What Happened in 1687

Historical Events in 1687

  • Jul 5 Isaac Newton's great work Principia published by Royal Society in England, outlining his laws of motion and universal gravitation
  • Sep 26 Acropolis in Athens attacked by Venetian army trying to eject Turks, damaging the Parthenon
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Famous People Who Died in 1687

  • Jan 28 Johannes Hevelius, Polish astronomer ((created Atlas of the Moon, Catalogue of over 1500), dies on 76th birthday
  • Feb 16 Charles Cotton, English poet and writer, dies at 56
  • Mar 19 RenĂ©-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle, French explorer (Louisiana), killed by his men at 43
  • Mar 22 Jean-Baptiste Lully, Italian-born French composer (Miserere Suites de Symphonies et Trios), dies at 54
  • Mar 28 Constantijn Huygens, Dutch diplomat and poet, dies at 90

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World Leaders in 1687