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What Happened in 1739

Historical Events in 1739

  • Jan 1 J B C Bouvet de Lozier discovers Bouvet Island, near Antarctica
  • Jan 14 Britain and Spain sign 2nd Convention of Pardo
  • Feb 24 Battle of Karnal: Army of Iranian ruler Nadir Shah defeats the forces of the Mughal emperor of India, Muhammad Shah
  • Mar 20 Iranian ruler Nadir Shah occupies Delhi in India and sacks the city, stealing the jewels of the Peacock Throne
  • Apr 5 French and Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI sign secret treaty
  • Apr 7 Dick Turpin executed in England for horse stealing
  • Apr 21 Spain & Naples-Austria sign peace accord
  • Jul 10 King George II authorises the Admiralty Board to seek maritime reprisals against Spain (War of Jenkin's Ear)
  • Jul 22 Ottoman Empire defeats Austria at Crocyka (Krotzka) in Serbia and then successfully lays siege to Belgrade
  • Jul 30 Caspar Wistar begins glass manufacturing in Allowaystown, New Jersey

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Dick Turpin executed in England for horse stealing

On April 7, 1739

Famous People in 1739

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Famous People Who Died in 1739

  • Jan 20 Francesco Galli-Bibiena, Italian architect and designer, dies at 80
  • Apr 7 Dick Turpin, English highwayman (hanged) (b. 1706)
  • Apr 19 Nicholas Saunderson, mathematician, dies
  • May 6 Bernardus Smijtegelt, Dutch vicar (Gekrookte Reed), dies at 63
  • Jul 24 Benedetto Marcello, Italian author and composer (Lettera Famigliare), dies on 53rd birthday

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