), born in Gorinchem, South Holland
  • Mar 12 Anne Hyde, wife of James II of England (d. 1671)
  • Apr 15 Valentin Molitor, Swiss composer, born in Rapperswil, Switzerland (d. 1713)

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Famous People in 1637

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