What Happened in September 1752

Historical Events

  • Sep 1 Liberty Bell arrives in Philadelphia
  • Sep 2 Last Julian calendar day in Britain and British colonies (no Sept 3-Sept 13th)
  • Sep 3 Britain and the British Empire (including the American colonies) adopt the Gregorian Calendar, losing 11 days. People riot thinking the government stole 11 days of their lives
  • Sep 14 Britain (and American colonies) adopt the Gregorian calendar (no Sept 3-Sept 13th)

Famous Birthdays

  • Sep 8 Carl Stenborg, Swedish composer, born in Stockholm, Sweden (d. 1813)
  • Sep 9 Johann Friedrich Christmann, composer
  • Sep 18 Adrien-Marie Lagendre, mathematician, worked on elliptic integrals
  • Sep 18 Johann Anton Sulzer, composer
  • Sep 21 Louise MC, countess of Albany
  • Sep 30 Justin Heinrich Knecht, composer