What Happened in 1698

Historical Events in 1698

  • Jan 4 Most of the Palace of Whitehall in London, the main residence of the English monarchs, is destroyed by fire
  • Jan 7 Russian Tsar Peter the Great departs Netherlands for England
  • Jul 1 Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal founded by Marguerite Bourgeoys canonically constituted a community
  • Jul 2 English engineer Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine
  • Jul 14 The Darien scheme begins with five ships, bearing about 1,200 people, departing Leith for the Isthmus of Panama
  • Aug 18 Russian Tsar Peter the Great arrives in Zaandam
  • Aug 25 Tsar Peter the Great returns to Moscow after trip through Western Europe
  • Sep 5 Russian Tsar Peter the Great imposes a tax on beards
  • Oct 11 France, England & Netherlands ratified the First Partition Treaty, which eventually led to the War of the Spanish Succession
  • Nov 2 Scottish settlers make landfall in Panama, establishing the ill-fated 'Darien Venture' colony
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Famous People Born in 1698

  • Jan 3 Pietro Metastasio, Italian poet (d. 1782)
  • Feb 16 Pierre Bouguer, French mathematician (heliometer), born in Croisic, France (d. 1758)
  • Mar 6 John Alberti, Dutch theologist and philologist, born at Assen (d. 1762)
  • Mar 10 Gaetano Maria Schiassi, Italian composer (d. 1754)
  • Mar 26 Václav Prokop Diviš, Czech theologian and natural scientist, born in Helvíkovice, Bohemia (d. 1765)

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Famous People Who Died in 1698

  • Jan 10 Louis-Sébastien Le Nain de Tillemont, French ecclesiastical historian, dies at 60
  • Mar 14 Claes Rålamb, Swedish statesman, dies at 75
  • Apr 29 Charles Cornwallis, 3rd Baron Cornwallis, First Lord of the British Admiralty (b. 1655)
  • May 15 Marie Champmeslé, French actress (Fête de Vénus), dies at 56
  • Jun 10 Gerrit Berckheyde, Dutch painter, dies at 59

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Russian Tsar Peter the Great imposes a tax on beards

On September 5, 1698

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