What Happened in 1815

Significant Events

  • Jan 30 Burned US Library of Congress re-established with Thomas Jefferson's 6,500 volumes
  • Feb 26 Napoleon Bonaparte and his supporters leave Elba to start a 100 day re-conquest of France
  • Mar 20 Napoleon enters Paris after escape from Elba, begins 100-day rule
  • Apr 10 Mount Tambora in Indonesia experiences a cataclysmic eruption, one of the most powerful in history, killing around 71,000 people and causing a global volcanic winter
  • Jun 9 End of the Congress of Vienna: New European political situation is set
  • Jun 18 Battle of Waterloo; Napoleon and France defeated by British forces under Wellington and Prussian troops under Blucher
  • Sep 26 Russia, Prussia and Austria sign the Holy Alliance
  • Oct 15 Napoleon Bonaparte arrives on island of St Helena to begin his exile
  • Nov 20 2nd Treaty of Paris: France & her allies agree France pay indemnities after Battle of Waterloo, ending Napoleonic Wars
More Historical Events

World Leaders in 1815

Famous People in 1815

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 2 Leading Romantic poet Lord Byron (27) marries Anne Isabella Milbanke (22) by special licence, at Seaham Hall in County Durham