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What Happened in 1859

Important Events in 1859

  • Feb 4 One of the oldest known copies of the Bible, "The Codex Sinaiticus" (Sinai Bible), is seen in Egypt by Constantin von Tischendorf who takes the manuscript home with him
  • Apr 30 Charles Dickens' "A Tale Of Two Cities" is first published in literary periodical "All the Year Round" (weekly installments until Nov 26)
  • Nov 24 English naturalist Charles Darwin publishes "On the Origin of Species" radically changing the view of evolution and laying the foundation for evolutionary biology

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1859 in Music

  • Mar 19 Opera "Faust" by Charles Gounod premieres in Paris

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Dan Sickles is acquitted of murder on grounds of temporary insanity - 1st time this defense used successfully in the US

On April 26, 1859

Famous People in 1859

World Leaders in 1859

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Joshua Abraham Norton, English-born resident of San Francisco, proclaims himself his Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States of America

On September 17, 1859

Famous Weddings in 1859