What Happened in November 1852

Historical Events

Election of Interest

Nov 2 Franklin Pierce elected as President of US

  • Nov 4 Count Camillo Benso di Cavour becomes the prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, which soon expands to become Italy
  • Nov 18 Rose Philippine Duchesne dies in St. Charles, Missouri. She would be canonized on July 3, 1988 by Pope John Paul II.
  • Nov 18 State funeral of Duke of Wellington (St Paul's Cathedral, London)
  • Nov 20 Charles Reade and Tom Taylor's historical comedy play "Masks & Faces" premieres in London
  • Nov 21 Duke University founded in 1838 as Union Institute, chartered as Normal College
  • Nov 23 Just past midnight, a sharp jolt likely caused by heavy rains causes Lake Merced, California, to drop 30 feet (9m)

Famous Birthdays

  • Nov 3 Emperor Meiji [Mutsuhito], 122nd Emperor of Japan (1867-1912), born in Kyōto, Japan (d. 1912)
  • Nov 7 Bohdan Borkowski, Polish composer, born in Tenczynek, Krakow, Poland (d. 1901)
  • Nov 11 Franz Graf Conrad von Hötzendorf, Austro-Hungarian field marshal, born in Penzing, Vienna, Austrian Empire (d. 1925)
  • Nov 21 Francisco Tárrega, Spanish composer, born in Villarreal, Spain (d. 1909)
  • Nov 22 Paul Henri Balluet d'Estournelles de Constant, French diplomat and pacifist (Nobel 1909), born in La Flèche, France (d. 1924)
  • Nov 25 Johan Salvator, Archduke of Austria, born in Florence, Grand Duchy of Tuscany (d. 1890)
  • Nov 26 Yamamoto Gonnohyōe, Japanese admiral and politician (Prime Minister of Japan 1913-1914, 1923-1924), born in Kagoshima, Japan (d. 1933)
  • Nov 29 Paul Hillemacher, French composer, born in Paris, France (d. 1933)

Famous Deaths

  • Nov 2 Pyotr Kotlyarevsky, Russian general, dies at 70
  • Nov 12 Georg Hellmesberger Jr., Austrian composer and violinist, dies at 22
  • Nov 18 Anton Bernhard Furstenau, composer, dies at 60
  • Nov 22 August Alexander Klengel, German pianist and composer, dies at 69

Ada Lovelace

Nov 27 Ada Lovelace, English mathematician considered the first computer programmer, and writer and daughter of poet Lord Byron, dies of uterine cancer at 36

  • Nov 28 Ludger Duvernay, French printer and newspaper publisher (b. 1799)