What Happened in April 1857

Historical Events

Book releaseHistoric Publication

Apr 1 Herman Melville publishes The Confidence-Man.

Moby Dick Author Herman Melville
Moby Dick Author
Herman Melville
  • Apr 12 Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary" published
  • Apr 21 Alexander Douglas patents the bustle
  • Apr 27 Establishment of Jewish congregations in Lower Austria prohibited
  • Apr 29 US Army, Pacific Div HQ permanently forms at Presidio (San Francisco)
  • Apr 30 San Jose State University forms

Famous Birthdays

  • Apr 5 Alexander-Jozef von Battenberg, Prince of Bulgaria (1879-86), born in Verona, Lombardy–Venetia (d. 1893)
  • Apr 10 Henry Ernest Dudeney, English mathematician and puzzle maker, born in Mayfield, East Sussex, England (d. 1930)
  • Apr 14 Edgar Stillman Kelley, Sparta Wisconsin, composer (Gulliver)
  • Apr 14 Victor Horsley, English physician and neuroscientist, born in London (d. 1916)
  • Apr 18 Clarence S Darrow, defense attorney at Scopes monkey trial
  • Apr 19 Lucien Levy-Bruhl, philosopher
  • Apr 20 Charles Louis Philippe Zilcken, Dutch painter and author (HW Knife Day), born in The Hague, Netherlands (d. 1930)
  • Apr 20 Hermann Bang, Danish writer, born in Asserballe, Denmark (d. 1912)
  • Apr 29 Edouard Rod, France/Swiss writer (Mishel' Tes'e)
  • Apr 29 Frantisek Ondricek, composer
  • Apr 30 Eugen Bleuler, Swiss psychiatrist (d. 1940)

Famous Deaths

  • Apr 8 Mangal Pandey, Indian Sepoy (soldier) in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry (B.N.I.) regiment of the British East India Company, hanged at 29
  • Apr 30 Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh, dies at 81