What Happened in June 1671

Historical Events

  • Jun 4 Pageant of 1671: French claim possession of lands "from the northern and western seas to the southern sea, including lands yet to be discovered" in ceremony at Jesuit Mission, Sault Saint, Canada [1]
  • Jun 14 French officer Simon-Fran├žois Daumont de Saint-Lusson takes possession for France of Lake Huron and Superior "and all the other contiguous and adjacent countries, rivers, lakes and streams, here, both discovered and yet to be discovered", at assembly of fourteen Amerindian nations at Sault-Sainte-Marie [1]

Famous Birthdays

  • Jun 8 Tomaso Albinoni, Italian composer (Adagio in G-minor), born in Venice, Republic of Venice (now Italy) (d. 1751)
  • Jun 30 Teodorico Pedrini, also known as De Lige, Italian Vincentian priest, musician, composer, and missionary at the imperial court of China (1711-46), born in Fermo, Marche, Papal States (now Italy) (d. 1746)
Born in 1671

Famous Deaths

  • Jun 6 Stenka/Stepan Razin, Russian Cossack and Boer leader quartered alive (ns. 16 June)
  • Jun 16 Stenka Razin, Cossack rebel leader, tortured & executed in Moscow
  • Jun 25 Giovanni Riccioli, Italian astronomer (Almagestum Novum), dies at 73