What Happened in November 1775

Historical Events

  • Nov 7 Lord Dunmore promises freedom to male slaves who join British army
  • Nov 10 The Second Continental Congress forms Continental Marines, precursor to the United States Marine Corps

Historic Event

Nov 11 Mohawk military leader Joseph Brant goes to London to solicit more support from the government and to persuade the Crown to address past Mohawk land grievances in exchange for their participation as allies in the impending war

  • Nov 12 General Washington forbids recruiting officers from enlisting black troops
  • Nov 13 American Revolutionary forces capture Montreal
  • Nov 14 -15] Floods ravage Dutch coast provinces
  • Nov 24 Continental Congress approves resolution barring blacks from army
  • Nov 28 Second Continental Congress formally establishes the Continental Navy
  • Nov 29 Sir James Jay invents invisible ink

Famous Birthdays

  • Nov 15 Georges-Julien Sieber, French music publisher and composer, born in Paris (d. 1847)
  • Nov 27 Joachim le Sage ten Broek, Dutch notary and publicist, born in Groningen, Netherlands (1847)

Famous Deaths

  • Nov 16 Marian Paradeiser, Austrian composer, dies at 28
  • Nov 21 John Hill, British writer
  • Nov 24 Lorenzo Ricci, Italian Jesuit leader (18th & last Superior General of the Society of Jesus), dies at 72
  • Nov 29 Lorenzo Somis, Italian composer and violinist, dies at 87