What Happened in 1847

Historical Events

  • Jan 4 Samuel Colt sells his first revolver pistol to the United States government
  • Mar 1 Michigan becomes 1st English-speaking jurisdiction to abolish the death penalty (except for treason against the state)
  • Apr 5 Birkenhead Park, the first civic public park, opens in Birkenhead, England, designed by Joseph Paxton
  • Sep 13 American-Mexican war: US General Winfield Scott captures Mexico City
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Famous People in 1847

World Leaders in 1847

Would You Believe?

First ring doughnut supposedly created by Hanson Gregory

On June 22, 1847

Famous Weddings

  • Jul 28 Future German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (32) weds noblewoman Johanna von Puttkamer (23) in Kolczyglowy, Poland
  • Aug 4 Author of Moby-Dick, American novelist Herman Melville (28) marries Elizabeth Shaw, daughter of Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • Dec 23 Prime Minister of Canada Mackenzie Bowell (24) weds Harriet Moore