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What Happened in 1722

Historical Events in 1722

  • Mar 8 Afghan monarch Mir Mahmud occupies Persia
  • Mar 17 Willem KH Friso appointed mayor of Drente
  • Apr 5 Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen discovers Easter Island / Rapa Nui in the southeastern Pacific
  • Apr 22 19 VOC "komplotteurs" in Batavia executed
  • Apr 30 Game of Billiards is mentioned in New England Courant
  • May 3 Pierre de Marivaux' "La Double Inconstance" premieres in Paris
  • Jun 30 Hungarian Parliament condemns Emperor Charles VI's Pragmatic Sanctions
  • Jul 25 The Three Years War begins along the Maine and Massachusetts border

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French C. Hopffer patents the automatic fire extinguisher in England

On October 19, 1722

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