What Happened in August 1789

Historical Events

  • Aug 1 US Customs begins enforcing Tariff Act
  • Aug 4 French Revolution: The National Constituent Assembly meets and issues the first decrees that abolish centuries of feudalism in France
  • Aug 7 US Congress creates Department of War and Lighthouse Service
  • Aug 23 French Revolution: The National Assembly proclaims freedom of religious opinions
  • Aug 24 French Revolution: The National Assembly proclaims freedom of speech
  • Aug 26 The National Constituent Assembly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen at the beginning of the French Revolution
  • Aug 27 French National Assembly issues "Declaration of Rights of Man & Citizen"

DiscoveryHistoric Discovery

Aug 28 William Herschel discovers Saturn's moon Enceladus

Astronomer William Herschel
William Herschel

Famous Birthdays

  • Aug 21 Augustin-Louis Cauchy, French mathematician and physicist, born in Paris (d. 1857)
  • Aug 26 Abbas Mirza, Prince of Persia (d. 1833)
  • Aug 28 St├ęphanie de Beauharnais, Grand Duchess of Baden, born in Versailles, France (d. 1860)

Famous Deaths

  • Aug 25 Mary Ball Washington, mother of George, dies